Best Planets of the Universe

The best planets, not only in our little solar system

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21 Kepler-438b

Kepler-438b is the most earthlike planet around another star we have ever found so far. - nelsonerico6

This planet is in glody locks zone it's 2 times bigger than earth and its star is bigger than our sun

I was thinking aliens isn't real... Before I'm noiced this awesome planet!
Looking like Earth! Had water on it! This planet has big chanice to have aliens on it!

22 Corot Exo 3b

The densest and most massive exoplanet to date is a exoplanet is called Corot exo 3b.its about the size of jupiter.but 20 times that planets mass this makes corot exo 3b about 2 times as dense as lead.the degree of pressure put upon a human walking the surface of such a planet would be insurmountable.with a mass 20 times that of jupiter,a human would weigh almost 50 times what they weigh on earth.that means a 180 pound man on earth would weigh 9000 pounds! that amount of stress would crush a human beings skeletal system almost would be the equielavent of a elephant sitting on your chest.

23 Makemake

You are a dwarf planet

I am cold so freeze

I am the 2nd brightest kuiper belt


24 Gliese 504b

It's completely pink and it looks super cool!

25 HD 189733b

This poor, tortured planet. It is so close to its star, and so hot, that it is literally evaporating away.

26 TReS-4

You're wrong this planet is considered a dwarf star ok so how is this planet first?

TReS-4 is the largest planet in the universe!
That's gotta be number 1

27 HD 106906 b
28 Wasp-12b

The hottest planet ever

Best planet ever

29 Proxima B

It is known as the most earth-like planet and was founded on a day on August 2016, people say that you can live on it and alien life is on the planet

30 90377 Sedna

Very far orbit like 2 Light years

Sedna is so lonely! It is known for it’s very elliptical orbit and to be one of the coldest objects in our solar system.

31 55 Cancri-E

This planet is full of diamonds but if you get all those diamonds on earth the diamond market will crash and make all of your diamonds completely WORTHLESS

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32 Wasp

This thing orbits the sun that the planet is
Turning egg shaped its also growing because it's atmosphere is puffing up from the heat

33 Kepler 452b


Who can not like an amazing exoplanet like this! also has a star 10 percent bigger than ours
and orbits at 384 days!

34 Nessus

Very interesting orbit in our solar system, appears whenever it desires

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