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21 Lost and Found

Personally, I am in love love with these lyrics and the melody and how they perform so well together. I have to say one of my favorites by far from Phoenix.

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22 Chloroform

Surprised it's so far down, hooked me to Phoenix, and am in love with it!

The riff, the vibe, the beat...this should be in the top 10.

23 North

This song is so amazing and calming, I do not know why it isn't number one. It always puts me into a mode of deep thinking and makes me dream of somewhere where any of my worries I currently have can just disappear.

24 S.O.S. in Bel Air
25 Napolean Says

Right hand in a trench coat! Right hand in a trench COAT! Definitely a highlight on Phoenix's junior album "It's Never Been Like That". Interesting lyrics as well. I can definitely picture Napolean riding in a trench coat when listening to this song.

26 Rally
27 If It's Not With You
28 Oblique City
29 Don't
30 Listojs
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