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21 The Anthem

This is best anthem I've ever heard

Cool song pitbull and lil jon have done a dashing song! Hats off to pitbull

Man it's catchy and funny

Mami el negro esta rabioso

22 Time of Our Lives

Such an energetic and amazing song. I love it!

Haha it's a sick song even for someone who thinks Pitbull is crap.

This is a really good song.which was featured by ne yo.

23 Go Girl
24 Times of Our Lives

Pitbull and Ne yo means fire

This song is the best!

Vote this song! please!


25 Across the World

Come on, 13! This Must go all way long and hold the crown! Best pitbull songs ever ^^, amazing background muzik and, the lyrics! Awesome!

Pitbull & B.O. B tried to make some music, & that's what they came up with.

26 Wild Wild Love

I have been listening to this nonstop

I fallin' in love

27 Candyman
28 Celebrate

No wonder its used in a Penguins film... its AWESOME!

29 Krazy

Awesome song makes me wanna go krazy on the dancefloor!

I like your songs very much

Pitbull's most lovable song

30 Live It Up

Great song! Also the song had many awards. So guess how nice it is?!

Oh Mine! It's at 21st place! I've lost faith in humanity... ! It's awesome guys! What happened to you!

31 We Run the Night

How Could no one vote for this song? Good Song For Clubbing same as like Give me everything tonight. And, I like Havana Brown. She can sing, Dance, and DJ also. Pitbull make this song even better *4thumbsup*

Hey readers I think you didn't heard this song it's amazing go now and download it then listen to it and make sure you'll love it I can't believe it's 19th (-_-)

Nice song great lyrics incredible music just hear this song guys! You guys will chng your mind this must be @ the top 10 if not 3!

I like this song very much

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32 Mr. Worldwide

In most of the songs he has used it

Excellent. Short but 1'st listed song.

33 I Like How It Feels

Wow... enrique's lyrics was incredible and the Beats. but why it is in this position it should be in top 10?

Listen to this once N I m sure you will vote for it.

34 Watagatapitusberry
35 Fireball

Our least favorite Pitbull song, but we won't insult Pitbull & John Ryan's talent although this song sounds like modern gaming music.

Love it I can listen to it once and I will sing it the rest of the day... "Fireball"

WHAT. THE. HECK. Why is this NOT number one? This is one of the most catchy songs EVER. - CatCode

fun beat

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36 Can't Stop Me Now
37 Rabiosa

It's so good you can't stop dancin

Its a cool songs both version...

We will all be cultural all the time.

Best combination

38 I Know You Want Me V 1 Comment
39 Pause

It is a great song and very addicting please vote for it and make it reach at least no.16

40 We Are One

The Official FIFA 14 Song... Best ever by Mr.305. Should be in top 5... Vote for it giys

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