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1 Cattail

Pops balloons, shoots anywhere, two at a time, cheap (250 sun) and is just the best. - Thepenguinking2

This is one of my favorites the cattails are very good unfortunately they can only be planted in fog or pool and can only plants so many of them

One cattail can take out an entire buckethead, and I can't even tell you what you're capable of if use 8


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2 Sunflower

This plant is VERY important. if you no plant this, then where the sun points coming from?

I think this should share a spot with Sun-shroom. They seem the same, and the Sun-shroom is better if you wait a minute or two. Sun-shroom price: 25 sunflower price: 50 and eventually the sun-shroom goes to 25 suns

This is what you need to plant any plants! (But sadly, sun buff (25 to 50) per sun is bad. The purpose is ruined, though you're never getting ever even a repeater with sun falling! )

Sunflower is essential, but I think it would be best if it were at #3 on this list.

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3 Peashooter

Peashooter is the best plant for the first wave, it's cheap and useful.

Main plant in the game good cool looking and overall the main line of defense

Peashooter is kind of okay but, not really.

It's a poop in pvz2

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4 Snow Pea

Okay when you on have the peashooter. Becomes almost overshadowed when you get the Repeater.

How is the peashooter above Snowpea? The snow pea is way better. It can freeze zombies it looks cool. - nintendofan126

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5 Doom Shroom

The most powerful plant in the game. Leaves a crater and has long range unlike other explosive plants. The best of all!

The best once killed a hole huge wave of zombies

It's better than sunflower peashooter and cattail how is it in 4

You can destroy an entire screen of zombies with this

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6 Repeater

With repeaters, you don't need any peashooters. Really good

Very useful against zombies in earlier stages. But it cost 200 sun.

Because the peashooter is cheaper.

I like this, but it's a bit pricey.

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7 Wall-nut

How just how does this top tall-nut

The tall nut and primal walnut are way better

Who ever made this list must crazier then crazy dave

Tall-nut is better.

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8 Winter Melon

Meet Winter Melon. He can kill normal zombies in 2 shots (with splash damage), so around 3 shots alone. He also slows zombies which is always great. The only zombies I think it is bad at is the Gargantuar and the Gigas, but the Gigas are pretty much a given. Again, I just noticed, why are the characters I like the most (ala Winter Melon) the underrated ones? At least beat Winter Melon!

This plant is the best by far. In all top ten Plants vs Zombies plants I've seen, It's always the highest plant in the list, and for a good reason. It slows zombies, deals damage to them and does splash damage/freeze.

I really like winter melon because he does so much damage to a group of zombies. Plus it slows them down to. It is my personal favorite plant in the entire game. Also I love watermelon in real life so it is awesome in both ways. Some people say it is to expensive but I dissagree. As long as you plant 2 rows of sunflowers, you will find this plant fairly easy to purchase with sun. Anyway, winter melon is definitely my favorite plant in all of plants v.s. zombies.

I think this plant should be like number 2

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9 Melon-pult

Most of the player use this for a huge wave of zombies it can kill door zombies and an original zombies in just 3-4 shots.

This should be #1. Not only is it essential to the game in multiple scenarios, but you can plant it ANYWHERE. It is the toughest plant in the game other than the insta kill plants, and you can use it in every level, unlike my second favorite, Cat tail.

How is Melon Pult above Winter Melon? Ah well, it's still a good plant to take out tough zombies.

Why is this under winter melon winter melon is the same thing but it does more damage and slows zombies

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10 Chomper

Wait I'm confused don't the zombies eat plants why are plants eating zombies

They take forever to be ready to eat the next zombie - garthgreen

Best plant collest looking got loads of teeth and in garden warfare the best plant because it only takes about 5 seconds to chew plus instant kill

Zombies are best served with salt

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11 Kernel-Pult

Kernel pult is useful, and when I see zombies with butter in their faces I just laugh all the time I see that

Kernel punt is great, probably should be #7 on this list. People, vote for KERNEL!

It's very useful and very hilarious when a zombie gets smacked with butter.

Butter yo bread baby

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12 Gattling Pea

Gattling pea is the best of all! However, it needs repeater.

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13 Spikeweed

Put these in front of a wall nut or tall nut and the zombies get damaged wall there eating it - garthgreen

Spike weed is AMAZING. Anyone who disagrees has only used them to pop tires of vehicles.

Dude, just make it a Spike Rock and BOOM!
You got yourself a deadly ground trap! - BlastZER0

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14 Jalapeno

Jalapeno usually isn't good for the first wave but in the last wave it is super useful. It can burn a whole lane of zombies!

Jalapeno does take a little while to refresh, but it is really cheap for the massive damage it does.

Jalapeno is so good. It can destroy a LOT of zombies if you use it correctly

Hot? I REALLY hope you mean by warm...

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15 Cherry Bomb

Cherry bomb is good but grapeshot is better.

This should be in the top 10. Always helps to use this to clear out a large section of zombies

16 Squash

If you have a pesky zombie that you have a hard time trying to get rid of by the house, then use a squash! SQUASH SQUASH SQUASH!

Squash is super underrated here. Great to have to save yourself if you have a weaker lane

It can squash two or more zombies at once... this is MUCH better than a 26 ranking!

This is much better than the other top 3 plants on this list!

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17 Fume-Shroom

I like the attack when given plant food. It can push back and destroy zombies.

Fume shrooms are just so awesome beucause they are bugs me the go through the screens of the screen zombies

I love it in both first and second games,because its an inexpensive area of effect,great for taking out groups

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18 Potato Mine

Potato mines are pretty good but I think primal potato mines are better.

Who said nobody likes this? This is an amazing plant to the top!

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19 Torchwood

Touchwood makes a peashooter like a fire peashooter

I hate her wait is it a boy or a girl even though why is it even in the game

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20 Cob Cannon

This plant should be WAY MORE HIGHER THAN THIS! I use it in survival endless and it is quite good!

This is the best one in the whole game!

Kernel pull should be way higher than this garbage.

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