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1 I'm Not Dead

"I'm not dead" on the 3rd place?! Wow! Just her best album, there are amazing songs like Who knew, Dear Mr. President, Stupid girls, I'm not dead, Nobody knows, etc. My top pink albums would be something's like this:
1. I'm not dead
2. Missundaztood
3. Funhouse
4. Can't take me home
5. The truth about love
6. Try this - mrg3r4rd

2 Funhouse

This is the album with "So what" and "Funhouse" so, yeah. - ThatkidwiththeContacts

3 Missundaztood

Get the party started, Family portrait, Don't let me get me, Just like a pill... Wow, her best album by far!

4 Greatest Hits... So Far!!!
5 Try This
6 The Truth About Love

I like this album a lot. Ok, I don't think is her best, but it's much better tan Can't take me home. In my opinion, this is the top of her best albums:
1. I'm not dead
2. Funhouse
3. The truth about love
4. M! Ssundaztood (as good as The truth about love)
5. Try this (her most underrated álbum)
6. Can't take me home (overrated)

7 Can't Take Me Home
8 Beautiful Trauma
9 The Album Collection
10 Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia

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11 Still Perfect
12 PiNK: Live In Europe
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1. Funhouse
2. I'm Not Dead
3. Missundaztood
1. Missundaztood
2. Funhouse
3. Can't Take Me Home
1. Beautiful Trauma
2. Missundaztood
3. Funhouse

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