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1 Comfortably Numb Comfortably Numb

I agree, video is also great when he starts to rage and solo is like perfect for this, I love it.

definitely the best not only for pink floyd... the best gutar solos of all time #1 - ravikanth

The best solo out there absolutely brilliant live on pulse /albert hall the sound and timing spot on, there will never be anything better!

Best guitar solo ever... Constantly stuck in my head

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2 Time Time

In my opinion, this one is not only the best of floyd, but it's the second best solo, right behind Han Solo

The solo is just epic, it's very simple, but only Gilmour would make something simple with such a good sounding. I always dreaming to hear this solo live made by Gilmour.

This guitar solo seems to tell a story in the form of musical notes. Simply brilliant.

This one is the greatest example of Mr Gilmour's brilliance - it's not a show-off, it's not flashy, uber-quick or whatever else you have others from every "greatest guitar solos" poll... it has soul. Every damn note is played with such feel... it moves me to tears, quite often actually. And I'm a grown-ass man.

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3 High Hopes High Hopes

Less technical than Comfortably Numb, no doubt, but a lot more melodic. That uplifting feeling of surfing forever and ever, only that lap steel solo can give it to you.

For me, much better than the Comfortably Numb one.

Easily David's best solo, he's pouring his heart out for all of us in this song

So good

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4 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Amazing number, just incredible how they got this together, especially when the band were not getting on well. Sometimes the best thing grow out of tensions within a band.

It was between this and Time. Although Time is probably the best single guitar solo from Pink Floyd, this song has multiple of the best, especially if you count all of the parts. The solos in the song are maniacally good. - lavillaof2112

Absolute brilliance. In short truly one of the best Pink Floyd songs and absolutely the best Pink Floyd solo without a doubt.

Should be number 1... Specifically part 6... Very very unique...

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5 Money Money

In little over 2 minutes, Gilmour manages to make one of the most vibrant and outstanding guitar solo's of all time. Such a range of notes and sounds, all weaved together into a solo that gets me every time. Absolute genius.

Blues and funky. Money solo is brilliant and sometimes underrated

Everyone says Time and Comfortably Numb, but this one is done so much better.

Doesn't this one have a sax solo instead of a guitar solo? - FondaSu

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6 Echoes Echoes

Echoes in 8th?!?! Didn't think TheTopTens would come to this. - PositronWildhawk

If I had to choose between Echoes and Comfortably Numb, I'd choose Echoes any day.

Not much to say - Echoes just plain kicks ass

A very mystical and trippy solo

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7 Hey You Hey You

Best guitar solo ever! It has everything, and the background music makes it even better- a reference to Another Brick In The Wall.

Just completely awesome, along with the song

This is by far the best solo! Makes me travel to other places

No logic behind it. I just love it. It drains my blood.

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8 Coming Back to Life Coming Back to Life

This sits easily at the top of the list. The solos are ambient, spacey, atmospheric and melodious. It's hard to imagine that a human actually made this song.

13?! You gotta be kidding me.. it should be after comfortably numb!

Probably not fit for the top 10, but definitely a wonderful series of solos.

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9 Pigs (Three Different Ones) Pigs (Three Different Ones)

At the very end of Pigs, David Gilmour holds onto ONE note. ONE simple note, and plays the living crap out of it. It is honestly my favorite moment in any Pink Floyd song... About 9 n a half minutes into Pigs. There goes my vote!

Honestly, this is my favorite, probably because radio hasn't worn it out. This solo evokes some really intense emotions in me. Can't really tell you why, but I do have this vision of Elizabeth banks of the back of my bike cruising the pacific coast at sunset ;=)

This, along with Comfortably Numb, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Echoes, Hey you, High Hopes, Dogs, Time, Another Brick, and Money should be the top ten list of guitar solos OF ALL TIME... This ties with Comfortably Numb for 1st place on that list... 10th? Kinda sad...

This solo shows such intense emotion it hits you like a train. Every time I listen to this song I go back and listen to the solo a couple more times. Best solo of all time if you ask me

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10 On the Turning Away On the Turning Away

This absolutely takes off and soars. I remember hearing it and thinking if I go to heaven I want this to be the soundtrack. Simply divine.

I would absolutely put Comfortably Numb firs, On the Turning Away a very close second and High Hopes a solid third place.

Sounds extremely morose... But fits the song very well...

From 03:20 and out, you really don't want this to end!

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? Dogs Dogs

When you hear the dogs barking in the background, and slowly you hear the entire mood of the song slowly change. Man I love the solo for Time Comfortably numb, and Pigs three different ones, but this is the one that does it for me. 17 minutes long, and every note is delicately placed, for just the right mood the song was meant to establish. This solo is a masterpiece, and so is the song it belongs to.

I have to say that this is a THE best song ever. The multiple solos link together perfectly and change emphasise the mood in such a way that it just puts me on another world. To be honest, I'm not really sure which guitar solo it is meant to be about, but this one song contains at least 4 or 5 top quality solos.

The combination of the genius and technique of gilmours playing accompanied by a stellar backing by the rest of the band create such an aesthetic feeling that is unparalleled by any of their other songs

Totally timeless. Definitely the best Pink Floyd song. Gilmour's guitars and Wright's organ/piano...

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? Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2 Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2

Best guitar solo ever, And the best one was live in Venice 1994.

This one must be 1st

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11 Mother Mother

The guitar solo is so powerful! Even though its just 30 seconds..!

Mother should be in the top 5! It's a perfect guitar solo

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12 Poles Apart Poles Apart

The solo speaks more than the lyrics itself, which is saying a l

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13 Marooned Marooned

Hey man..This song can turn your your mind inside out and upside down...

Such an underrated solo. The depth of emotion in this is staggering. David twists and bends his instrument to make it squeal with raw emotion.

Very, very underrated song. This is some of the best guitar work I've heard. - matty925

Apparently this is really underrated! I am surprised to see it so low on the list!

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14 What Do You Want from Me? What Do You Want from Me?
15 Louder Than Words Louder Than Words
16 Atom Heart Mother Atom Heart Mother

It's got 3 beautiful solos, slide solo at the beginning, funky solo in the middle, and reprise of the slide solo in the end

This doesn't have a guitar solo it is an orchestral piece. - SammySpore

Not all of it, it is divided into several parts and one of those parts has a small rock out featuring a cool guitar solo. - deltablues

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17 Yet Another Movie

Highly underrated... But kicks major ass...

Short but oh so sweet..

18 Fat Old Sun Fat Old Sun

This track is the musical definition of the word "happiness". And slowly fading solo plays a huge part in that.

19 Young Lust Young Lust

Short but powerful solo that melts your ears

20 Interstellar Overdrive Interstellar Overdrive

As a guitar fan comfortably numb in my opinion is a overrated guitar solos, it is an average guitar solo middle part of this song do not have too much guitar however "Interstellar Over drive" is just a riff but it is one of the most memorable sound by this band and more hard and aggressive riff than the "Comfortably numb' which make you fell "rock"

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