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1 Geri's Game

It's such a classic, I can't believe it's being overlooked. Not to mention that Geri is featured in Pixar movies (Toy Story 2) and is an integral part of Pixar culture.

2 Lifted

One of the best Animated shorts in the world! - Victoryboy

This was the greatest. Number 1 deserved. - ThatOneRacer

3 Day & Night

This is so very creative. It shows its viewers the difference between Day & Night... - Swampert02

Its such a creative short film that never has stopped being interesting. - kempokid

Why is it this low? Obviously the best one! - ItsThaFantasticJosh

4 Presto

This short film is very humorous! - Victoryboy

5 Luxo, Jr.
6 Knick Knack
7 Mike's New Car

Mikes new car is funny enough said

Mike is awesome and so is this short! It is SO FUNNY!

8 One Man Band

I like it

9 Jack-Jack Attack
10 La Luna

The Contenders

11 For the Birds
12 Piper

This short film was adorable, if a little unimanigative - ListerBlister

It sucks

13 Partly Cloudy
14 Tin Toy
15 The Blue Umbrella

Music is like mind blowing! - Victoryboy

16 Small Fry
17 Riley's First Date?
18 Lou
19 Partysaurus Rex
20 Dante's Lunch

Very Amazing short. - Swampert02

21 Hawaiian Vacation
22 Lava

This got me so pissed off

23 Red's Dream
24 Boundin'
25 The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.
26 Mater and the Ghostlight
27 Tokyo Mater
28 Sanjay's Super Team
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1. Jack-Jack Attack
2. Mike's New Car
3. Lifted
1. Mike's New Car
2. Small Fry
3. Day & Night
1. Day & Night
2. One Man Band
3. Geri's Game

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