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1 1901 1901 Cover Art

Awesome. This song just keeps me in a good state of mind all the time its absurd I can't even frown while listening to it. The first time I heard it I just played it over and over. Now I still play it over and over. Its just that great.

Such a feel good song. How much more do I have to write before "such a feel good song" is enough for me to describe why I dig this song? Boom..

I love this song so much! It's impossible not to feel good while you listen to it. I can't believe it isn't number one...

Best song, only argument that could be made is Armistice is at very least a close second

2 Lisztomania Lisztomania Cover Art

this is song is the best of phoenix and is much better than 1901... very catchy melody and sung superbly


This band is my life and this song completes it.

This song just puts me in the best mood ever as soon as it comes on. I can't help but smile by the end. It never disappoints!

3 Rome Rome Cover Art

Different structure to most of their other songs. Good use of layering. Can imagine it would be fantastic live.

Saw them live and when they performed this song I was blown away by how amazing it was. Need less to say it became my favorite song by them. Different, yet undeniably catchy. Definitely one of their best!

When I listen to this song, I feel joy and melancholy at the same time, it is unique, Rome is amazing

This song is gorgeous, melancholy, first-rate music

4 Lasso Lasso Cover Art

Lasso it's definitely the best song, I dance lot watching and listening them at Lollapalooza

This is the song that got me into Phoenix

Better than the other top 3

That drum intro is the awesomest ever, this is my favorite song from phoenix definitely

5 Entertainment

Easily one of top 3 songs Phoenix ever produced. Beautiful and catchy.

Easily competes w top five. This should be 2nd really.. Really catchy

I love this song, the beat and the lyrics go so well together. Deserves a higher spot on this list, that's for damn sure.

This is a Really Great song! Should be top 5

6 The Real Thing The Real Thing Cover Art

This song should definitely be higher! The drum and bass just comes in and punches you right into the song and it creates this awesome state of euphoria. Music isn't just about sound, it's about feeling too, and this song gets that so right.

This is definitely a highlight from their album Bankrupt! This just sends feel good vibes and endorphins all over my body and when it kicks off with 'Follow me! ' It is just an awesome feeling, like a musical orgasm.

Should be in the top 10s

7 If I Ever Feel Better If I Ever Feel Better Cover Art

If I could only have 10 songs, this would without doubt be one of them >u<

This song is the greatest! Its mellow and puts me in a great mood. I'm surprised more people don't rate this song higher. Also the music video is pretty chill.

Such a personal song. Both lyrics and song are very deep and personal. Can't wait to see them live in Brazil.

This song is when I fell in love with Phoenix! All the guitars blend together perfectly and the funky rhythm is sick! Wish they'd make more like it.

8 Drakkar Noir Drakkar Noir Cover Art

Best phoenix song can't believe it's not in the top 10

This song should definitely be higher!

9 Bourgeois Bourgeois Cover Art

With out a doubt the best phoenix song, it's even better live.

10 Long Distance Call Long Distance Call Cover Art

This song deserves a lot more attention

This song rocks.

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11 Armistice Armistice Cover Art

The fact that this song is not number one means people really don't listen to this band. This is easily their best song, not to say the others are not awesome too

Phoenix have done injustice to themselves by not putting this song higher in the record. Such an amazing song, so catchy. Needed one more chorus at the end then I would have called it the perfect song.

This was the first Phoenix song I have ever heard, since then I listen to this band, I believe Rome, Armistice and love like a sunset are their best songs. This band is really versatile.

This song is perfection. I shake my head in disbelief of how good it is when I listen to it.

12 Girlfriend Girlfriend Cover Art

I love this song its chill but also hyper and wounds like life.

13 J-Boy - Phoenix J-Boy - Phoenix Cover Art

One of the best on their new album!

14 Lost and Found Lost and Found Cover Art

Personally, I am in love love with these lyrics and the melody and how they perform so well together. I have to say one of my favorites by far from Phoenix.

Best phoenix song <3 perfect melody, love the strokes, lyrics reminds me of summer finn from 500 days

15 Trying to Be Cool Trying to Be Cool Cover Art

Such a cool unique song. There isn't a part of it I don't like

Catchy fun and creepy in a good way. Great lyrics and love Thomas Mars of course

Basically on repeat! This song is so cool, relaxing, makes you happy

Epic song, the music video is even cooler though.

16 Napolean Says

Right hand in a trench coat! Right hand in a trench COAT! Definitely a highlight on Phoenix's junior album "It's Never Been Like That". Interesting lyrics as well. I can definitely picture Napolean riding in a trench coat when listening to this song.

17 Consolation Prizes Consolation Prizes Cover Art

Even though this is not my favorite Phoenix song, It deserves much higher than this

Are you kidding me. I can't believe I has to actually add this song. This is easily one of their best

Easily one of their best- agreed

It's interesting that on a music website this was rated their 3rd best song

18 Fences Fences Cover Art

Best hook ever. You just have to wait for it

Awesome, aaggh. " Come on and roll the dice for me, roll the dice for me"...

19 Too Young Too Young Cover Art

How come this song gets the 10th position?
I mean every time I listen to this then I too see the inner beauty just like Jack Black in shallow hal...

Doesn't get enough credit. Although it's hard to say this is definitely my favorite

20 Run Run Run Run Run Run Cover Art

This is not in the top ten? There really is trouble down the waterfront

This song/band deserves a hell of a lot more attention!
Great song...! One of my favorites.. So calm yet so awesome...

This song is their best in my opinion and captures everything that I love about them

This song is too good not to be recognized as their top song

21 Everything is Everything Everything is Everything Cover Art

Best lyrics. Amazing song for its time.

22 S.O.S. in Bel Air S.O.S. in Bel Air Cover Art

Underrated song

23 Chloroform Chloroform Cover Art

Surprised it's so far down, hooked me to Phoenix, and am in love with it!

The riff, the vibe, the beat...this should be in the top 10.

24 Ti Amo Ti Amo Cover Art
25 Bankrupt!
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