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141 Stop

Great considering its only 30 seconds - connormouat

142 Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk
143 Round and Round V 1 Comment
144 Side 2, pt. 2: Skins
145 Side 4, pt. 1: Calling
146 Side 2, pt. 3: Unsung
147 Side 3, pt. 5: Autumn '68

This needs to be higher. Shows Rick's beautiful organ skills. - connormouat

148 The Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Pt. 1 (Entrance)
149 Signs of Life
150 One of the Few
151 Absolutely Curtains
152 Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
153 The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Amazing song, too short, yet still too good. This song gets you read to listen to the rest of The Wall. Go right now and listen to this song... Now you know why this song shouldn't be last on the list..

When slapped onto the front of wall, it gives it a good buildup. This song should not be judged in a vacuum. It is a piece of a puzzle (a brick in the wall if you will) and without this song the wall loses its structure

Better Than Another Brick In The Wall part2

I love how intense the vocals are with waters. it's amazing how this is under outside the wall. I mean come on

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154 Speak to Me

Actually the song Speak to me/Breathe was Speak to me and Breathe in the air (actual name for Breathe) not the original dark Side of the moon the songs were separated and on the remastered they were put into one

The song is called "Speak to Me/Breathe" by the way, and it's my favourite Pink Floyd song ever.

I always get into a trance while listening to this song

I first heard this song when I got high with my friend. It was about 1 a.m. and he put it on in his car. It changed my life forever.

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155 Lost For Words

How this song ain't on top 10?
It's a disrespect to Pink Floyd. I mean guys, if y'all love Pink Floyd, this song would've be on top 10.

Seriously why not in Top Ten :x No doubt the ones above are good too but this song is just class apart

This, A New Machine, and One Slip. Three underrated Pink Floyd Songs.

Amazing work of art.

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156 The Show Must Go On

Man, I love this song. Short and sweet!


157 Poles Apart

Great soothing song similar to 'coming back to the life'... If that song is so high onthe list. This should there too.. Great voice of gilmour

I must with in top 15. How on earth a master piece like this is on 51. Please vote up.

Poles Apart is a song written by Gilmore about Syd Barret and Waters. Wonderful and meaningful lyrics. It describes the war of ego between Waters and Barret.

Great song guys... I think many floyd fans also may not have heard it... It so easily rivals '"coming back to the life".. Equally soothing music and great vocals from gilmour

Very very very underrated song, just listen to it please.

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158 The Gunner's Dream

Amazing song, the sax solo is simply blissful, the lyrics and vocalization is among the best you will ever hear in Pink Floyd.

The gunner's dream is such a beautiful song. It fits well into the theme of the final cut but it's a fantastic song in itself.
In my opinion this is one of Pink Floyd's most powerful songs.
"No one kills the children anymore"
How can that not give people chills?

How isn't it in the top 10? One of my favorites.

Although not the best song, it's one of the most moving and underrated

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159 Goodbye Blue Sky

Not even in the top 10? We have to fix that! Please get this into at least the top 20, it is one of the best in like ever! It should be right there with another brick in the wall, comfortably numb, time, money, you name it!

Definitely agree with that statement. Should really be in the top 10, it's a short song but reminds me of tunes like comfortably numb and hey you.

Makes you feel so much unconventional emotions and intensity : passing from fear to joy to fear to joy... Short but we wouldn't need more.

This song is about the 2. World war... Meaning that the blue sky is now gone due to the airplanes... It's one of their greatest masterpiece

Number 51?!?!

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160 Green is the Colour

What the hell..! This song was not even in the list! I like this song so much... One of my favorite... Must have an higher position than 100... :p should be at least among top 20... Listen and vote for it guys...

This song is way too down! This was such an amazing song by Pink Floyd. Deserves a much better position!

Green is the Colour and Cymbaline are Masterpieces!

if hey you is in top 5 then y not dis accoustic peice ever

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