Best Places to Have Sex

What do you prefer? Ordinary or Extraordinary? Nice or Wild?

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1 Bed

It's the most comfortable place ever!

Oh yes, because this isn't obvious at all. - RockFashionista

Where I really HOPE people are doing it... Seriously, some of these items are insane. The beach?! IN A POOL?! We are such a weird generation - Absolite

This isn't obvious at all. Not at all

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2 Shower

What the HECK is this list? - RockFashionista

My fiancé (as of July 14th) is absolutely crazy! He is a bit more sexual than I was used to, but he helped me channel my inner crazy side. One time he convinced me to do this even though I didn't want to. Now we do it at least once a week. Love ya, Reilly! - Survivor101

Peeing in the shower, but with this

My favourite - EvilAngel

3 Car

You have music, heating, comfy seats, view if around you, guaranteed safety and also a roof that can come down (if your in a convertible). Why not?

Yep. This is officially the WEIRDEST list on this entire website. Also, sexual intercourse in a car does not sound comfortable at all. "Clausrophobic" would be a better way to put it. - RockFashionista

I'm clausrophobic to its bad

I would love that place LOL

4 Beach

But it's a public place with kids

If I were a woman, I wouldn't want to get sand in my vagina, so this is a bad idea. - yaygiants16

For many reasons, I would rather just make-out. - Survivor101

No one should ever have sex in a beach, there's kids and families everywhere - PeeledBanana

Okay if you got sand all in your privates then it would be like sandpaper sticking it in - Mcgillacuddy

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5 On the floor

Feels so dirty and spontaneous

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6 In a pool

But you can drown

Sounds like it can hurt...

Clorox blowjob

7 Couch
8 Bounce house

AFTER the kids have left the birthday party, of course!

It would be awesome if no one was around

Why is a bounce house on the list makes as much sence as space

9 Outside in a rainstorm
10 In bathroom

Certainly makes for easy clean-up. Its even nicer if you turn off the lights.

Wrong so wrong

Clean up what... Ew

The Newcomers

? In math class
? In North Sentinel Island

The Contenders

11 Elevator

Nothing beats the danger of being caught

Oh no, you forgot the Chinese man was there!

Did that. In the white house on a tour. Said I had to pee... - slytherinforever

Also did it while parachuting. REALLY FUN - slytherinforever

12 Balcony
13 In a laundry pile V 1 Comment
14 On a office desk

That's just a bit too dirty - 12cc

It's great with a buxom blonde when she wraps her legs around your neck and you eat at the Y

Pretty hot

I already d a girl once anpermed

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15 Change room
16 Behind the Hollywood Sign

I'd totally do that. - BeatlesFan1964

Lol - Disturbedpotato



17 In a bed
18 Forest

But then you have to worry about killers and chainsaws

If she agrees to it, it's the hottest thing ever

I done this before

Caroline & Klaus. Vampire Diaries Season 5. Hottest thing ever. I've wanted to do it in the forest ever since.

19 Kitchen
20 Ball pit

Make sure that there are no kids hiding at the bottom

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1. Bed
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