Top 10 Places to Go In Kenya

Make the most of your vacation in Plan your Kenya holiday in advance and have a great time by visiting some (or all) of the top 10 destinations that are high up on most tourist's lists.
The Top Ten
1 Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail

Peaceful and features a butterfly farm, great for the kids to visit.

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It was amazzing this was done by no it all Masimo the absolute Btard

. . From quarry to paradise. . . a secure area where one can enjoy nature & walk in the shade of a casuarina forest!

2 Ol Pejeta Conservancy

This is the place to experience the traditions of Kenya's farm house hospitality.
Very good atmosphere against the spectacular backdrop of Kirinyaga, a popular destination to spot some of my favourite birds and many other interesting activities like Trout fishing or Horse riding further afield. Sundowners, night game drives and bush meals... Honeymooners, come on this is a perfect hide out, you have choice of accommodation available for you in a perfect setting. For more information contact Pollman's Tours & Safaris.

Ol Pejeta is one of the best places to visit in Kenya. It is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, it's easy to see the Big Five and it is one of the only places in Kenya that has chimpanzees!

First of all it's a beautiful place and of course the conservation work is excellent and it's vital that it will continue. It's a lovely place for walking safaris.

The largest rhino conservancy in East Africa in a vast tract of wilderness within the Laikipia area, overlooking snow-capped Mount Kenya. Elephant, rhino, lion and leopard all present.

3 Masai Mara National Park

This sounds great I think that I will have to take me and all my family there and maybe even live there because it sounds so good I just can wait maybe next month because everyone is already nagging me to go.

Famous for the spectacular wildebeest migration between the end of June and early October every year and excellent for lion and cheetah.

4 Lake Nakuru

Spectacular scenery, excellent for rhino and leopard, huge concentration of flamingo

5 Mombasa

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world found here!

Go shopping and soak up the atmosphere.

Best place ever

I like Mombasa.
i have been there before.

6 Amboseli National Reserve

The best place in Kenya to see elephants at close range and wonderful views of Kilimanjaro.

7 Mount Kenya

Climb this extinct volcano which is 4,986m or 16,358 feet high and is actually the second highest mountain in the whole of Africa.

The experience of the climb is awesome, but the thrill is in conquering all the peaks. You will love it

8 Selenkay Conservancy

Walk with Maasai warriors, night game drive, exclusive wilderness area with no other tourist vehicles

9 Mamba Crocodile Village

See the snappy critters here.

10 Ol Kinyei Conservancy

one of the most scenic parts of the Mara eco-system with resident big cats

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