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121 Side 2, pt. 4: Anisina V 1 Comment
122 The Scarecrow
123 Main Theme

Good instrumental of the early Floyd. Guitars, keyboards, drums and bass - everything fits perfect together.

Reminiscent of Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun.

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124 Side 1, pt. 3: Ebb and Flow

Very relaxing

125 Cluster One

This song sounds so epic like why is it in 146 place

126 Biding My Time

Reminds me of Pink Panther - connormouat

127 Green is the Colour

What the hell..! This song was not even in the list! I like this song so much... One of my favorite... Must have an higher position than 100... :p should be at least among top 20... Listen and vote for it guys...

This song is way too down! This was such an amazing song by Pink Floyd. Deserves a much better position!

Green is the Colour and Cymbaline are Masterpieces!

if hey you is in top 5 then y not dis accoustic peice ever

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128 A Great Day for Freedom

64th! Are you kidding me. I know this is Pink Floyd we are talking about, but there is no way this song should be outside the top 15. Listen to the version from Live in Gdansk and then tell me this is their 64th best song!

Such a great song, was shocked to have to scroll this far to find it...

This song is so under-rated. Please vote people

This is David Gilmour and Rick Wright at their finest, and in my opinion this song is great enough to be compared with Comfortably Numb.. the name itself says that! - raretiger

V 2 Comments
129 One of My Turns

A song from the 'Wall' album. Waters' vocals are great...

Can I vote to this a million times? , It's just So Awesome

It may be an interlude, but it's a good interlude

YEAH! But why is it not higher?

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130 Lost For Words

How this song ain't on top 10?
It's a disrespect to Pink Floyd. I mean guys, if y'all love Pink Floyd, this song would've be on top 10.

Seriously why not in Top Ten :x No doubt the ones above are good too but this song is just class apart

This, A New Machine, and One Slip. Three underrated Pink Floyd Songs.

The Solo guitar though by Gilmour, beautiful

V 9 Comments
131 Poles Apart

Great soothing song similar to 'coming back to the life'... If that song is so high onthe list. This should there too.. Great voice of gilmour

I must with in top 15. How on earth a master piece like this is on 51. Please vote up.

Poles Apart is a song written by Gilmore about Syd Barret and Waters. Wonderful and meaningful lyrics. It describes the war of ego between Waters and Barret.

Great song guys... I think many floyd fans also may not have heard it... It so easily rivals '"coming back to the life".. Equally soothing music and great vocals from gilmour

Love this Song

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132 Speak to Me

Actually the song Speak to me/Breathe was Speak to me and Breathe in the air (actual name for Breathe) not the original dark Side of the moon the songs were separated and on the remastered they were put into one

The song is called "Speak to Me/Breathe" by the way, and it's my favourite Pink Floyd song ever.

I always get into a trance while listening to this song

I first heard this song when I got high with my friend. It was about 1 a.m. and he put it on in his car. It changed my life forever.

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133 Sorrow

The guitar part of this song takes the heart out of me and pounds it more than a thousand times... Though I am a fan of heavy metal but no other riff has this sort of psychedelic effect on me as this song does... Awesome lyrics and vocals... Sad to see this so down the list! :(

The guitar is amazing.. The song has so much depth.. Lyrics transcend all the boundaries... Sad to see this song so down the list

One of the best Floyd song ever. Don't know what is wrong with people if they disagree with that. The start is so amazing.

55! come on
its true this song isn't better than Comfortably numb, hey you, aniw p 2,keep talking,high hopes but easily is one of the best
if we are very bad guy 20!
i smoke cigarette
listen to this
and cry!

V 18 Comments
134 The Show Must Go On

Man, I love this song. Short and sweet!


135 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving With a Pict

This song is unbelievable. I listened to it straight like 50 times and then heard it while high. It felt like somebody was tickling me while the song was playing.

It is straight insane. I showed it to my brother he was like "that's the weirdest song I've ever heard" - SammySpore

136 The Gunner's Dream

Amazing song, the sax solo is simply blissful, the lyrics and vocalization is among the best you will ever hear in Pink Floyd.

The gunner's dream is such a beautiful song. It fits well into the theme of the final cut but it's a fantastic song in itself.
In my opinion this is one of Pink Floyd's most powerful songs.
"No one kills the children anymore"
How can that not give people chills?

How isn't it in the top 10? One of my favorites.

Although not the best song, it's one of the most moving and underrated

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137 Wot's... Uh the Deal?

I think this song is the most underrated of all time. It's a fantastic and relaxing song, from Obscured by clouds, a extraordinary soundtrack underrated for the low quality of the film.

It's a nice song to lie down and relax to. One of the more underrated Pink Floyd songs on probably their most underrated album

A great relaxing song from Obscured by clouds, which is in my opinion the most underrated album by Pink Floyd but very much so worth a listen if you have the time

Beautiful song. One of Floyd's best. It should be higher on the list. Any song on The Final Cut, Momentary Lapse of Reason, or The Division Bell, or that new one absolutely sucks.

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138 A New Machine

Seriously, I don't understand what is so awful about this song. In fact, it's merely a short narrative and not an actual "song"... and quite a factual one at that. What do you not get about that?

It sucks. The ONLY, and I mean only, Pink Floyd song that I think is bad. - SammySpore

Still better than Justin Bieber.

This has to be their worst song without any questions. - matty925

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139 Obscured by Clouds

Little know classic from the best band ever!

Wonderful intro into a great album

Underrated Song, Underrated Album. Nice and Dark.

V 1 Comment
140 Southampton Dock
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