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A list Pillar songs. Pillar are a christian nu metal band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Feel free to add your suggestions and vote up/down existing suggestions!

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1 Frontline

This is the most popular Pillar song. It is the song that first got me listening to Pillar, back when I was little - I must have playing it a thousand times! The starting riff is awesome. - louiscurlydunham

Frontline is the best song by pillar by far. The riff is awesome, and the lyrics are sick. This is the song that got me started in pillar. The first 2 weeks I had this song on itunes I ended up having 177 listens!

Who cares if it's religious, it gets me pumped up! Frontline is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Actually I found it as an amv soundtrack. can't stop listening. Battle Cry would've been a more awesomer name. Thumbs up.

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2 Fireproof

Classic, memorable, constant bass part makes the song driving and edgy. - louiscurlydunham

3 Hypnotized
4 When Tomorrow Comes

This song is beautiful, and makes me think of a beautiful sunrise, telling me I can keep going. - louiscurlydunham

5 State of Emergency

The bass is really prominent and well produced on this album, really adding to the song, which is a classic. - louiscurlydunham

6 Secrets and Regrets

This song seems a bit depressing at first but it's actually really deep and meaningful. Also some sort of guitar solo in there. - louiscurlydunham

7 Not Without a Fight

One of those songs that really gets you pumped ready to do anything. - louiscurlydunham

Gets me so energetic!

8 Further From Myself

This song is really slow, yet still manages to be quite heavy and is wonderfully melodic too. - louiscurlydunham

9 For the Love of the Game

I love this song! It's just so great! - LarkwingFlight

10 Bring Me Down

The Newcomers

? Wherever the Wind Blows

The song is so simple, yet so brilliant. I find the chorus is really uplifting and the whole song has really good lyrics. - louiscurlydunham

The Contenders

11 Everything

Great drumming, great riff, great screams at the end. However, my favourite part is the quiet breakdown with just vocals and guitar because the world seems to stop to listen. - louiscurlydunham

12 Holding On
13 Awake
14 Reckless Youth

Just so easy to relate to.

15 Whatever It Takes
16 Simply
17 Indivisible
18 Smiling Down
19 Behind Closed Doors
20 Underneath It All
21 A Shame
22 Original Superman
23 Echelon
24 Secret Agent
25 Crossfire
26 Turn It Up
27 Father
28 One Thing
29 Nails
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