Pizza Hut


Pizza from Pizza Hut is my favourite food. It's also the cheapest Pizza in the world. But it's certainly the nicest Pizza in the world. I love Pizza Hut.

I love this place the people there always make the pizza cheese less for me and give me free toppings because of the no cheese and they're so nice to me. Their crust is really good too and I just had it today and it was so good

I love this pizza place my family and I sometimes go there to eat pizza and those wings. This place will always be my favorite pizza place. My 2nd favorite pizza place is Papa john's pizza.

Pizza Hut is nasty! Whenever I went there and ate something, I ALWAYS threw up afterward because of the amount of grease! This pizza place is overrated, also. - Cartoonfan202

It is the greatest pizza place to ever exist. Of I could I would eat it for dinner every day and I would live in it ( the pizza hut ). - brantinball69

Pizza Hut, costco's, and domino's pizza are the best. But I like domino's the most because of the seasonings on the crust, smart to make the crust not taste boring but amazing.

Yummy cheese pizza here! I ALWAYS LOVE the cheese pan pizza there, it's so (5 hours later) so good! I love it! It make my mouth water with delight. - TopTenJackson

Ive qone to pizza hut after eatinq smth(yeah a mistake)with some friends. And I ate two pizzas LoL... - rebeLLious

The best pizza place you can think of, Pizza Heaven. The best part is the cheese. My mouth is watering

This is the only pizza place I can go to because they're so DAMN good!

Pure trash. The pizza is always greasy, too much cheese. The service is awful, I wait 45 minutes for one pizza!

Pizza Hut smashes every other place I've been to. Never received bad service, and always delicious! - benhos

I don't know why some people say pizza hut's pizza is nasty, because it is absolutely DELICIOUS - Celestius

They should call this place Pizza Heaven.

Not even close... Pizza Hut is superior to all other pizza places.

Papa john's and dominoes pizza suck. They are bland compared to pizza hut pizza. Yum

It is so good it's unreal I want to work to know the recipe and bam god gifted pizza!

Yeah! I Knew This Was Going To Be Number One On This List! It Is Really That Good.

Love the stuffed crust. But they only sell it in large and its expensive.

They are the kings of pizza. They should change the name to pizza kings

Yum yum in my little baked potato tum tum

This pizza place is so good it still tastes good when it is cold

Best pizza place! The only problem is the chocolate chip pizza. - Bramblestar

Well Baked... Well Served... Well Cleaned Restaurants...

They r disgusting but compared to the others they r the best