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161 A Great Day For Freedom

64th! Are you kidding me. I know this is Pink Floyd we are talking about, but there is no way this song should be outside the top 15. Listen to the version from Live in Gdansk and then tell me this is their 64th best song!

Such a great song, was shocked to have to scroll this far to find it...

This song is so under-rated. Please vote people

135th? What? This song is amazing and needs to be way higher. Stop now and give it a listen...actually listen to all of the Division my opinion the best Pink Floyd album.

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162 The Dogs of War

My mom when to a pink Floyd concert and she said it was the best concert ever. Her favorite song they played was dogs of war, that goes to show pink Floyd really has no bad songs

Still better than A new Machine

Really this Is the last one? You must be kidding. Great sax solo.

How is this the last? It's bad but not that bad

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163 A New Machine

Seriously, I don't understand what is so awful about this song. In fact, it's merely a short narrative and not an actual "song"... and quite a factual one at that. What do you not get about that?

It sucks. The ONLY, and I mean only, Pink Floyd song that I think is bad. - SammySpore

Still better than Justin Bieber.

This has to be their worst song without any questions. - matty925

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164 Sorrow

The guitar part of this song takes the heart out of me and pounds it more than a thousand times... Though I am a fan of heavy metal but no other riff has this sort of psychedelic effect on me as this song does... Awesome lyrics and vocals... Sad to see this so down the list! :(

The guitar is amazing.. The song has so much depth.. Lyrics transcend all the boundaries... Sad to see this song so down the list

One of the best Floyd song ever. Don't know what is wrong with people if they disagree with that. The start is so amazing.

55! come on
its true this song isn't better than Comfortably numb, hey you, aniw p 2,keep talking,high hopes but easily is one of the best
if we are very bad guy 20!
i smoke cigarette
listen to this
and cry!

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165 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving With a Pict

This song is unbelievable. I listened to it straight like 50 times and then heard it while high. It felt like somebody was tickling me while the song was playing.

It is straight insane. I showed it to my brother he was like "that's the weirdest song I've ever heard" - SammySpore

166 A Spanish Piece

Kinda racist looking back, but still entertaining for 1 minute - connormouat

167 Pow R. Toc H.

Really love the instrumentals in this one. One of my favorite songs on Piper. Rick's organ followed by Syd's guitar riff near the end really does change the mood. Underrated in my opinion.

How is this better than The Happiest Days of Our Lives? Tell me how... But this song helped me to think that Pink Floyd haven't released any bad songs

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