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1 Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise which was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney.

Last time I was there,it was so great. The crust of the pizza was delicious and it even had an ice cream factory where you cold make your own ice cream with your own toppings.

Best pizza joint

This is good - ElSherlock

No one out pizzas THE HUT!

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2 Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The corporation is headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In February 2018, the chain became the largest pizza seller worldwide and in the United States based upon global retail sales.

I like both pizza hut and dominos but dominos delivers

THE CRUST - davis_895263

Dominoes is best

the best

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3 Papa John's Pizza

If you are not in Italy and you want to have pizza with taste of Italian then you have to try Papa John's. I love papa john's pizza. Who will try once papa john's pizza, he will never enter in pizza hut again. It's a challenge. Hi i! There is no papa john's in Bangladesh. I have so many time Italian pizza in business tour. We are doing leather business so this is why we have to go Italy for attend leather exhibition and pizza is my favorite food. So when I go Italy then I only have pizza but when I am in my country then its not happened. First time I try papa john's pizza in Dubai festival city. And that is one of my best time in my life. Now a days I can't think any other pizza shop except papa john's. But in Bangladesh there is no papa john's pizza shop. And this is why in Bangladesh pizza hut doing business along. But they don't know for pizza papa john's is the best choice. I LOVE PAPA JOHN"S PIZZAA

PAPA JOHN'S: My aid for my belly.

People always complain about the wait here, but I could wait 4 hours for a pizza that's always fresh and out of the oven rather than one that's been sitting under a heat lamp. Papa Johns is always make fresh with natural tomato sauce and the best ingredients. Beats Pizza Hut by a long shot!

This pizza place is worldwide, they have papa johns in countries you don't even know exist, Papa johns tastes lovely, like heaven turned to pizza. Why is this not number #1

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4 Little Caesars

Best pizza I grew up eating this pizza all my life the best!

Little Caesars is fantastic. Nothing else to say.

This is making me hungry

There's a reason it's so cheap. Bland & flavorless.

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5 CiCi's Pizza

Too bad they went out of business. - KalloFox34

They di2go out if business

I had pizza delivered from these guys when I was in Florida once! It was great, but the closest one is in California lol

I love cici's pizza there pizza is the the best but I'm not done yet do you want a pizza or anything other of our AMAZING buffet cinnamon rolls delicious salads delicious cakes anything there is delicious!

The only thing I like at CiCi's pizza is their cinnamon rolls they are good but I like to get them fresh out the oven and the reason I don't like CiCi's is because they are dirty, they never clean up and when I go there I see little kids breathing all over the food that's in my opinion...

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6 Sbarro

Let's all be honest here, Sbarro can easily serve you with a scrumptious slice of pizza within a few minutes. And their side options are also well complimented by the pizza. Heck they're not a household name but they really should be. - Kwaysar

I have to say, their pizza is very addictive.

Best pizza chain hand down

Best Crust and taste

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7 Jet's Pizza

Jets is good but not advertised like those orhers. People like them because they are advertised to - doratat

I am so angry this isn't number one on the top tens.

How can anyone resist the deep dish. By far the best.

Deep dish is the best. Regular crust not so good.

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8 New York's Pizza

I just like the style, so any small business that sells this stuf is sepacial and it just tastes so good. You can taste the care that went into making the pizza, and the history behind it.

9 Hungry Howie's

Haven't really had Howie's often since there isn't one near me. But's pretty good.

Best pizza with so many different crusts! Love it! If you live near this place, GO THERE! Just first look up its locations! You will definitely be 100% satisfied. Yummy!

I get this every monday I love their flavored crust, yummy, it is so god it is one of the best pizza I ever had and luckies haha

Best pizza ever and there adding lots of new locations.

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10 Papa Murphy's

I think this is the best and I like that you bake it at home and HOW ARE dominos pizza and Pizza Hut on the top I think they both suck they are my 2 least favorites

This is my favorite pizza restaurant. every time I went to my best friend's house overnight, we would always have this. But make a note that you might want to ask for extra sauce. That makes the pizza taste much better. Sure Pizza Hut is fantastic like Papa Murphy's and Papa John's, but in my opinion, nothing can beat Papa Murphy's.

There pizza is so good

I love their crust - NicholasYellow

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11 Donatos Pizza

Donatos is only in one state but it still comes in tenth I eat it every week and if was every where like pizza hut it would be number 1

It only in Ohio but it's ammazziinnggg yum yum

Donatos is disgusting. And yet, living in Ohio, everyone loves it. - KalloFox34

12 Godfather's Pizza

Used to have one in My City.
However, a lot of These have been closed. Real shame as Their product is far superior to the other Pizza Chains.

They had one in my city. I liked their candy pizza or whatever, but I never liked going there because it was so dirty. The last time I ever went was for an old friend's birthday party, and it was probably at its worst by then!
It's been replaced by a Mexican restaurant now. I've never tried it, but the reviews are pretty good. I hope they at least clean the damn place!

The combo pizza and taco pizza are both my favorites. I love their crust and sauce.

13 Marco's Pizza

Amazing and very underrated pizza place. - KalloFox34

In Tennessee, by far my favorite, I live 5 minutes away, I call in an order for pickup, any configuration I ask for and in 5 minutes after I get off the phone I leave to pickup the order. It will be done and correct. Prices are attractive. They have lots of delivery drivers as well. I predict this will be is fastest growing pizza chain in North America.

Underrated pizza place, it’s like Pizza Hut BUT EXTRA CHESE

They are now in Florida, I'm a NJ pizza guy and have eaten top shelf pizza all my life, when I need a fix Marco's is by far the best franchise pie. Pizza Hut, Dominos and the rest
Just can't cut the mustard.

Ken... Jersey Boy

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14 Ledo Pizza
15 Plank's Cafe (Columbus, OH)
16 Debonairs Pizza
17 Peter Piper Pizza

Best pizza in El Paso; much better than Papa John’s or Domino’s!

The pizza is so delicious. It so crunchy, good flavor, and mmhmm I'm lovin' it

Best pizza in the world

What! peter piper pizza should be number one for the drinks pizza and games

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18 Pizza King
19 Avalanche Pizza
20 Round Table Pizza

Completely overrated.

I love round table, it needs to be number 1. They add tons of good stuff on their pizza and very tasty.

Wow most of the pizza places in the top 5 suck! (Pizza hut #1 really? ) Round table is a very good pizza place with big slices, absolutely recommend for crust lovers! - Phillip873

This needs to be #1. Its not because people on welfare get papa murphys and cheap people eat little Ceasers. The rest that don't have a round table eat pizza hut or papa johns. If you try this pizza and can afford $20 for a great quality pizza, this is the one to get.

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21 Whata Lotta Pizza
22 Noble Roman's Pizza
23 Marian's pizza
24 Mod Pizza

Great place. - Cyri

25 PizzaExpress

Italian pizza with nice toppings is so original better than Pizza Hut or any other plus really dobles do really nice tables

Two words: dough balls!

26 Fergie's Pizza

It has delicious pizza

27 Pizza Connection
28 Shakey's

I love the pizza and the fries.

Best fries ever!

You must try shakeys

29 Moschellos
30 Pizza Villa
31 California Pizza Kitchen

There I work there meanys

32 Costco


I used to eat pizza at Costco, it was very good. I switched to Domino's pizza later though - SlanderExalted

This place should be at first
The pizza is really big and good and all you pay is 10 dollars. That's a good deal

I love costco pizza. it tastes good. it has an vegetarian selection which is the best. it is also frieking cheap. $9.95 for 18 slices of pizza. that is a darn good deal.

33 San Remo's
34 Geno's Pizza
35 Spizzico
36 Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza's my favorite pizza place. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

37 The Pizza Company
38 Yellow Cab Pizza
39 Chuck e cheese

YES I grew up with CEC


40 Pizza My Heart

Was rated best by New York

41 Papa Gino's

Massachusetts citizens' first choice of pizza. Papa Gino's would be much higher on this list if it were nationwide, something I think Gino should plan on doing.

It's basically a boston area only pizza chain, but it's THE choice for pizza. The only real issue I have is that they have been making the large pizzas smaller.

Best pizza there is.

I love Papa Gino’s but I know a better Boston area brand Comellas anyone? - CGolfer12

42 Cottage Inn
43 Pizza Nova
44 Nano's Pizza

This is a lot of (insert name here)'s pizza places

Is it wrong to eat pizza while reading this?

45 Lupi's Pizza
46 Eatza Pizza
47 Little Joeys
48 Sam and Louie's

It's in the Omaha area only, so it mayn't get many votes, but it is great pizza.

49 Frank's Pizzeria
50 Lou Malnati's

Best Pizza in Chicago. Hands down.

BEST Chicago style pizza around

Lou malnatis should be #1 it's amazing

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