Comfortably Numb


When I was a kid, this song came on the radio while my mom and stepfather and I were driving home from a long drive. It was dark, and my parents were singing along, loving every second. I asked them to change it. I told them I didn't like it, I don't like this song. "I don't like this song, I don't like being numb.." In my mind, the mind of a child, the only numb I knew was from the dentists office or that stuff they spray on your bee sting..

My mother turned around in her seat, I'll never forget it as long as I live, and told me..

"Don't worry baby, you'll change your mind when you get older."

This song has so many meanings to me, holds so many memories for me, it can make me smile and make me cry and make me feel like I'm going crazy..

Definitely my number one.

The most beautiful song for the most deepest rock band of all time: for those who have not yet done, listen the live version of this song (P. U. L. S. E, the image in the top left); 9:30: half song, half guitar solo, still can not describe the emotions that gives me.
Unreal guitar for Unreal voice, indescribable

Ever had the feeling that you were stoned without even having tried a joint in your life? Well, then you've definitely heard this song. It just has something that makes you lose yourself in it. - adityareddeviliyer

I still remember the first time I heard this song! My head started growing heavier.. the whole room started to feel smudged with smoke.. the feeling was so heavy that I was literally about to faint! And then during the SOLO I really felt like I was levitating! Such a strong sense of freedom and liberation gripped me! Seriously felt a nirvana experience! N believe me I was not on drugs! You don't need drugs this song is enuf to get you high!

Songs like these make you realise what a gift it was to be born at the time music of this quality was being made. Stairway To Heaven is another. But this song is special;it's everything that can make me feel good. - adityareddeviliyer

This song is magical and great, besides having one of the best guitar solos of all time, the intensity of Waters and Gilmour singing reverberates you in your thoughts and in your heart, even if the letter speaks of a visit to the doctor. - HBKvaldo

From 'The Wall'. One of the most famous Pink Floyd songs known for its mind-blowing guitar solos. It is also the last song ever to be performed by Waters, Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason together.

Even if you haven't ever tripped out in your life, just listen to this song and you can pretend that you're high on anything from life to the awesome music that's Pink Floyd

This song is quite simply the definition of Floyd! A heady mix of ripping solos from Gilmour, entrancing lyrics from Waters and the dark, eerie verses from Wright, then Gilmour cuts in and clears the fog...Amazing!

Of course #1; only Us and Them (really the last anti-war song--written in late 1972 and then released in spring 1973--ending the 60s musically, socially, and politically); and Sorrow (mind-tearing) can compete with Comfortably Numb.

The thing about Pink Floyd: not all songs are that good, but when they do a really great song like comfortably numb, no other band can match the combination of lyrics, instrumentation, harmonies, musical talent in every band member. Pink Floyd at its best, not even the Beatles can match it...the crescendo of this song, the only other song that (maybe) is at the same level may be Stairway...

It would have made a great song for the animated film "Prince of Egypt". Imagine if someone on YouTube were the extract clips from the movie and add Pink Floyd's song "Comfortably Numb" as a background, what do viewers get? A music video.

I get thrilled every time I listen to the solo forom Pulse. It's just the way I want music to be. Perfect. The best song by Pink Floyd with no doubt. Song - not symphony - It loses with many things they did. This time it was a song not Atom Heart Mother or Dark Side of The Moon. Treated separatly - the best. Pink Floyd shouldn't be treated this way - it was not a "song" type band... Lp's - listen to them as one song, mabe some day you'll understand

When they send the next Voyager spacecraft among the stars, this song should be sent out with it. The absolute epitome of human musical potential.

This song was right to be the Pink Floyd's second best song, just behind their smash hit Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two which got number one on the US Billboard hot 100 while "Comfortably Numb" did not chart anything at all.

"Not in the Top 10 David Gilmour said himself that this is his favorite song on the Wall album and might be Pink Floyd's greatest ever. Gled to see Interstellar Overdrive though(-:"

When I first heard this song I repeated it for almost 3 hours before I fell a sleep at around 2am the guitar solo is so good I got chills the every time I heard it, I's like a sound from heaven, pink floyd is the best

Obviously, the second guitar solo is the best part of the song, but every single part of the song is awesome. Roger's singing perfectly fits the atmosphere. - IronSabbathPriest

Pink Floyd is my all time favorite band. They have beautiful music compounded with beautiful lyrics and this song represents that to a tea. Case in point this song and all of there songs are awesome.

It is very good indeed, I went into a trance while listening to this song, simply amazing... Best solo of all time! Dark and light solos! It was either this or Wish You were Here...

Amazing meaning, amazing solo, amazing voices... Everything about this song is spectacular and gives me chills every time. Not only the best Pink Floyd song but one of the best rock songs ever.

Very hard between Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here and this. But Comfortably Numb is just the most magnificent of all their masterpieces. I'm a 13 year old kid who listens 2 Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Beatles. Get this pop crap out of here!

This song is easily in the top ten songs of all time. Every part of the song is godlike and Gilmour's solo is to die for, truly a magical song.

I can't help but sing along every time I hear this so simply written and majestic sounding song. Hear the Eddie Vedder version, it just stays with you forever.

It is a one of the song that I ever heard... I can't stop listening this song... It's a great one by this band... Best solo of all time... Thumbs up to this band"Pink Floyd"