Best Places to Go on a First Date

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1 A Fancy Resturant

A fancy restaurant is very ideal for the first date.

2 A Drive Through Movie

Maybe not a drive through movie, but definitely a movie. A fancy dinner might be misleading, a too fast start. A movie gives you something else to think about when on the date instead of staring at each other. A movie is by far the best first date.

It is ideal, but the movie theater is the classic one.

3 A Beach

The beach can be a good place to go when dating the first time.

4 A Party

It is an ideal choice, when you and your partner are both party people.

this could be a right choice

5 A Bowling Alley

Bowling place is a good one to go, have some fun.

6 A Carnival
7 A Sporting Event
8 A Casual Restaurant
9 A Zoo

Ideal place for those who are animal-lovers

10 A Club
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11 An Aquarium

For those who have a passion for fish and marine life.

12 A Bar
13 A Theme Park

For more fun places, the theme park is a great example and can be an ideal place.

14 A Campground

The best choice if both partner and you appreciate nature in general.

15 A Planetarium

The best choice if both partner and you appreciate the beautiful wonders of astronomy in general.

16 A Museum

The best choice for those who have a passion to arts, culture and history

17 A Park

The popular choice to go for a date, providing serene environments, natural scenery, range of activities and beaches occasionally, which are all suitable for a first date.

18 A Mall

Can be a good place to go for a first date. Shop around a nearby mall for some nice products for you and your partner.

19 A Lake

Good looking lakes surrounded by vegetation with good condition provides a quiet environment, views, tranquility, also fishing activities if possible, which are the right settings for a first date.

20 A Water Park

Providing fun, a water park could be a thrilling experience for both you and your partner

21 An Ice Rink

Ice skating on a rink could be a good choice for some first dates.

22 An Arcade

Going to an arcade place could be a suitable choice if both passionate to arcade/video games.

23 A Library

For those who have bookish personalities.

24 A Festival

Festivals are a good choice to go set in a lively environment for party lovers and lively people.

25 A Garden

For those who are fond of flowers and nature.

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