Best Places to Have Sex

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21 In a club
22 In your parent's bed

Laugh out loud, the danger of being caught gets me on, that what my grlfriend says anyway laugh out loud but rember, always use a comdom

Lol - RoseCandyMusic

23 In a movie theater
24 Bathtub
25 School

I did that to so of the hottest in the grade I JR. High before classes

Just no that would be too awkward if it were me I would wait until I got home.

26 In a sauna

Well that was... graphic

Your girlfriend sits on your lap as you shove your dick up her. Plus, you get a wet feeling

I did NOT need that image in my head! I could live a very happy life without knowing this, so yeah, thanks for the next six months of nightmares. You're awesome. (By the way, that last sentence was sarcasm, in case you did not know. ) - RockFashionista

That sounds strangely appealing.. - mpgami

Ask Britney Spears. - Survivor101

27 Underwater

Dumbest idea ever, how in the world do you expect to breath.

28 In Donald Trump's hair

Did it just last week. Very enjoyable experience.

This list is a joke - RoseCandyMusic

Stupid, you're gay

Obvious choice

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29 In a barn

Ye Haw, a Redneck singles club, head out to the barn and you're sure to find a date.

Um... With a human, right?


Clear result of - Survivor101

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30 A very old cottage and lots of fog
31 On a boat

Definitely better than the beach. All the positives such being in a bathing suit and having the sun shining on your bodies without the negatives such as the sand or the possibility a little kid taking a long walk on the beach with his mom roaming toward you.

Rock the boat if ya know what I mean

32 Yacht
33 Department store

The deli or bakery would be nice. If I get hungry, I could grab a ham sandwich or something!

When you think about it, it sounds romantic and nice.

34 While skydiving

Hold on, don't pull the cord. I'm almost finished. Almost.., almost... al...SPLAT!

Ahah scream getting orgasm spraying semen all over. ahh this is life. wait aren't we falling SPLAT

35 Store room
36 On the sun

If you want to be burnt to death and cooked like spagetti... - Lucretia

37 Basement
38 Haunted house

Three some with Michael Myers? Awesome.

39 On SpongeBob's Pineapple

LOL! Whoever added this you're cool bro!

40 In a coffin
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