Inside Out


Has such a good message about how we need all emotions not just joy and represents it extremely well. It also has loveable characters and to make a good story it is an absolute necessity to have good characters that the audience will relate to or admire. It also (of course) has a lot of emotion which makes an interesting movie. There's too much to talk about this amazing movie and if I were to talk about the scenery it would take about an hour since the imagination in this is too much to handle. I don't think Pixar will ever top this movie and if it does, Pixar would have basically conquered the world. Congrats to you Pixar for not only making one of the best Disney movies, but also make one of the best movies in film making history!

There is no exaggeration that this is the best movie I have ever seen. A girl struggles with moving to a new city, an environment in which she feels exposed and uninvolved. She even tries to run away from the city back to her home. Her real home. I thought it was so touching how (spoilers) in the end the emotions become more complex (i.E. A blue and red memory or a yellow and green memory) which is a great explanation of the way our minds mature and evolve as we age and our emotions and memories become more complex and less one sided. 11/10 outstanding movie, should be number one.

It's official, Inside Out is now my new favourite Disney movie of all time, putting Big Hero 6 in second place. I've only watched the film twice, and I gotta say, nothing has made me love a film that quick after watching it the first time. Seriously, what's not to love about Inside Out? Everything about it is absolutely A-grade worthy. The animation, the visuals, the voice casting, the humour, the drama, EVERYTHING! This is a film that I would definitely watch over and over and over again and still love it. It's that brilliant!

P.S. Sorry BH6, your days in the top of my list are over. Inside Out all the way. Period.

I honestly think this movie is better than all the ones above it. It teaches real life lessons about mental health and about how to handle emotions. It's so pure, and doesn't contain too much stupid or useless jokes used in most cartoons today. It's really adorable and classic, and it really hits viewers in the feels. Pixar has always been able to do this to their audience, but this movie is where it is stronger at. Definitely one of the best.

I loved this movie to death, I can't think of one problem with it, so far in my opinion the best movie of the year, and the most enjoyment I've ever gotten out of a Pixar film, I love it - Quart

Inside out was a great idea and I wanted to see it the minute I saw the preview of it while in the theaters for The Battle of The Five Armies I watched the trailer like ten times in a row I don't think I have ever seen a better movie on Pixar than Inside Out

I know that this movie was on air actually but it looks so great

I didn't cry when Ellie died in Up. I did't cry when Emily left in Toy Story 2. I didn't cry when Bambi's mom died in Bambi. I didn't even cry when Mufasa died in The Lion King. But I did cry at the end of this movie. I had to move right when I started maturing at age 10, so this movie hit really close to home. In fact, it was so emotional for me that the only way I could watch it without going too nuts was to watch it in Hebrew.

Pixar, 1995-2013. Have a many of type characters that act in all movie. And now let's see this movie. How do feelings have a feelings? Can't wait!

This movie was amazing! Best Pixar has done, I strongly recommend it to anyone!

Saw this recently, probably deserves to be in the top 10 but, in my opinion, not top 3 or even top 5. It just didn't feel like it flowed together very well, and the insights into other people's "Headquarters" felt gratuitous and tacked on. - KnutHudson

I've seen this movie twice, and I LOVED it! One of the best Pixar movies!

Amazing movie. It has very accurate representations of the human mind and for once it doesn't insult a kids intelligence! I swear, if another studio made this, Riley's mind would be sparkles, princesses, glitter, and "demon child" stereotypes. If she were a boy and the movie wasnt made by Pixar, his mind would be filled with boogers and gross stuff. Thank you Pixar!

Should be number one, this was the saddest movie I've ever seen! Make it higher - doctorman

Best one yet, and I'd say this one will be hard to beat.

I'm falling in love with this movie with Joy,Sadness, Anger, Fear and disgust in the head of Riley it's amazing the story is funny and we want to know more cause it's cute and the emotions are funny and are working so are when joy and sadness are not in Riley head my favorite characters is Joy and Disgust! Oh yeah and don't forget Bing Bong!

I loved this movie, but if you are an emotional kind of person, get ready to cry. There are like 3 places you could cry watching this movie. Just a heads up. Over all it is a really good movie.

This is not just the best animated feature of 2015, but the best film of the year. Genius! Pixar movies are good but this one and UP (2009) were made not just for children but also for adults. Superb!

It means a lot when a movie has been only out for a month and it has already reached the top 10. Truly one of Pixar's best!

Watch out dreamworks, Disney and lots of other animation studios out there. Pixar is back with this great film.

Should be higher. Very unique and also the funniest Pixar movie in my opinion. It's also one of the saddest.

I FAVORITE part in the whole movie was when Sadness comforted Bing Bong. I definitely felt something there that was so sweet.

This is my most favorite Pixar movie and one of my favorite Disney movies this is so good! I cried when I saw this in the theater but it is still so good!

Not only kids enjoy it, adults do to!

This movie was amazing! Have many lovely characters! Best Pixar has done, I strongly recommend it to anyone!