I know there are many good pianist around the world and they play music very well, which is good. But Yanni, is the best of all, because his music touched your heart and soul, it enters in your mind and make you feel relax and help you to forget all around and when you start thinking again, your mind and heart feel peace, love, happiness, and feels a touch of God in your heart, relax. His music help you share with so many people around the world. He does not only plays good music but he also give you advises and good ones. It's so relaxing that you keep on. God bless him and I hope his music touch every soul in the world, from kids to ederlies. Keep on bringing hope and peace to each heart.

Yanni is born for music! His compositions are simply great. Gives me peace and total satisfaction. Not all can do that. As someone mentioned above, His music touches my heart and soul. I have been following his music from past 2 years. I tell everyone to watch his videos. Such an inspiring person. His attitude towards the people and most importantly, towards his fellow musicians.. ahh it's just awesome. Everyone of them on stage feels so connected to him an the others... My vote goes only to YANNI! HE CREATES MUSIC

Yanni cannot be compared with any one!
For.. Not only he creates music.. (being a musician) but also inspires most of his fans...
He makes my complete... N is my ultimate inspiration...
Hence, there is no doubt about MY VOTE GOING FOR MY YANNI!

Yanni's music can touch people's heart and he can reach that deep to heal our soul and help us to go through all the pain and sorrow. Every one in the world should experience his concert. Let's bring Yanni to your city. If he is in your city, you must go to his concert, otherwise, you will feel regret all your life time.

Yanni is a genius, his music touches our hearts like no other, when he plays the piano you can see that he feels it deep inside his heart and he takes the listener with him in that journey

I believe that Yanni is the most perfect New Age musician. His music can touch your heart easily, and at the same time, he keeps the various styles in his music. So as a musician, he is using his music to show the love to the world and to the life. This is Yanni!

A day without Yanni music is like a day without sunshine! I believe his music is extraordinary because it is so diverse and touches people all over the world. He's amazing!

I love him... His music has many types, from peaceful to exciting, and everyone of them make me lost in his music ocean

Yanni is an amazing composer and showman. He hires the best musicians in the world from all over the world. Each one is unique in their own way. And each one is showcased individually to show off their particular talents. Each concert is unique in some way. I have been to over 50 concerts in 20 years and never tire of them.

Yanni is not only technically a genius, but his performances stretch far beyond the physical ability to play the piano. He is a master of human emotion. He speaks through the piano to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional parts of the human soul. He's the best!

As a musician I can say there are many great pianists, of all time, I would have liked to have met Mozart, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, and others that were great composers and pianists, but unfortunately we can't see how they performe and Yanni is a living Legend, he lives in our time, and it's a blessing that we can see the passion, the energy and love he puts while he plays, all those good vibes he transmits when we listen to him, we just can have good feelings through his musci, no other pianist is able to do it like he does. YANNI IS THE BEST OF ALL TIMES!

I can't really tell with normal words how I feel when I'm with his music.. It's like my soul is also created to absorb or feel every bit of emotions that his music contain... Truly a wonderful gift of nature yanni is...

One the most accomplished musicians and composers of our time. He has an amazing talent to express emotion through his music and his beautiful compositions have global appeal.

It's my dream to attend one of yanni's concerts, but I'm sure one day my dream will come true.
He is unbelievable

Yanni is a great artist with a world wide audience that loves his music. He has more of a world beat that is more desirable than other musicians. His concerts are number 1 in my book!

Yanni is the best in the world. His music touches people's heart and move us to tears. He is the greatest gift for human being. We are lucky to see Yanni once in our life time. Wish Yanni can come to China again! We love him so much.

Yanni's music reaches the soul, heals the mind, and helps turn negative feelings into positive ones. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience at least one, if not multiple concerts.

As Yanni's own words, his music is the kind that can touch the world. The Olympic Game is the greatest meeting and celebration for human beings. Olympcs can connect people all over the world. So, Yanni's attendance is the best expression of the sprit of The Olympics. And of course, he is my favourite musician.

Yanni can move you to tears with the emotion in his playing. A modern day genius. Elton John is only a candle in the wind to him.

There is no way of competition between yanni and anybody else he isn't just a perfect pianist he has the soul of the music

Yanni is the best not only for his music but as a great composer. His music touches the soul, brings out joy, passion, inspiration and peace. If you have never seen him in concert - definitely put in on your bucket list!

Yanni's music and talent encompasses the very soul that dwells within us. He always gives 200% to everyone, and is a true humanitarian, as well as the best pianist there is or ever will be.

Yanni brings complete peace of mind with his beautiful piano and music. We are blessed to have a pianist in our life time with his genius and talents.

Yanni is the best pianist and composer of our time. His music reaches the soul and expresses emotions. WE LOVE YANNI!

His compositions are timeless and he tells a story through the piano that touches the souls and communicates with people all over the world, truly all over the world and they are affected in the same fashion, no matter where they are.