Best Planes In Pocket Planes

Here is a list of the top ten planes in Pocket Planes.

The Top Ten


Great overall. With a few upgrades on range, it can go all over the world

Fast, efficient, and inexpensive to fly. Also cheap to upgrade. It can make a transatlantic flight upgraded once or twice. Great plane!

Simply the best plane. It is fast, it has good range and capacity, low costs for operation and upgrade, my airline has been really succesful since I got them... I got 9 and of course I'm going to get more. My profits and my experience have grown with them.

Totally the best. Cheap to buy and operate and can fly to any class 2 or 3 airport in the game. You get them early on they can go across the Atlantic!


Great for anyone with several class 3 airports. Operating costs are low, and it has a very nice range

I like it because it can go across the pond

Four words:Gives lots of money!

Very cheap to buy and run, it has a great range too


With some upgrades on weight it can be a real good money maker

It may not carry as much as the cloud liners or as efficient as the sequoia but it is the best overall plane. It can fly across the whole world in straight lines after upgrading max range. I'm level 31 and I have 8 of these!

Good capacity and doesn’t take forever to load like the cloudliner

It is a good look and it has a good amount of passengers, not to much, not to less.


Easy to earn because all concord events occur at Paris and London so if you start in Europe you are almost 100% certain to get it.

The concorde is fast, good range, and enough seating

Very fast and has decent capacity

Dosn't cost a lot to run... But first you need to get it


Great plane. Loads of space if you have the patience to fill it up. I randomly started with one so I'm level 13 and have a cloud liner circuit! Really changed my money income

Good for transporting lots of things around at once

Best or close to best in ever category

Takes time to fill, but makes so much coins and bux! This will be your Most Valuable Plane!

X10 Mapple Pro

Good money maker, checks all the boxes for a class one plane. Great value

Very fast with decent range. It can go from Winnipeg to Goose Bay in 25 minutes.

Easy to get right before you explode with money (you all know that point) and still good for events

Perfect for event-flights, lands anywhere and has a big range.


I love them because they are level one therefore you can land them at any airport and are light and fast with good range

Has that good range for the person under level 10

I have 3 and they are all good money makers

Sleek sexy son of a gun.


Great Range for level 15 and under. Will not cross the Atlantic though once you start progressing. Mine make good money still though at level 17 but I'll be ditching the last one soon. I have Kangaroo-P also and it does fine.

I call my fleet of four of these "Old Reliable" for a reason. With enough upgrades and rest stops, these can easily go Transatlantic.
Very very useful for event delivery.

They also serve to shuttle cargo and people on layover trips after they are landed en masse on a Aeroeagle. Very good plane, super cheap, speed is pretty good, very very reliable.

Has great capacity and range for the person under level 8

Large range good for long flights


Great plane, with 3 upgrades I can fly all over the world, best plane I have 11 of them with a profit of circa 900

Good for when you have a few class 2 airports and maybe some class 3 airports. Great operating costs and range.

I personally don't believe this should be ranked so high because of the weak profits I always got from mine.

This is a must have with all upgrades can do U.S. Coast to Coast and Los Angeles-Honolulu


Easy to make a load, cleans out layovers and delivers FAST. Great range, light (economical) and perfect to compliment larger planes to full in the gap. I have 5 in my 13 plane fleet.

Upgrade it all the way. Highly recommend. It can land anywhere globally except class one airports. And really who needs those!

Nice, fast, economic with great range. And 3 places easy to fill. I recommend buying a fleet of these little money-makers

Good range, operating cost and speed. Good workhorse.

The Contenders

Fogbuster M

A good plane if you can wait to get everyone going to the same place.

4 people and cargo, very fast and far range

Wallaby P/C

Nice plane. Used to be my top earner.

Useful for just getting jobs with bux. Doesn't cost a lot to run


Good for doing events as it is fast and has a good capacity for a class 2 plane

After 3 upgrades can fly from London to New York

With all upgrades this plane can be used for New York-Tokyo

With a few range upgrades is great


Very good can cross atlantic if you go through all of Asia, Africa and South America it takes 1-3 hours

Great plane in my level one airline, basicly zooms everything everywhere


Flies fast and far best plane ever😂

JK! It really SUCKS


Great for start up. Good money earner

Very good for starting with

Great plane. Early on, starting again- I'm level 6- I have six C's, 3 P's and 2 M's. Each average at about 2,000 coins per hour.

Even worse on range than the Anan, cannot go trans-Tasman, but as my airline is a small one I still put mine to good use


The first plane that you get that can carry 3 passengers, and very economical to run, even without upgrades. I'm level 16 and still use two of these for my regular service.

Makes LOTS of $ for newcomers. Also has good range.

Nice plane for all newcomers, very good range

VERY GOOD MONEY MAKER for all under level 10


It is very profitable and good for small airlines. It has a better range than most planes its size and it is good to carry layovers.

Great for low levels big range


Tetra M

It's a plane

It's a. Plane


My airvan-c is still my top earner when I'm al level 15!


Awesome for new-players
Top earner

Not the best on range, but it can go trans-Tasman I use mine for Sydney-Auckland


Terrible plane!It constantly loses money, there is no reason for it other than speed and range. Maybe useful for events, but only at major losses. Basically this plane blows.

The starship has the best range in the game

Extremely fast and has lots of capacity

The Starship is actually great in the job of a bux sitter- sitting at airports for bux and then flying them to their destinations. At Level 35 and trying to get thousands of bux to blow on big planes, bux is way more important than the 10-15 thousand coin loss from operating Starship.

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