Top Ten Best Picture Nominated Movies of the 2011 Oscars

The Top Ten

1 Inception

Incredible! There's so much to think about at the end, and you discover more about the movie the more times you watch it. It's like Shakespeare! Truly a masterpiece

This film is a great action movie, because it can balance out action, while also dealing with a mental conflict. Definitely deserved to win at least one oscar.

Leo is an amazing actor and so is Joseph gordon levit!

2 Toy Story 3

I really hope it wins, It deserves it, movie of the year - roblist

It didn't win. :'( - IsaiahWill22

3 The King's Speech

Congratulations! The winner for Best Picture

4 127 Hours
5 The Social Network

a real masterpiece. Should be much higher, seriously.

6 Black Swan
7 True Grit

Epic. That is all I can say. I thout that it was acted to perfection. Inception was great but it was too amazing that it will hurt your brain if you think about it too much. This movie was about one thing; Revenge. It was just perfect how you can have a movie so good with a point so simple.

8 The Fighter

I really hope it wins, This movie is inspiring. All great performances from the actors, this movie deserves to win this year. It thrashes any movie on this list.

It is the best movie I have seen in so long! - Schwanie3

9 The Kids Are Alright
10 Winter's Bone
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