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MegaSoulhero There's only less than 3 months until Cars 3 comes out! So before it comes out, I will be reviewing the first two Cars films! AND I will be reviewing the Planes films! I wasn't originally going to review the Planes films, but since they take place in the same universe as Cars, I might as well. So let's talk about Pixar's seventh film, Cars!

Kind of weird that after releasing a movie where every character is a human, they release a movie that has no humans in it at all. Cars is a movie in which everyone in the world is a vehicle. The main character is Lightning McQueen who is a race car and does whatever it takes to win the Piston Cup. While traveling to California for the race against The King and Chick Hicks, he gets lost on the road and ends up in a town called Radiator Springs. While in this town, he has to do community service after causing a wreckage, but he ends up making some friends while he's there. Honestly, I don't see why people hate this film. I thought it was pretty good to be honest. Yeah, it's a step backward from their previous work, but that doesn't make it a bad film! This movie has some pretty likeable characters! And they were cast perfectly! I thought Lightning McQueen was a bit of a jerk in the beginning, but as the movie went on, he was pretty well developed and ended up learning a great lesson! This movie is full of jokes and I laughed at a lot of them! There were even moments when they would parody famous celebrities in car form. Like Jay Leno for example. That was hilarious! There were also some pretty emotional moments as well! And the scenery is just amazing! My favorite scene is when McQueen and his love interest, Sally, are driving together and the atmosphere is just brilliant and looks beautiful! And the racing scenes are pretty awesome!

Of course, there are some negative things to say about the movie. This is basically the first Pixar film to just be for kids. Some may argue that movies like Toy Story and Bug's Life were just made for kids as well. Even though kids can enjoy those movies, they were mostly meant for everyone which is what Pixar is known for doing. I also felt like this movie was too long. Reason why that's bad is because there are quite a few scenes that seem to drag on and there's some scenes that are basically filler. I guess it's a way to show Lightning McQueen enjoying life and taking his mind off of racing for a bit. But I still felt like certain scenes were unnecessary. The story is also pretty cliché and predictable. When McQueen first finds Radiator Springs Racers, it becomes pretty obvious what happens in the rest of the film. Totally predicted the twist involving Doc Hudson. Larry the Cable Guy is the voice of Mater and does a really great job at it! I laughed at a lot of the jokes involving him. However, there were moments when he got too obnoxious and became annoying. But it's not like he's the main character! Oh we'll talk more about that next time! And as for the message. It's a really great message! But it's also very forced. Usually we can tell what the message in a movie is through visual storytelling. But here, one of the characters literally says "there's more to racing than just winning". It's better for movies to show and not tell. They didn't really make the message subtle here.

Cars is a pretty good movie! It's not one of Pixar's best but it's definitely not a bad film! The story is pretty weak, but they made up for it with likeable characters, a great message, funny jokes, and great visuals! People seem to be too hard on this movie just because it doesn't feel like a Pixar film. True, but it could've been a lot worse. Just look at Cars 2! Which I will be reviewing next month! Anyway, Cars is a pretty enjoyable movie! Life is a highway! And I wanna ride it all night long!

Score: 7/10


I'll admit the movie has some nostalgia on me but it's still one of the less good Pixar movies. It isn't bad, just not as good or iconic as say Toy Story, Monsters Inc, or The Incredibles. - cjWriter1997

AWESOME - VideoGamefan5

Not the greatest Pixar film, but it was pretty much my childhood. After all, it was pretty successful in the merchandise department as well. I remember playing with Cars toys and even getting a Cars birthday cake back when I was a kid. Either way, I mostly liked Cars for its message and themes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

@Frodomar49 I think you're a little out of date there. He's been way more respectful of opinions now. - DCfnaf

This Was My Childhood - JPK

I love this movie because of nostalgia - visitor

4/10 - visitor

10 - PeeledBanana

This is not good
Poor - iliekpiez