Movie Review - The Incredibles

MegaSoulhero Alright! Disney decided to make today Incredibles Day for some weird reason, but if it gives me the opportunity to review the Incredibles, then I’ll take it. The Incredibles is a very well known Pixar movie that a lot of people like. It’s finally getting a sequel next month. So now let’s get to talking about the first movie.

It’s about a superhero named Mr. Incredible who gets sued after saving someone who didn’t want to be saved. Since then, superheroes became outlawed. However, this doesn’t stop Bob 15 years later from performing superhero stuff on the side without his wife Helen aka Elastigirl and his kids Dash and Violet knowing. He gets a message from Mirage telling him to go on various missions and he ends up having to stop the villain Syndrome who used be Mr. Incredible’s biggest fan until he rejected him. Let me just start by saying this is literally the best Pixar movie ever! When taking about perfect Pixar films, this is definitely the best example. I love every minute of it. It’s rare when we get completely original superhero movies that aren’t based on anything. This was Pixar’s first adult film. I mean, it’s still a kids movie, but it has a more mature tone to it. It deals with Bob going through his mid-life crisis and it shows how this family deals with being a normal family. The movie perfectly captures how a real family would act. The parents act like real parents, the kids act like real kids. I was able to believe that these characters are a real family. I can’t think of a single character in this movie I didn’t like. The movie mostly focuses on Bob, but the Helen, Dash, and Violet still have some really great scenes as well. My favorite character is Frozone. I don’t know why, but I think it has something to do with Samuel L. Jackson’s flawless performance. Syndrome is such an amazing villain and the best one that Pixar has created. He’s not a villain who tries to be evil just for the sake of doing so. He actually has a backstory and a motivation. He also has some very memorable lines.

Since it’s a superhero movie, there’s a good amount of action in it. These action scenes are choreographed very well. It almost feels like a thrill ride. Like we’re actually be taken into these scenes. That’s just how good they are. Even though the superpowers kind of feel a little to similar to the Fantastic Four, they use them in such clever and creative ways. Besides, this is a better Fantastic Four movie than any of the actual Fantastic Four movies. There are a lot of memorable lines of dialogue as well. There are some jokes that I didn’t get as a kid. Like when Syndrome said Bob and Helen got busy. Now that I’m older, I find these jokes to be hilarious! We do get to see the characters fighting together as a family, but not until the ending. Which I honestly don’t have a problem with since it told a great story that built up to that final battle between the Incredibles and the Omnidroid. Seeing how despite them being supers, they still do everyday family stuff, Bob wanting to relive the glory days, Helen taking care of the kids, etc. I like how it’s not a superhero movie that mainly focuses on being a superhero movie. It also focuses on family. Even with that, it does a better job at being a superhero movie than most of the major ones. Brad Bird has always done a good job with creating characters that we can connect with. Iron Giant is a good example and so is this movie.

The Incredibles is one of the greates films of all time! Everything about it is amazing! The characters, the action, the messages, the dialogue, the animation, the emotion, the story, literally everything! It is such a flawless movie! This is everything that’s great about Pixar put into one movie! I really hope the sequel will be great as well. This is truly a masterpiece. Best Pixar movie ever!

Score: 10/10


I agree with your rating, but I do personally also love the theme tune. This shows that things can have drama and offer more than oscar friendly movies. But I do admire other Pixar movies more as I thought they could explore more ideas. - iliekpiez

I agree with your rating, it was a great movie. It’s not the best Pixar movie, but it’s close. - visitor