Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5


Favourite song ever. This is the song that got me into Pink Floyd. Of course everyone knows Money, and another brick in the wall... But this is the song that made me wanna listen to every single floyd album within a single weekend. I remember I listened to this song for the first time on the way home from the last day of highschool. Everything about this song blew my mind. I remember hearing the saxophone solo and just wanting to sit down in the shade of that warm summer day and just let this song continuously blow my mind. When I finally made it home the song finished: I remember I replayed the song and just laid down on my bed and falling into a trance. Definitely one of my favourite experiences with a song.

Has everything, deep lyrics, amazing instrumentals and everything a song needs. Love just laying back and listening to this song.

Haunting, beautiful lyrics, incredible instrumentation; if you sit through and let it the song will drag you in soul first only thing that could make it better in my opinion would be John lennon singing it although roger puts in a fantastic effort, best rock song ever roger must surely be the most underrated lyricist ever I can only imagine how much praise someone like Bob dylan or john lennon would get for writing such powerful lyrics

Four notes is all you need to write a masterpiece. We all know the story behind this song. This is the greatest song the Floyd's ever created after the titular Dark Side of the Moon, and since then, they've never managed to reach the same level of emotion and power that they displayed in all the Wish You Were Here album. This song encompasses the entire existence of the greatest band to ever grace this planet.

I expected Comfortably numb and wish you were here to be top two, but In my opinion, they stand against Shine on you Crazy diamond. This is the best work done by Pink Floyd. No song can match, the lyrics, the music, the emotions, the length of course. Shine on you crazy diamond is better, better than Hey Jude by Beatles, better than Hotel California by Eagles, better than Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and better than Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Not everybody has a traumatic son, Not everybody is lost in money and fame, Not everybody is lost in dual personality but everybody has lost a dear friend, a friend who was shinning and lost now. Shine on you crazy diamond is best song because everyone can lose themselves in their past and think about the time they spent with their best friend. Shine will always be shinning, always be my favorite song, always be me keeping my best friend to shine even when we are distance apart. It's eternal, it's the best and I think the best of all floyd ...more

I used to agree with #1, but then I heard the story behind this song. It's haunting melody makes me feel the pain that the band felt, losing Syd. The lyrics are simple but they really describe the emotion. I think that this song shows highlights from all of the band members and really progresses like a song should. Gilmour's solos make me smile every time I hear them.

Why is "Comfortably Numb" number 1? That song is awful. It is only 4 or 7 minutes (depending on which version you are listening to) of boring minimalist sound that really sounds like it was thrown together with no direction to fill up the album. I know that might make my choice of "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" seem hypocritical, but it is a bit more complex, a lot more interesting, and the lack of direction makes more sense. This is the song that puts me in a trance, not "Comfortably Numb"

A delightful journey bundled in a 25 minutes of utmost pleasure feeling. The song has set a milestone in the history of all genres of music far off from reach.

The melodic guitar playing blended with sweet jazz touch gives you an ear-orgasm, one of the best work of the geniuses.

I have a hard time choosing between this and Echoes. Both songs after 20+ minutes listening make me want them to go on for 20 minutes more. Both songs are true masterpiece's never to be duplicated or surpassed. So really Shine on You Crazy Diamond and Echoes are tied in my book.

Their pinnacle work, I think, in tandem with the second half of the track. An elegaic work that looks back at their founding guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Syd Barrett. The Floyd, at the time they wrote this, felt that they'd hit the end of their tether with "Dark Side...", and yet this work of sadness and beauty emerged from that desperation. In a very real sense, the last instance of the band working together as a unit, and perhaps the best.

I think that this is best Pink Floyd ever written, and that's tough for me to say since I love so many of them. I couldn't picked a better song to describe this unique, and frankly the band that stands, in my opinion, next to the Beatles, as the best ever!

Nothing can get bigger than the tribute to the original founder of Pink Floyd by the biggest and most amazing Pink Floyd member, who irony had it, replaced the founder in the first place. This song is Epic. And should BE number 1!

An easier question to ask about this song is, what's NOT to love? You've got an epic saxophone solo, baritone and alto, at that, multiple epic guitar solos and lyrics with a very deep meaning (not to say that other Pink Floyd songs don't! ).

Shine on because my sister used to be a crazy diamond and now she is loosing herself. A very sad story. I wish you all never to have sad stories in your family.

How is this not first? A true Floyd fan will have taken the time to listen to this and voted for it. Then again, a true fan wouldn't pick a favourite...

This is the best song ever written! Everything is so beautiful, since the guitar solos to the sax at the end of the song. I get different feelings at each time I hear this song!

This song is a masterpiece, despite its 26 minute length it never gets boring or repetitive, not just Pink Floyd's best, but in my opinion one of the 5 best rock songs in history

Hypnotic. This is the perfect example of Pink Floyd talent. You just close your eyes and put that music and you go in another world. Amazing.

Listening to this song gives you an out of your body feeling... Like this world is meant just for you... Gets you high when you are down... Just purity... And beauty...

Superb one. This is the ring tone, alarm tone and reminder tone in ma mobile. There is not even single day that I won't listen to this one

I've always felt that this song is the best song from them. Seriously takes you into trance and has a very deep meaning in the music itself and of course the lyrics. There is something in this song that makes you feel that you have nothing to lose and you're Ok. Just my opinion folks..

This masterpiece contains the 4 greatest notes of all time. And there's something to be said about Gilmour's tone in this too, hey? - BrianScott01

Simply their best song on their best album. It has everything that epitomizes the Pink Floyd sound, and the fantastic lyrics put it over the top.

My favourite Pink Floyd song, besides High hopes, Learning to fly and Time. It is a fact that Even though The dark side of the Moon is their most popular and the most comprihensive album, my favourite is Wish you were here begining and ending with two varieties of Shine on your crazy diamond.

I can't sleep without listening this song.. simply amazing and that jazz part is too great! I wanna thanks Pink Floyd!