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1 Down by the Water

I don't like Pj Harvey or her voice and songs.

2 A Perfect Day Elise

PJ Harvey is an amazing artist. If you haven't heard much of her, take the time to listen. You'll fall head over heels..

3 50ft Queenie
4 Sheela-Na-Gig
5 This is Love
6 Good Fortune
7 To Bring You My Love
8 The Letter
9 This Mess We're In
10 C'mon Billy

The Contenders

11 Man-Size

This song is...I don't have words to describe the epicness of this.
Well think of nirvana walking into a bar late night and meeting Alice in Chains...a drunk Alice in chains with the Melvins recording the full event and invites tool. - Toucan

12 A Place Called Home
13 When Under Ether
14 Rid of Me

Adopts the Pixies quiet to loud dynamics, and creates the best love revenge song of all time.

Tie yourself to me, no one else knows your not rid of me. No your not rid of me.

15 The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore
16 The Words that Maketh Murder
17 Rub'till It Bleeds

This song is so raw...PJ Harvey is amazing. If you're into clean unadulterated acoustic sounds, then she is an absolute must. She is one of my all time favourite artists.

The greatest femenist song I have ever heard, with some of the best guitar

18 Dress

I thought this would be higher up, rhythm is so hypnotic and all in all it's a very solid alt. rock tune

19 No Girl So Sweet
20 On Battleship Hill
21 The Dancer
22 Black Hearted Love
23 Angelene
24 Send His Love to Me
25 Henry Lee
26 We Float
27 The Wheel
28 The River
29 Long Snake Moan
30 Memphis
31 Big Exit

...this song has to get more votes - is it seriously this low down on the list?

32 Teclo
33 White Chalk
34 England
35 Silence
36 The Devil
37 The Glorious Land
38 Yuri-G
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1. Down by the Water
2. C'mon Billy
3. 50ft Queenie
1. This Mess We're In
2. A Place Called Home
3. To Bring You My Love
1. Down by the Water
2. A Perfect Day Elise
3. 50ft Queenie


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