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61 JV's Pizza

It's good. Pits really isn't a pizza place but the pizza is good. It's not a chain either.

62 Rosati's

Worst pizza! It's like they throw topping and ingredients on it so fast that they don't know how much they're putting in!

Rosati's is the greatest thin crust you will ever have! It's amazing!

63 Pizzeria Regina

Pizzeria Regina is amazingly fresh and makes my taste buds happy! Best pizza in the boston area

64 East of Chicago Pizza
65 PizzaPapalis
66 Sarpino's pizza

It is one of the best pizzas in Singapore! You have to try it! - favouredlist314

67 New Jersey Pizza Co
68 Blaze Pizza

My driving instructor told me about how good this place is. He said that Blaze Pizza allows you to put about 6 toppings on your pizza and that you can even see your pizza cooking in the oven when they make it. I should check out my nearest Blaze Pizza sometime if I can. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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69 Pietro's Pizza
70 Vern's Pizza
71 Pagliacci Pizza
72 Sally's Apizza
73 Pizza Pino Restaurant
74 Vince's Pizzeria
75 John's Pizza Place
76 Telepizza

If you don't know, it's a Pizza Restaurant from Spain - aerosonik121

77 Theo's Pizza & Catering
78 Ingleside Village Pizza
79 Papa Romano's
80 Rey's Pizza (Miami)
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