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41 A Love Like War

I believe this should be a bit higher, but Vic was better than All Time Low... Just saying. His vocals in the end is perfection.

I know is not from PTV
But Vic fuentes in All time low... I just love it

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42 Song for Isabelle

Love it love it love it. I think misadventures might be the best album yet.

This song is just an amazing song. Best off the album.

This song is beautiful and I honestly love it. It might be my favorite off of the new album. I would definitely recommend it if you're new to ptv

43 Falling Asleep On a Stranger
44 Gold Medal Ribbon

Oh my gosh, new album was so worth the wait with this quality of music produced

What is it down here.
This is honestly their best song.

45 Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them

Such a beautiful song with such wonderful lyrics and instrumentals, it is so under appreciated

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46 Bedless
47 Southern Constellations

Southern Constellations may be a short trim off of an amazing song, but these words in that short time period are wonderful. It's calm, gentle and has a very soft spoken but message of how Vic would go to such lengths to stay with the one he loves that he would freeze with them if they froze. It is a definite must listen, despite how short it is and how much more powerful the song it leads into is.

It should be longer, but it's okay, it's still beautiful...

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48 Sambuka
49 (Don't Fear) the Reaper

It's such an amazing and inspirational song. How is it not higher on the list?!

It's a very good song with amazing lyrics and it's addicting

Awesome song. It's better then the original!

50 May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight

I don't know what this "song" is but it sounds hella great and gets you hyped to hear the rest of the album

Maybe it's just random noises, but they're amazing random noises

51 Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed
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