Best Places to Have Sex

What do you prefer? Ordinary or Extraordinary? Nice or Wild?

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1 Bed

More room and to be covered up.

Perfect for being naked

Obvious, but it's so soft and comfortable. - Ptaah

I wanted to point out I am not a criminal or something, or anyone to think I'm disturbing for voting on this list, but I just voted because I needed to comment on something. - MaxAurelius

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2 Shower

Wet and naked

Haha. - Userguy44

What the HECK is this list? - RockFashionista

My fiancé (as of July 14th) is absolutely crazy! He is a bit more sexual than I was used to, but he helped me channel my inner crazy side. One time he convinced me to do this even though I didn't want to. Now we do it at least once a week. Love ya, Reilly! - Survivor101

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3 Beach

love it

But it's a public place with kids

If I were a woman, I wouldn't want to get sand in my vagina, so this is a bad idea. - yaygiants16

For many reasons, I would rather just make-out. - Survivor101

No one should ever have sex in a beach, there's kids and families everywhere - PeeledBanana

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4 Car

Who would be driving the car while you are humping?

The only problem is windows, but yeah sounds nice - Swiftdawn

Yep. This is officially the WEIRDEST list on this entire website. Also, sexual intercourse in a car does not sound comfortable at all. "Clausrophobic" would be a better way to put it. - RockFashionista

You have music, heating, comfy seats, view if around you, guaranteed safety and also a roof that can come down (if your in a convertible). Why not?

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5 On the floor

It is nice - Swiftdawn

Feels so dirty and spontaneous

I once did this one on the hall floor. Ahhh... - Survivor101

Um, please tell me you two were alone and no one was around to see that. - RockFashionista

6 In a pool

The pressure under the water would probably hurt. - HexBolt0505

No because of the chlorine - Hummingbirdf

Wouldn't your penis hurt after ejaculating though?

But you can drown

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7 Bounce house

Best place EVER

AFTER the kids have left the birthday party, of course!

It would be awesome if no one was around

Why is a bounce house on the list makes as much sence as space

8 Couch
9 Outside in a rainstorm
10 In bathroom

Certainly makes for easy clean-up. Its even nicer if you turn off the lights.

Wrong so wrong

Clean up what... Ew

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11 Balcony

Can't people see you doing it?

12 In a laundry pile

Duh you csn takethe panties

You won’t fit unless you’re 5’3 like me - AlphaQ

13 Elevator

Nothing beats the danger of being caught

Oh no, you forgot the Chinese man was there!

Did that. In the white house on a tour. Said I had to pee... - slytherinforever

Also did it while parachuting. REALLY FUN - slytherinforever

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14 Behind the Hollywood Sign

I'm booking my flight to LA lol - Swiftdawn

I'd totally do that. - BeatlesFan1964

I’d sorta do that. - AlphaQ

Lol - Disturbedpotato

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15 On a office desk


This is like “The Office”

That's just a bit too dirty - 12cc

It's great with a buxom blonde when she wraps her legs around your neck and you eat at the Y

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16 In a bed
17 Change room

Complete privacy, just say you want his opinion - Swiftdawn

18 Ball pit

*has sex in McDonald's ball pit*
Kid: what are you doing in the ball pit and what's this...this...white stuff?
Me: oh that's really bad milk and we're er wrestling

Haha I laughed so hard. But what if there are BLUE BALLS LOL - InsertCleverName

Make sure that there are no kids hiding at the bottom

It already is a ball pit

19 Kitchen
20 In a club
21 Forest

What if bugs and such crawl up your holes? - Criz

But then you have to worry about killers and chainsaws

If she agrees to it, it's the hottest thing ever

I done this before

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22 In a movie theater
23 Bathtub
24 In your parent's bed

Laugh out loud, the danger of being caught gets me on, that what my grlfriend says anyway laugh out loud but rember, always use a comdom

Lol - RoseCandyMusic

25 In Donald Trump's hair

Did it just last week. Very enjoyable experience.

Stupid, you're gay

Obvious choice

This list is a joke - RoseCandyMusic

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26 School

It would make for drama! - JazzPunk

Recently two kids in my school had sex in the bathroom

I did that to so of the hottest in the grade I JR. High before classes

Just no that would be too awkward if it were me I would wait until I got home.

27 In a sauna

Yeah, I went to one romance one where you're naked anyway and so just shove that dick up me and kiss and I'm all set. - Swiftdawn

Well that was... graphic

Your girlfriend sits on your lap as you shove your dick up her. Plus, you get a wet feeling

I did NOT need that image in my head! I could live a very happy life without knowing this, so yeah, thanks for the next six months of nightmares. You're awesome. (By the way, that last sentence was sarcasm, in case you did not know. ) - RockFashionista

That sounds strangely appealing.. - mpgami

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28 Underwater

Dumbest idea ever, how in the world do you expect to breath.

Scuba gear, just means that you shouldn't keep your hopes up for a blowjob. Then again all the movement will cause you to use up your air quickly - Criz

29 A very old cottage and lots of fog
30 In a barn

Ye Haw, a Redneck singles club, head out to the barn and you're sure to find a date.

Um... With a human, right?


The clear result of - Survivor101

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31 Yacht

oh yes

32 On a boat

Definitely better than the beach. All the positives such being in a bathing suit and having the sun shining on your bodies without the negatives such as the sand or the possibility a little kid taking a long walk on the beach with his mom roaming toward you.

Rock the boat if ya know what I mean

33 Department store

The deli or bakery would be nice. If I get hungry, I could grab a ham sandwich or something!

When you think about it, it sounds romantic and nice.

34 Under the bed

How the hell do you...nevermind.

35 While skydiving

Hold on, don't pull the cord. I'm almost finished. Almost.., almost... al...SPLAT!

Ahah scream getting orgasm spraying semen all over. ahh this is life. wait aren't we falling SPLAT

36 Haunted house

Three some with Michael Myers? Awesome.

37 At a sex party

That's why it's a SEX party - JazzPunk

It's a sex party!


Um... Why not? Everyone is already having sex - Swiftdawn

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38 At The Krusty Krab

Gross! - TopTenHaters

39 On the sun

That sounds sooo hot - Criz

40 Basement
41 In a room full of blind people

But what if the blind people touch you

Then how about a room full of blind, deaf, and permanantly numb people?

They can still hear... - Dragonlindy

Lol - RoseCandyMusic

42 On SpongeBob's Pineapple

lol - PatrickStar3

LOL! Whoever added this you're cool bro!

43 In a coffin
44 On a plank on a pirate ship
45 Store room

Big trouble

46 On the roof
47 On the highway

What if someone runs you over DOUBLE KILL

Why not its best place I tell you why fresh air open road open environment you can move any where up ways side ways in ways out ways plus the publicity you get you can become a famous porn star or Hollywood star

48 In the park

Just the thought of doing it in public while havong srx just gives you such pride, gives me more momentom with every thrust knowing there could be jealous people watching.

49 A wigwam
50 In poison ivy

Wow, that would leave unthinkable rashes - Absolite

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