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81 Born N Raised
82 Armada Latina
83 Pass at Me

Pitbull, David Guetta, & Timbaland!

84 I Like
85 Fire
86 Kick Up Your Heels

I love both Jessica Mauboy and Pitbull, and together they are perhaps the best team ever. Though an unlikely duo (seeing as she presents herself as such a goody-good and Pitbull's definitely the king of bad), this song is as catchy as any. If you haven't heard this song yet go and listen to it and I promise it will get you on your feet; as good as "Timber" any day.

This is honestly a wonderful song. Pitbull's rap solo fits in with the catchy beat of it painlessly. It really just gets you on your feet. Additionally, Jessica Mauboy's vocals are tremendous, and the song is subtle enough not to be disgusting like many songs these days. I think Jessica should release this as the next single from her new album Beautiful and she should get it on the radio in America. I guarantee this song will make it big if she releases it separately.

87 Slow
88 Outta Control
89 Shake
90 It's Official
91 That's Nasty
92 Un Poquito
93 Put It On Me
94 Back Up

Barely anyone listens to this song. Pitbull isn't the fastest rapper, but I think he had a decent speed or tempo during this song and the beat was pretty catchy too. This song was made when he wasn't as famous as he is now but just listen to it and maybe, just maybe you will love listening to this song. Enjoy, if you listen to it.

95 Fresh Out the Oven V 1 Comment
96 Bad

Oh what a wonderful part he brought to this MJ-song which is already super.
Thank you Afrojack too. Super Pitbull! :D

Pitbull thank you for your cool performance in bad remix
Of the greatest of the greatests Michael Jackson.
Vote here please.!

97 Hiya Hiya

How could a Khaled song be here?!

98 Crazy Kids V 2 Comments
99 All Night
100 That High

This is with Kelly Rowland! As good as What a Feeling or When Love Takes Over!

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