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101 More Blues

Not much to this song but you can't beat Gilmour's guitar and Water's baseline. A wonderful song! - themusicking101

102 Nervana
103 Paranoid Eyes
104 The Hero's Return
105 Sysyphus
106 Crying Song
107 The Narrow Way, Pt. 3
108 Up the Khyber V 1 Comment
109 Party Sequence
110 Scream Thy Last Scream

It should have been released! I was singing this all day' - SammySpore

111 The Gnome

A very early Pink Floyd song but still a great one

V 1 Comment
112 Your Possible Pasts

For me the second best song on The Final Cut, after Tow Suns In The Sunset...i love the intro and the kind of heavy part in the middle

My favorite song off of The Final Cut

113 Mudmen

This song may not have any lyrics to it but wow what an amazing guitar piece Gilmour puts into this one. The song starts off slowly and then just explodes into a spectacular guitar solo

Awesome guitar work on this track. If it were better known, it might be top 20. Mudmen is my favorite track from the album.

Great build up. Spicy drop. - connormouat

114 Pigs on the Wing, Pt. 2
115 Yet Another Movie

113? You are kidding' me? This song is awesome! Definitely Top 50, at least!

Highly underrated. Not the best Pink Floyd song ever but easily a top 75 song.

116 Seabirds

I can't wait for them to release the original version of this! :3 - SammySpore

117 Side 2, pt. 1: Sum

I got Goosebumps on my arms from this song.

118 Side 2, pt. 4: Anisina V 1 Comment
119 The Scarecrow
120 Main Theme

Good instrumental of the early Floyd. Guitars, keyboards, drums and bass - everything fits perfect together.

Reminiscent of Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun.

V 1 Comment
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