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21 Atom Heart Mother

It's got 3 beautiful solos, slide solo at the beginning, funky solo in the middle, and reprise of the slide solo in the end

The beginning of the first part of the solo is magic

Funky dung is really funky...

Beautiful solo. It adds to the emotion & feel of the song, but it’s also quite “harsh” and utilizes overdrive that almost sounds like distortion (if it isn’t! ). Love it. Great piece of music, totally underrated. Should be in a solid 7th place, or so.

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22 Louder Than Words
23 Yet Another Movie

Highly underrated... But kicks major ass...

It is short but so powerful.

Short but oh so sweet..

The most underrated. I picture a godzilla type creature stomping on all other guitarists as this plays.
Of course the creatures face is David's. If only it was longer.

24 The Thin Ice
25 Fat Old Sun

This track is the musical definition of the word "happiness". And slowly fading solo plays a huge part in that.

26 Young Lust

Short but powerful solo that melts your ears

27 Childhood's End

The most underrated song (in the most underrated album) Pink Floyd has ever put out. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten. - RecklessGamer007

28 Interstellar Overdrive

As a guitar fan comfortably numb in my opinion is a overrated guitar solos, it is an average guitar solo middle part of this song do not have too much guitar however "Interstellar Over drive" is just a riff but it is one of the most memorable sound by this band and more hard and aggressive riff than the "Comfortably numb' which make you fell "rock"

29 Have a Cigar

Makes me want to dance - RalphSaad

30 The Fletcher Memorial Home

The song is so underrated, it's about a place for the power hungry who play god with innocent people like the Generals who sent his father off to die in the war, the powerful and painful solo is so emotional it really ties the whole song together.

It's such a pity that the solo part from the Fletcher Memorial Home isn't in the middle of other beautiful Pink Floyd song, instead of being in the middle of Roger's moaning...
The solo - again, as so often with Mr Gilmour - is so simple, yet so hauntingly beautiful.

31 The Final Cut

Not a wasted note or space, beautiful, too good for what's around it.

All of the solos in this album are awesome - ChefSkinner

32 Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyds best solo

33 Sorrow

Maybe not Pink Floyd's greatest solo ever, but it definitely is deserving of recognition

Gives me chills it's so beautiful.

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34 I'm a King Bee

Yes it is. From 1965. Solo is actually pretty good.

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35 One of These Days
36 Free Four

Great, great, great!

37 Learning to Fly
38 Careful With That Axe Eugene
39 Two Suns in the Sunset
40 Astronomy Domine
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