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41 Frank's Pizzeria
42 Shakey's V 3 Comments
43 Pizza Delight

If you're ever in Canada's Maritime provinces and you're a pizza lover, I strongly recommend this place :D

44 Lou Malnati's

BEST Chicago style pizza around

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45 Kotipizza

The only reason Kotipizza is ranked this low is because not enough people have tried it (or been to Finland...). Seriously, their pizzas are delicious! If you ever go to Finland, make sure to check this place out.

Kotipizza has amazing and tasty pizzas. Especially Americana and Opera Special, I really love this place.

Their pizza is delicious. Too bad it’s in Finland

This pizza in Finland is the best I have ever eaten, I would go to Finland just to eat some <3 it's so goood

46 Nino's
47 Nick and Joe's: East Coast Pizza

This place is one of the nicest pizza places that I have ever gone to in my life! The restaurant has a very pleasurable atmosphere that comes with great service and options as far as seating arrangements and the menus. The waiters are very prompt as well as knowing what they are doing. The pizza has high quality Organic ingredients that you can actually taste that are actually fresh and imported every day from Italy come together very nicely in their pies. Overall this is Number one out of all the pizza places I have visited over the years and I give it a perfect 10 out of 10 with Two BIG thumbs up

Best pizza ever! This is the only amazing pizza in the midwest, absolutely stunning.

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48 Ledo Pizza
49 Wedgewood
50 Mater's Pizza & Pasta Emporium

pieces are so big and thick with toppings you can only eat 1 piece

51 Lil' Cucci's
52 Avalanche Pizza
53 No Man's Land Pizza and Grill
54 Mellow Mushroom
55 Di Fara
56 Pizza Depot
57 Mazzio's

Why is this amazing place ranked so low?! I love this place!

Mazzio's has good pizza & a good salad bar. Lots of veggies to choose from.

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58 Twice the Deal Pizza
59 Rossopomodoro
60 Fox's Pizza Den

Rural Valley Pa. Great pizza and great wings! Nothing fried!

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