Movie Review - Incredibles 2

MegaSoulhero After 14 years of waiting, we finally have a sequel to the popular Pixar film, the Incredibles. This was probably one of the most anticipated sequels ever. Almost everyone has been asking for Pixar to make a second Incredibles movie. Instead, we got 3 Toy Story movies, 3 Cars movies, 2 Monsters Inc. movies, and 2 Finding Nemo movies. Brad Bird, however, finally decided to go along with a second Incredibles movie after coming up with a story that he thought would live up to the original. The first Incredibles movie is my favorite Pixar film and one of my favorite movies of all time. So I just had to see the sequel. Now I’m gonna discuss.

The sequel starts right where the first film left off with them fighting the Underminer. After the Parr family gets in trouble for causing damage to the city, a tycoon named Winston Deavor wants to make supers legal again. So he has Elastigirl, the least destructive one, to go out and fight crime while Bob stays home and watches the kids. Elastigirl comes across a villain whose power is to give people seizures and she must stop this villain. You’re probably asking if I think this movie is as good as the first one. And the answer is no. It’s not as good as the first one. Going into this, I wasn’t expecting it to be. The first one just felt very special to me and it would be hard to do any better than that. So I just decided to take whatever the sequel was gonna give me knowing I wouldn’t love it as much as the first one. With that being said, this is still a VERY AWESOME MOVIE!!! OMG!!! IT IS SO GREAT!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!!! Brad Bird is back! Congrats to him on making another incredible movie! This one is definitely more character driven than the first one. The best elements of the film are the scenes involving Bob trying to take care of the kids. The interactions between the characters feel very believable as if they’re a real family. Bob tries to be the best father he can be. Despite having some trouble with it, the kids still respect him and they know that he cares quite a lot about them. It’s not just a superhero movie, it’s also a movie about family. There’s this subplot involving Violet and her crush Tony. I thought this subplot was very well done since it gives Violet more development considering she wasn’t focused on very much in the first movie. Speaking of which, Dash doesn’t really get any development in this, but I still thought he was a very entertaining character. By the way, the new voice actor does a really great job.

The action scenes are done perfectly. I’d even say they’re better choreographed than most Marvel films. They’re very fast paced and they make us feel like we are a part of it. The animation is outstanding. There’s a lot of detail put into certain things such as hair, water, glass, and debris. Despite the improvement in animation, it still stays true to the designs of the characters. Giving it the same feel of the first movie. The soundtrack is also brilliant. This is some of Michael Giacchino’s best work by far. Elastigirl really shines in this movie. She gets a lot of fight scenes that are just so entertaining to watch. What’s even more great to watch is that nice round backside of hers. Sorry about that. It’s just so good. I really enjoyed Winston Deavor. I honestly thought this was gonna be a guy that I would hate, but he’s actually very interesting and pretty well developed. He has a love of superheroes and even has a backstory. Making him a very understandable guy. By the way, the humor in this movie is hilarious. There were so many times when I laughed very hard. Jack Jack in particular is very hilarious. He’s just so enjoyable. Edna Mode appears in the film as well, but only in two scenes. Still, her two scenes were pretty funny. There are similarities to the first movie in this sequel, but it’s not done in a way that makes it feel like a complete rehash.

Now I shall discuss my one issue with the film. Sadly, it’s the villain. I really thought this villain had a lot of potential, but Screenslaver is so forgettable and very uninteresting. Their motivation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Their backstory doesn’t even have that much of an impact. Take Syndrome for example. He was a great villain because he had a personal connection with Mr. Incredible. He was Mr. Incredible’s number one fan but later on decided to get revenge on him after being shunned. It makes us understand his motivation and we can kind of see where he’s coming from. With Screenslaver, their reason for being evil just seems meaningless. Also, the twist involving Screenslaver is just so awful. Not only is it awful, it’s one of the most obvious movie twists in recent years. Even before the movie came out I knew who it was. Plus, I’m tired of Disney constantly putting twist villains in their movies. At this point, Disney NOT putting a twist villain in one of their movies would be the ultimate plot twist. Whatever happened to those great Disney villains? I wish they would bring back those types of villains.

Despite that one issue, it didn’t ruin the movie for me. This still an amazing movie with great action, great characters, an epic soundtrack, and stellar animation. I absolutely loved it. This is by far the best Pixar sequel. It was definitely worth the 14 year wait. I highly recommend seeing it unless you’re epileptic. It truly is an incredible movie.

Score: 9/10


That Void girl was annoying. Otherwise, the humor, action, and almost everything was amazing and overall it was another hit sequel to a great movie that everyone was panting for for 14 years by Pixar. - TristGamer

So do you think the film was better than Coco? I don't know about you, but Coco is better for me. - Drawbox

Objectively I’d say Coco is better, but I personally enjoyed Incredibles 2 more. - MegaSoulhero

Theory: Voyd is actually a crazy feminist - 445956

I knew Evelyn Deavor was the villain because it is a play on Evil Endeavor - 445956

Same. Also, there's the whole "surprise villain" thing that Disney enjoys so much. - Cyri

Really good. It made my heart pound. - visitor

This was very good, but Screenslaver was not a very good villain and at times the story felt a bit too similar to the original. I really hoped that the Underminer would be the villain, he was much better than Screensaver. - iliekpiez

I saw it on Friday, if probably give it a 7/10 - Gangem