Best Piece of Stationary in the World

Rulers, rubbers, pens pencils all you can think of in this odd list.

The Top Ten

1 Pen

They are reliable

I like blue and black

I like study. It requires pen. Without pen, I can't study...

Where would we be without the trusty pen. - ozzydog12

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2 Sticky Tape
3 Glue

It's so fun to play with! - Animefan12

4 Ruler

You can snap them

5 Erasers
6 Pencil

Definitely the best-nothing is more pleasing than a nicely sharpened pencil!

It can do almost anything a pen can do, and it erases and you can sharpen it, so it almost never runs out.

Mechanical pencils are the best! Pencils must be number 1 - Animefan12

I love pencils, to draw comics, I first draw with a pencil then ink it in with a pen.

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7 Rubber band

You can ping them at people what else do you need in life. - ozzydog12

8 White Out
9 Invisible Ink Pens

Invisible ink pens are super magical

10 Blue tac

Awful if it gets in your hair but otherwise great fun. - ozzydog12

The Contenders

11 Calculator

without this you'd have to do all your math tests in your head or on a peice of paper so if you don't want to do that... VOTE FOR CALCULATOR - wildog47

Write funny messages upside-down in school. - ozzydog12

12 Double Sided Tape
13 Sticky notes

You can write funny messages and stick them on the back of peoples heads with these. - ozzydog12

It's great when you write something when you post
It in your textbook, note book etc...
But nothing can beat; sticking note to your friends (or not friends) back, head^^

14 Compass
15 Rubber

When I was in 4th grade, I loved collecting rubber shreds. - Animefan12

Good for cutting up and dropping in peoples hair. - ozzydog12

16 Tape

I put this and I think it's usefull

17 Stapler

K-thud what a good sound. Also very funny if you accidentally staple your finger, which I did. - ozzydog12

18 Highlighters
19 Paperclips

They always come in handy when you need one. - ozzydog12

20 Sharpener

The sharpener is always a good tool to have when your pencil/s are blunt!

21 Scissors

To dangerous but great

22 Sandglass

How else will you time your work?

23 Mechanical Pencils

I love mechanical pencils because I don't have to use whiteout to erase nor use a sharpener.

24 Sharpie
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