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41 Fun

You know it, Pitbull + Chris Brown = greatness.

42 Took My Love

My first song here by pitbull ever, super composition, I love this song so much, love you pitbull

One of his best songs... The music suits the song...

Awesome song... all time hit... groove it

This song really took my love
It's so beautiful on the chorus and Pitbull's rapping is as breathtaking as always
Should be in the top ten!

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43 Tchu Tchu Tchu

Come on it has to be the most fun- upbeat song we've ever heard. I was so surprised when I didn't find it on the list! It is amazing and should deserve more!

Best song ever. Just listen to it once

Best duet song of pitbull ft. Enrique awesome. Please hear and vote for this.

That's best of my list...
This should be NO. 1

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44 Suavemente

This song is so amazing! Great track anywhere! One of pit's best songs! You are amazing pitbull keep it up!

Best song ever sir! You my favorite artist

Suavemente at 34? It should be in top 10(at least)

Groovy rhythm must be in top 15 at least

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45 I'm All Yours

Very Cool Music., I like it, it should be on top 10, jay sean:he did his best and pitbull either

It's the best song... I think it should b up in the list... Absolutely rthymic... And d best R&B of pitbull... I'm all yours 2nite... I got a feeling that I can't deny.. Evrything about you gets me high... I ll keep it for d rest of my Life.. I'm all yours... Just like jay sean's someone has got him high... Dis song to gets me high... Vote it people!

Why its under rated.. it should be in top 10 - MrLonely_95

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46 Exotica

Awesome song, must listen to it. Also Priyanka Chopra is awesome

Priyanka chopra love you. Pitbull too

Pitbull rap is very beautiful

Priyanka and pitbull is awesome

47 All Night Long

Pitbull & Alexandra Burke

48 Oye Oye

Oye oye was one of Pitbulls smoothest jams by far! Y'all need to listen to this jam a lil closer. He was not only hard and ruthlessly clever in this jam but his flava was beyond comprehension.

One of the only good songs by Pitbull.

'love this song'. To young pitbull...

49 Mr. Right Now
50 There She Goes

Best... I wonder why it isn't in the top ten

Best song of Taio Cruz & Pitbull.
The tune in this song is amazing..
Please listen it once...

Best song of Taio Cruz & Pitbull.
The tune in this song is amazing.
Please listen it once..

Please vote friends for this ultimate song... best rap by pitbull ever

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51 Outta Nowhere

Song from Pitbull's new album.. Very charming song...

By far the best song of his

Vote for this one lovely

52 Hope We Meet Again

Awesome song that unwinds Pitbull pretty well!

Exhilarating song... Chris brown is perfect...

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53 Tik Tok
54 Party Rock Anthem

Awesome as rap it goes like ay like the rock well beat my pot the record does his thing

Shadow the Hedgehog could be in it being portrayed by Pitbull himself.

55 Throw Your Hands Up

Any who dare challenge that do not understand the true awesomeness of music, and should either stop listening, or open their ears up to what is truly a song that brings happiness and general weirdness to any who listen.
(weirdness is a positive attribute in a world of possers)

56 Shooting Star
57 Rock the Boat
58 Have Some Fun
59 My Life
60 Party Ain't Over

Shadow the Hedgehog & Pac-Man would make a great combo in this song & any song that is by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown.

Pitbull portrays Shadow the Hedgehog.

Chris Brown portrays Pac-Man.

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