Best Pink Floyd Songs From the 80s and 90s

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1 High Hopes

Not just a great song, but also a very special one! - Userguy44

Their best song since the album Wish You Were Here. Gilmour's vocals are fantastic and that solo at the end is just one of the best of all time.

greatest pink floyd album ever. maybe best album...

2 Learning to Fly

The best post Waters song and best Floyd album from the 80s. I found Momentary Lapse Of Reason a lot more enjoyable than Division Bell and The Final Cut.

3 Marooned

This was the best post Roger Waters song written by David Gilmour and Richard Wright. It was also a Grammy award winner!

4 Wearing the Inside Out
5 The Gunner's Dream

Screw the last two albums. They don't have anywhere near as much good quality music as the final cut. This song is one which makes me sit still and think about war all over again. It can seriously change your views.

6 On the Turning Away

The lyrics in the song for told of what was to be in the present and future. Add the emotion of the music mix and Gilmore's Guitar and it's a top 5 all time favorite songs for me

7 A Great Day for Freedom
8 The Final Cut

An underrated classic, sung with as much emotion as Roger can muster

9 Sorrow

This is my favorite Pink Floyd song of all time. It�'s very deep and melodic. Gilmour guitar sounds awesome

10 The Fletcher Memorial Home

The Contenders

11 Coming Back to Life

Best song they ever made.

12 Not Now John
13 Lost for Words

Great song, one of my favorites!

14 Poles Apart

One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs

15 Keep Talking
16 Your Possible Pasts
17 One of the Few
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