Best Places to Have Sex

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41 On the roof
42 Under the bed

How the hell do you...nevermind.

43 In a room full of blind people

But what if the blind people touch you

Then how about a room full of blind, deaf, and permanantly numb people?

They can still hear... - Dragonlindy

Lol - RoseCandyMusic

44 A wigwam
45 At The Krusty Krab

Gross! - TopTenHaters

46 In poison ivy

Wow, that would leave unthinkable rashes - Absolite

47 On a plank on a pirate ship
48 In the park

Just the thought of doing it in public while havong srx just gives you such pride, gives me more momentom with every thrust knowing there could be jealous people watching.

49 In a stranger's bed

What if he kills you

Bruh who would do it in a strangers bed

50 In school

Always wanted to do it on the sofa in the staff room or in the changing rooms. The thought of getting caught excites me even more. - IronSabbathPriest

A little early for sex, don't you think? - mpgami

Way to early for sex

51 Fast food restaurant

Subway deserved it

Weird... and that's the reason why this is #46... - mpgami

52 At a sex party

Everybody is having sex so why not? Lol - RoseCandyMusic

This should be 1 beacause it's a SEX party

Sounds Dirty

no duh...

53 On the moon


54 On a motorbike
55 In a wardrobe V 1 Comment
56 In a Hot Air Balloon V 1 Comment
57 At The White House

Yup, who doesn't want to pork in the oval office?

Bill might be there

58 In a fire ant nest

so hot

59 On the highway

Why not its best place I tell you why fresh air open road open environment you can move any where up ways side ways in ways out ways plus the publicity you get you can become a famous porn star or Hollywood star

60 On a plane
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