The Dark Side of the Moon


This was my first experience with Pink Floyd. I actually heard from watching the Wizard of Oz synched with it on Google videos. The second time I watched it, I just came back to listen to the music; needless to say, I liked it. The chord progression in Breathe is sort of eri, thanks to Rick Wright, and David Gilmour's slide guitar solo over it is so perfect, like any of his other solos. The organ that bursts at the start of the second verse adds so much to its character. Any Colour You Like actually does make me see colors in my head (in fact, the whole album does: colors of the rainbow plased over black- pretty much like the album cover, but on completely different levels). Brain Damge and Eclipse are the most uplifting songs ever written. They're so moving that I actually get goose bumps from listening to it. The verses of Brain Damge make me feel like I'm flying and the chorus (as well as all of Eclipse) overwhelms my heart. They couldn't have ended it any better than that. Best ...more - Led_Rush_Floyd

There's a reason why this album has sold millions of copies. It's had arguably as big of an influence as any Beatles or Zeppelin album, but more importantly it's themes and feel hold up just as much today, 40+ years on, as they did in 1973. You can't argue with this album, meticulously pieced together by some of the best musicians, conceptualists and audio engineers of all time (who, not to mention, liked to bicker with one another). It's sad, uplifting, heavy, thought-provoking, complex, intelligent, concise, and downright beautiful. And by no means is it overrated.

They've got legendary albums! Wonderful intelligent musicians! Thats real music! - iTunesJunky

One of the greatest albums of all time, in many people's opinions, I'm one of them. It's just so overwhelming. It is a piece of art from beginning to ending. The most lovely thing is the unity of it, It's an album but it fits together so well, there are only few albums that are this complete. A beautiful trip trough your imagination, perfect for the coldest and rainiest days and the hottest most sunny days. You can't achieve perfection but this isn't far off.

In my opinion this is not only the best pink floyd album but the best album of all time. - mottthem

Here's list for best albums by decade:
6o's: Sgt. Pepper's Hearts And Lonely Clubs_ The Beatles,
7o's: Dark Side Of The Moon_ Pink Floyd,
8o's: The Joshua Tree_ U2,
9o': OK Computer_ Radiohead,
2o's: The Marshall Mathers LP- Eminem,
But The Best Out Of All Of Them Is Dark Side.

I heard a couple of songs from this album. I didn't really care at all for the album. I didn't understand the hype for it. I felt this way for a long time. However, one day I went on my phone and plugged in some headphones and played it from Speak to Me all the way to Eclipse. I then immediately understood why the album is so praised. This album is mind blowing and life changing. Its hard to listen to songs indivisually from this album. This you just really have to take as a whole.

Talking about best Floyd Album? The Dark Side of the Moon is an inevitable, necessary and a perfect choice. This album is not only a masterpiece, it's a cosmological, personal experience that invites every sentient being in it! Although, my personal opinion is that one cannot grade Pink Floyd albums.

Every Album I've ever heard has songs that are completely different from each other, except Pink Floyd's. Every song tells a story and you can't even tell the transitions. Floyd is the best, and The Dark Side of the Moon is the best of the best.

Comes together brilliantly in ten songs. Preferred the wall as a kid but I much prefer this now. I don't think much of disk 2 of the wall except comfortably numb but every song on this is great. Have to put it at number 1

Definitely the right choice for number one. Not a wasted note, not a wasted word. Perfect. I hated it the first time I heard it, of course, but that usually happens with my favourite albums. Best ending, too!

You have to listen to it and forget all of the acclaim. Just surrender yourself to the music and listen to it as a collective whole. Then you will understand why this is the greatest album of all time

This is a fantastic album! This album will always be remembered not just by its awesome songs, but also the very iconic album artwork. I don't know anyone that doesn't know artwork. Pink Floyd rocks!

Remember this album as a kid. Everyone had it. Most had our first marajuana experience to it. :D It comes from a different era, a better age, when real reality was more more important than virtual reality, when people were real, not just accessories to their cell phones. Youth today are USELESS - head bowed in worship to their cell phones - they will NEVER be capable of creating a masterpiece such as this. Those days of reality are gone.. thank God for music reproduction.

First voting side The top 3 is what I think. Dark Side of the moon, The wall and Wish you were here. Dark Side of the moon is the best. The clocks in Time gives me chills. And the bass in Money is awesome.

When I first heard this album, I didn't really care for it but then I listened to it again and now each time I play it, I like it even better. Definitely the best Pink Floyd album.

I'm contrarian by nature so I'd love to say my favourite Floyd is some obscure soundtrack. But this is their masterpiece (followed by Wish You Were Here).

Not only the best Floyd album, it's the greatest album ever

Just amazing from start to finish! Fantastic album! The lyrics about life, death, conflicts and everything about life is brilliant! Every track is great! Favourites being breathe, on the run, time, us and them any colour you like :) us and them is my all time favourite Pink Floyd song!

Love this album! The song that stood out to me was brain damage! Lol! Loved the laughing in this song.

Jesus this album is amazing! If I could pick an album to show people how amazing music is it would be this. - Oliwally

Absolutely magical and timeless piece of work. Definitely one of the best albums ever made. Brilliant!

The favorite album of my dad's and I think that was his best of Pink Floyd or it was Wish You Were Here.

Yes! I love this album! The songs are great! Thank you, Pink Floyd!

I could listen to this album over and over again until I die, and I will never sick of it.