Best Pinoy Guitarists of 2012

A collection based on skill level , mainstream appeal , influence!
Legends are not included on the list as they have carved a name in the Philippine music scene
which would include Noel Mendez, Cesar Aguas , Perf De Castro ,Manuel Legarda , Wally Gonzales ,Tirso Ripoll Ronald Yumul , Frank Sinckol, Francis Reyes, and other opm legends of the craft are not to be included
These are collected via a survey conducted by the creator of this list!
This is subjective and anyone can include guitarists
which they think would fit to be in the top of the heap!
The list is based on the category that follows

1.1 - An in depth analysis of what their skill level are capable of which includes feel and technique ( not necessarily what kind of genre their bands play as some here are session players ) .
1.2 Based on their video performance on their respective channels or Facebook page/groups video entry/upload

2.1 This is something that many would argue but to some extent this goes out to those who locally/(or)internationally have been chosen to represent a brand or product but is not limited to only that account!
2.2 The Guitarist are in a network that most modern age Pinoy rockers have known and are familiar with
2.3 Again Google Search is our friend.The names posted when searched on Google would bring up at least the first 20 hits under theirs

3.1 At least someone others have heard of which does not include your neighbor who shreds all night but its only you who knows the guy.
3.2 Would at least have a strong fan base/following

If you dont agree with the list or criteria
and want to nominate or include your fave guitarist
that we dont know about
,or yourself for that matter,
please include a link to support your claim on the given criteria!
This is not a list of your most FAMOUS Guitarist!

PS: The creator of this list is a guitarist but not as good as the people on this list and will not be found on this list!

Longlive Pinoy Musicians!

The Top Ten

1 Sid Pablo

This guy, (although not present in the year 2012) should be given a considerable amount of importance in guitar shredding these days. Marty Friedman bowed to this guy, however still as humble as before. Still listening to this guy up til 2012. And he has grown so much, that his music does not sound anywhere near any guitarist there is. It is just Sid's trademark now. The reason I just want him is as an honorable mention. He deserves a place in the top 10 of your list even though it is 2012.

He may not be popular but I think, he has it all the qualities that every guitarist here have. Except the long hair. - jerryice2

Been reinventing his music all throughout this year. The dude is a risk taker. One of the best persons I've ever known.

I've been sid's bassist/back-up guitarist from 2009-2011. And all I can say is he is not just a guitarist he is a great musician. One of the best musician here in the Philippines, yet he still stays humble. Always reinventing and improving his playing...

Joe Satriani/Guthrie Govan/John Petrucci of the Philippines

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2 Fidel De Jesus

Such a versatile musician. His playing style is very mature, and definitely unique. Unbelievable skill and technique. His melodies are pure genius too. But I think the most important quality of Fidel, is that he is HUMBLE. He does not talk down to others, and is extremely down-to-earth. Despite his skill level, not once have I heard him use a condescending tone. That's why he deserves to be #1. It's such an honor to share the stage with this guy.

Current Philippine Shred King and an official Graptech endorser. His name has been in circulation ever since and has been doing sessions for other metal bands in the country! And he plays for one of Indie's best Metal band Dark Crayola together with another great guitarist Karlo Li - shredmanila

I saw Fidel playing with his good friend (Geoff, also a very gifted guitarist) years ago in Blue Wave Mall Marikina. They did a Vai King Kong cover and from the way he looked and sounded he was really passionate about his craft and he truly enjoyed performing at a high level while enjoying it at the same time.. Phrasing, scales, modes, time signatures can all be learned.. It's his dedication and humility that got him my vote.. Go Fidel!

I've known sir Fidel in our group Metalheads Unite he is like a mentor to me where I ask him about stuff how to be a musician and where should I bring my guitar for some check up, one of my Local guitarist influenced, FIDEL - never discriminate, very down to earth, a mentor and a kickass guitar player! M/

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3 Jack Rufo

Modern day maestro Jack Rufo! A guy who has been here, there and everywhere! Plays for Kitchie Nadal, now with Novus Luna and of course then with the OPM legends Neo Colours! As the list creator he was supposed to be in the all time list of great pinoy guitarist but no one can deny that he still is up till now in the circulation of things in the guitar community! Official International Ibanez endorser and JB Music - shredmanila

One of the best fusion guitarists ever! You can probably hear it in his own song entitled "aratig". He ripped it up there, with some Greg Howe outside playing and other modern day techniques. He just shows that speed isn't everything.

4 Mico Ong

Great tone, amazing guitar solos, exceptional band. His way of composing music is unique. Prog-rock on!

He is marketable, has great style and speed, and a great ear~ Totally cool fellow that will rise to the top soon! PROG ON - C J J

Very humble and versatile. He personally showed me how the Blackstar ID 60TVP amp sounds. Pretty cool!

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5 Chad Robles

Despite his incredible Axe swinging skills, attention to detail is one of the most critical qualities that a guitarist should master. Chad excel both. Being a guitar virtuoso as he can be, he humbles himself to the extent that he would like to share his skills to aspiring musicians as well. Highly recommended, check out Eternal Now and settle the score

Chad is the only guitarist I know who can educate, inspire, and play all different genres solidly from Metal, to Fusion, to Country, and Blues. His stint with Stu Hamm and being the first Ibanez endorser in the country is enough credential and credibility. His theoretical knowledge and musical influences are ocean deep.

"Incredibly proficient in the technical side of guitaring. His technical skills is undeniably great also. Nearly comparable to guys like Michael Romeo and the likes... He's also the very first Filipino to be endorsed by Ibanez guitars. If you like to discover this guy's talent, buy Eternal Now's debut cd. "

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6 Ernie "Bone" Pagligaran

The Philippines "Tone" guru a blues master known in the circle of guitarist! Played with opm rock legends Sugar Hiccup and now with his own group named after him! Endorse Kustom Amplifiers and QDV Store! His knowledge and insight for the instrument is astonishing! Some may call him a veteran but he still is the source of inspiration of most guitarists today - shredmanila

He produces an almost organic sound. Sometimes it makes me wonder where his hand/arms start and end when he's cradling his guitar.. The man is synonymous with his music. Music is a way of life and that is reflected in the way he is in every which way. Cheers to a true artist and to you guys for recognizing that!

His sound is AH-MAY-ZIINGG! A talented young guitarist and musician. This kid can wow a crowd and get them on their feet! Can't wait to see him really hit the billboards. The Music Industry really needs to pay attention to Bone and share his music on the Radio... A S A P!

His talent speaks of what he achieved..

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7 Lodi Bautista

The so-called tone deaf guitarist as they say, I have checked his facebook page and he keeps saying that he's tone deaf although he has composed so many instrumental music using only noise. I believe some people won't accept it as a normal music, because there's no way a Justin Bieber fans would appreciate it.

His music was way too basic and unappealing in the ears of the more technical guitarist around the country, but the metal roots was already established in it (the technique was metal-oriented in terms of concept), and I can't believed his music were just simple as that. But so many ideas can be heard in his compositions (he lacks the technicalities but his mind works like a mother) if you took time to listen.

As I have known him for years now, he's been the same man I met with his passion for his music! The only change is that he became more inspired to create more music of his own experiments through his guitar and his talent! Lazy and tone deaf he says to himself, but I might say you are more than talented guitarist from what is expected! Keep going and never stop playing your guitar til the whole world can hear all the compositions you make! M/

He is very creative in improving his own style of music and his twisted way of combining elements of music genre brings out his own distinctive individuality as a musician. I had the chance to listen to his compositions during his stay in Saudi and its really cool. I'm looking forward for the chance that he can be one of the Top ten of the Best Pinoy Guitarist so that he can share his musical creativity.

I checked his Facebook page I saw his videos playing guitar,this man was so very talented person the way he use the guitar and played music very inspiring... So Godbless continue your passion..

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8 Geepee Guballa

I've seen and heard geepee play... It was one of a kind! I felt the dedication and the heart is there while he was performing... I'd say he's PERFECT!

Whats magnificent about him is that he is the only one that plays in an Alternative Band and doesn do a lot of solo but when he is on stage you can't help but notice his playing. His demos shows his multi dimensional knowledge of the guitar

Personally, I think if he/she shares what he knows, HE's the best because he/she is not selfish... Folks! Geepee Guballa is that guy!

Yeah he's a maniac whenever he's got his hands on a guitar.. Beware!

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9 Fayeed Tan

Not just ya Youtube sensation that many quoted him. He is a finalist in Guitar Idol competition and has won international guitar awards! He might be unknown to some but his Youtube channel greatly proves his appeal and one of the very few Cebu based guitarist whose influence in Manila and other parts of the world are as equal in his own territory! A genius whose multi faceted playing endears a lot of players! A Guitarist's guitarist! - shredmanila

Ok I'm not biased or anything, in my humble opinion I think Fayeed Tan should be #1 followed by #2 Patrick Cruz, after searching and watching their videos in YouTube, the two whom I chose stands the most when it comes to versatility playing, I mean "Guitarist's Guitarist", everybody is great though in their respected genres, but the foundation of fayeed and patrick sounds like a complete resume for a serious musicians (guitarist). I mean they can play variety of styles, blues, jazz, outside playing, fusion, rnb, disco, country, alternative, rock, prog, metal and of course this is just my opinion - guitar iloilo

Tone, timing and melody. His composition are very cool too. Heard his Super mario solo? You should listen to it. His "My playground" eargasmic. Most of all, the first Asian to be an instructor in What more can I say?

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10 Patrick Cruz

Patrick Cruz is not only good in terms of shredding and licks. But also on how he justify the music. He has taste, and open minded to other genres. Di ka iiwan nyan sa tugtugan, kung sya nagrow, he will help you to push your limits! Explore more and be versatile. He's a great friend of mine and I played with him many times. So I know you can do it men! We're always here for you. Rock on!

Amazing guitarist. Have the passion to play and entertain in his own ways.. He can dazzle you in his way of playing guitar. A Good friend and a really talented musician.

Patrick has been my bandmate for years already. Shared good, sometimes wasted night for gigs! Amazing talent! Ain't speed, it's the heart! "THE ONE NOTE FEEL GUY!. But he shreds fast as well, but to tell you, IT THE VERSATILITY! LONG LIVE FIXED BRIDGE BAND- Dave.

The best Electric Guitarist I've ever played with, I've ever seen and one of the best and to consider among I heard.
Not only he has skills but yeah, he got the heart, and with the abundance of his heart, his hands play... Awesome player ^_^

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The Contenders

11 Jan Clyde Polintan

If it's speed, it's him. Slash N' Burn is never the same without him man.

With his performance level you can feel the intense that you want in music.. Rock and Roll!

Virtuosity, Speed, Attitude, looks that kill, on stage playing The 80's man Jan Clyde Polintan you're the king bro

12 Berth Red

This guy is underrated for though no one knows him because he's not that exposed and he living his whole life in bangkok.Versatility is the key for this person that other lack of it, check his youtube channel you will caught on surprise of his video selection to groove jazz, country, fusion jazz, blues, rock, classical rock.he's start playing since early 80's so we got to respect the guy for his long journey experience, he's a complete packages.

He has an awesome tone, good sweeping technique and most of all, he is the founder of Guitar collaboration, he gives everyone a chance to participate, he's a very generous and a humble guy

He is a very multi-talented musician, he can play many music instruments: piano, flute, and guitar. He is a very experienced and versatile player and has a great tone quality.

Well experience & versatile player!

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13 Joey Dizon

Great rhythm guitar player. Not as technical as the others on the list but provides solos that tell a story, which is more important in my opinion.

Great Riffs and solos! He maybe not that technical of a player but can still manage to make the audience bang their heads. Now that's what I call outstanding

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14 Aaron Sealmoy

This guy is using his skills for the Glory of our creator, even if his christian but still and I'm sure this guy can keep up with your top 10 list.

Most of your top 10" are in band come on

Peace yow

I personally met this humble and talented bro...truly a God given talent one of the best I've seen personally I wanted to learn his age his level of playing is exceptional...Godbless you in your ministry...

Yeah he is Phenominal! Very talented!

For me he is the best because when he play guitar he put god first before he play :D

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15 Kevin Cordoviz

He knows how to maximize the sonority and depth that 6 strings of a guitar can offer. He can play most songs all by himself and make you believe that there are other guitarists playing along. I don't know why bands haven't come up to him yet and sign him up. Maybe it's because he doesn't need to be in a band. Or maybe he already has bandmates. 10 fingers and 6 vocalists/strings. In any case he should definitely upload more guitar videos or perhaps compose his own music. One good cover he made though was his fingerstyle rendition of Nobela by Join the Club. In this cover he manages to play most of the parts by alternating his guitar focus among vocal melody, lead, bass, rhythm and even a little percussive technique.

He's really great at fingerstyle. Very akin to Sungha Jung and Andy Mckee. I think if he keeps it up, he'll probably reach their level and probably make fingerstyle more popular in the Philippines.

Great finger style guitarist who is closely following the footsteps of other famous finger style guitarists like Sung-ha Jung.

Very good at fingering things

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16 Paulo Luna

Passionately and humbly dedicated to his craft!

Good luck Paolo, you are the best...

Keep it up and rock on Bro!

Goodluck idol! Keep rocking m/

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17 Jay Cruz

At a very young age, he's the only person I know who's extremely good at playing the guitar. One day, you'll become one of the best guitarist ever. Keep up the good work bro. You got a proud cousin over here! CHEERS!

I can really prove right now that age doesn't matter. I know that your talent will lead you to success. Keep on rocking! You really have a talent

At Very young age I can say that he can go further than anyone expected him to be Keep rocking'

He's got potential, keep it up bro!

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18 Julius Pabiona

This guy has great tone - not the one coming from the gears setup but the one that comes from the feel of his playing. He is able to switch playing styles easy and at the same time apply his own brand of playing when improvising. I was captured by his blistering yet full of emotion and feel guitar- playing when I saw him slinging mr big songs onstage like he was the one who wrote them (seldom will you see a musician with such expression) - but I was more blown away when he would downplay to his own very authentic-sounding and structured jazz and blues lines. Grooves well and tight with his rhythm section. On top of these, this guy has great character on and off stage too.

He is very melodic, you can watch and listen to his videos, all of his entries in guitar competitions are really clean and melodic, he has an awesome picking technique, he should belong in top 20 I think

Huge potential to be number 1 guitar player and my panties drop every time I see him play.

I know you can do this as a number 1 guitar player, just continue practising and playing guitar were always be here for you... Were proud of you!

19 Enrico "Jamants" Diamante

A.K.A. "Hagedorn"! He likes both blues and metal music. He play on his own style, not the traditional or by the rules. Very Underrated guitarist. He quit his band and went to Singapore. No news about him for years.

His here in Dubai!

Where is this guy? He's one of the best I know. He won the best lead guitarist in a competition sommewhere in Q.C. he's from ParaƱaque and I think he went to Singapore already. He's like Tom Morello ala Dave Mustaine style of guitarists.

20 Master Ford

He will not be called master if he doesn't know guitar..he knows all the tricks on the guitar and he mastered the guitar technically and musically 100% jawdropping chops from all of the great guitar gods..from malmsteen to van halen..just to name a few.and he is not only a virtouso, he's a teacher too..many people come and watch him play live to learn from him.and if you are a critic type of guitarist get ready to be blown away..he will make you wish you can play the way he does..he inspires many and destroy some folks that claiming they know the guitar...after you watch him play whether you are a beginner or a professional guitarist you will call him "MASTER"

Master ford is one of a kind. You will never ever find anyone like him. He will surely rock your world whenever you watch him play. And despite of being a rockmaster, you will still feel his heart in every song he played. He remains humble all the time, He's the best of the best. Being a pinoy's best guitarist does not fit to him because he should be called as the WORLD'S BEST GUITARIST. Keep on rocking! M/

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