Best Places to Visit In the Philippines

The Top Ten Best Places to Visit In the Philippines

1 Boracay Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 kilometres south of Manila and 2 kilometres off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines.
2 Tubbataha Reefs
3 Puerto Princesa Underground River
4 El Nido
5 Triboa Bay Mangrove Park
6 Baguio
7 Chocolate Hills
8 Banaue Rice Terraces

Showing the hard work of the filipino people, the rice terrace is known to be built hand-made and used to plant mainly rice and other crops still as of currently. The place is also known for its stunning views, and great spots for picture taking. - lapra

9 Malate District, Manila
10 Hidden Valley

The Contenders

11 Hundred Islands
12 Palawan, Puerto Princesa City
13 Batanes
14 The Island of Bohol
15 Manila Palace
16 Davao
17 Cebu City
18 Rizal Park/Luneta Park
19 Maria Cristina Falls
20 Palawan
21 Siargao

For island visitors, this is a good tear drop shaped island to seek peace while surrounded with clear waters, a greenery environment and a sandy beach along with enjoying activities. - lapra

22 Hinagdanan Cave

While being known for its stunning rock formations, it is also known for containing a water pool inside available for limited swimming. Beware that the pool water is cold. - lapra

23 Fort Santiago

The place is known for its informative history and architecture, a must go for history lovers. It contains a museum inside the place that contains more historical information dedicated to a well known person's life. - lapra

24 Kawasan Falls

Greatly known for containing a clean water pool, stunning views, and overall natural features. Beware that the water is cold, otherwise can be refreshing. For the courageous, there are extreme activities to do worth the experience. - lapra

25 Taal Volcano

It is an active volcano known for its history and scenery. The place is also known for containing a lake in the volcano, while the volcano in a larger lake. - lapra

26 Mayon Volcano

It is an active volcano, the most active on the country. It is mainly known for its perfect shape of a cone, and its historical eruptions over the centuries. You might see the volcano erupting in sight if lucky enough. It is best to keep a distance from the volcano due to its activity. - lapra

27 Tinago Falls

Fairly popular attraction surrounded by lush tropical greenery and is known for its views, wide waterfalls. Somewhat crowded at times. The falls is a hidden place by the forest. - lapra

28 Mount Pulag

Standing at 9,600 ft maximum elevation above sea level, the mountain is ranked at number 3 highest mountain at the Philippines. Fairly known for its views seeing the clouds above on sight, beware as reaching near the peak, cold temperature is expected. - lapra

29 Mount Pinatubo

Volcano place erupted back in 1991 most recently, it was a powerful eruption. Otherwise known spot for hiking activities, views and landscape. - lapra

30 White Beach

One of the most popular beach in the Philippines known for its very white sands, crystal clear water. The place is considered good spot for various activities for all family, as well watching sunsets. - lapra

31 National Museum of the Philippines

Located in the capital city of the Philippines, its national museum guides you through the history and great works of the Philippines. The place is free to enter. The national museum of the Philippines is a not miss place for those who are willing to learn the culture and history of the country. - lapra

32 Ugong Rock

The place is popular for hiking & climbing, as well spelunking giving the place thrilling experiences. As you go through caves, there are ziplines leading back down for the mentally prepared. - lapra

33 Sabang Mangrove Forest

The place is a natural paradise decent for all nature lovers. - lapra

34 Tumalog Falls

One of the well known waterfalls at the Philippines. It is known for its tall waterfall height, peaceful environment, and the surrounding natural beauty. Beware that walking in the water at the place is cold. - lapra

35 Mines View Park

Well known place best for its views in the location of Baguio. It provides a quiet environment visited early morning. Beware the place is crowded at later times, otherwise suitable spot for picture taking. - lapra

36 Malapascua

Island in the Philippines widely known for being populated with sharks. Popular place for diving, shark and coral seeing. The place is comprised with beautiful white beaches paired with the usual clear waters. - lapra

37 Coron Island

Noted for its beautiful rock formations, overall landscape and for recreational activities, but mostly for its historical shipwrecks during the World War II. - lapra

38 Nacpan Beach

A long beach well known for its landscape and comprised with white sand paired along with clear water. Beautiful place to visit but not much expected. - lapra

39 Tinuy-an Falls

Visited by many to appreciate its natural beauty and peaceful environment. Provided with recreational activities, such as hiking and swimming, the place can be a pleasant relief to visit to escape the struggles of urban civilization.. - lapra

40 Shimizu Island

An island comprised of white sand and clear waters. Visitors often come here for enhancing snorkeling experiences along with other recreational activities. Known for being populated with diverse sea life. - lapra

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