Best Pink Floyd Studio Albums

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1 Dark Side of the Moon

In my opinion the best studio album ever. Every song on the album is brilliant both in lyrics and music. Fantastic!

First thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Floyd

Better than everything else

2 The Wall

Do I even need to explain why this is one of, if not THE greatest albums of all time? In the Flesh, Another Brick in the Wall, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, Goodbye Cruel World, Hey You, Is There Anybody Out There? , The Show Must Go On, Run Like Hell, Waiting for the Worms, The Trial and of course Comfortably Numb. Its Songs like these that make this a truly perfect Album

Not just the greatest pink floyd album, but perhaps the greatest album of all time. It's themes of mental breakdown, isolation and alienation from society really deeply affect you.

I think it's the second after seeing in Berlin circa 1990 - walterjr

3 Animals

All of the fans of this album only harp about the lyrics. Screw the lyrics! The guitar on this album is amazing! Listen to the weird effects on Pigs.

Dark Side is a much overrated album in my opinion. It's ok, but none of the songs on it are really on the same level with Dogs. Dogs alone is what makes me vote for Animals.

Every single song in this album is amazing. Waters uses the themes of social instability to tell the stories of dogs, sheep, and pigs in society. Gilmour's guitar is phenominal.

4 Wish You Were Here

One of the most brilliant albums to ever exist. Shine On You Crazy Diamond isn't just a song, it's something of an incredible composition. Listening to it almost takes you away to a different world. Absolute brilliance.

This albums is just perfect, it's like they did the best they could to honor Syd Barrett, there are just 4 songs (shine on I and II), but they are all great. RIP Syd Barrett

Fantastic album! Every time I hear it I wish it would keep on playing and not end.

5 Meddle

People don't realize that this is where the genius of Pink Floyd came to be. Without 'Meddle', Albums like 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', 'Animals', and 'The Wall' Simply wouldn't exist. - Beatlesboy9

6 The Division Bell

This album is so underrated

People are you deaf. Just because Roger Waters isn't on this album it doesn't mean that this album is bad. It's SO Good that I can listen to it all day. High Hopes it's so epic, Coming Back To Life best and so relaxing, Marooned best intsrumental song EVER, Keep Talking and so more geat songs. FOr God's sake this is so much better than Piper at the Gates of Dawn! I Think David Gilmour has a beautiful and divine voice. No one has a voice like him! LOVE DIVISION BELL

Best Floyd album hands down. could listen over and over.

The best Album of all Time in my opinion!

7 Atom Heart Mother

Only has 5 songs yet it's over 50 minutes long. Truly an epic album highly recommend you listen to it. Or at least the first track it's an awesome instrumental. I love the album cover too! Cows!

Atom Heart Mother is one of their best suites! SHould be way higher!

8 The Final Cut
9 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

This is the only Pink Floyd album with a healthy Syd Barrett.

10 A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Man! I can understand people prefer albums like "the wall" or "the dark side of the moon" before this, but this is an AMAZING album! Should be at least top five! For me, this is just a perfect one.

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11 Ummagumma

This album is the most amazing thing ever. So underrated, just give it a listen.

12 Saucerful of Secrets

Don't blame me for this but I hated the wall:'( but I liked some songs like comforably numb another brick in the wall and hey you but I'm talking about thd 1-2 minuet songs like vera and goodbye cruel world also I didn't like the trail and don't leave me now but this album rocked very smooth and pshycldelic deserves top 5

13 Obscured By Clouds

13? It should be in the top 5. Extremely underrated yet it's one of their best! - MaxPap

Criminally underrated album from the Floyd. - atomicpowur

Defiantly better than ' Ummagumma!

14 The Endless River
15 More

This is one of my most played Pink Floyd albums, brings me in such a lovely mood.
One of the best from their fantastic first ten years period/1966-1977/Piper-Animals.

After that Roger sucks the living daylight out of you oh, so pathetic, so dull-flat-ugly,
so boring & never knowing to shut up with his crap and Gilmour starts his Pop Floyd.

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