Best Plants vs Zombies Plants

The Top Ten Best Plants vs Zombies Plants

1 Cattail

The pool easier to defend than the surrounding lanes, so what if there was a plant that would be able to shoot projectiles that could damage zombies on all six lanes and pop balloons. - FuN506

Yep, best plant ever. This is a huge advantage in last stand endless. You NEVER have to worry about balloon zombies. I wish it was is pvz 2.

Cattail can attack zombies on any lane.
He can pop balloon zombie's balloon.
Cattail is best to plant on the 3rd, 4th and 5th lane

Good damage, fantastic range, good to use to pop balloon zombies and also at the start of a level. overall nice plant

2 Sunflower

One of the few day plants (in the original game) to still be useful after beating adventure mode. Chomper and Potato Mine aren't too overpowered. Peashooter, Snow Pea and most of the other day plants get replaced with stronger ones later on. However, Sunflower remains useful in day, pool and roof levels. - FuN506

This plant is VERY important. if you no plant this, then where the sun points coming from?

I think this should share a spot with Sun-shroom. They seem the same, and the Sun-shroom is better if you wait a minute or two. Sun-shroom price: 25 sunflower price: 50 and eventually the sun-shroom goes to 25 suns

You can’t beat the game without it and you can without cattail

3 Winter Melon

Can kill zombie in 2 shots, is like a Snow Pea but in Watermelon form (watermelon is already great), and it also is way cheaper than plants like cob cannon which takes a while to reload even if it can kill a zombie in 1 hit + it is also cheaper than a cattail which is worse because it does so much less damage, it is also less expensive and better than the 3-headed peashooter, and gatling pea.

Meet Winter Melon. He can kill normal zombies in 2 shots (with splash damage), so around 3 shots alone. He also slows zombies which is always great. The only zombies I think it is bad at is the Gargantuar and the Gigas, but the Gigas are pretty much a given. Again, I just noticed, why are the characters I like the most (ala Winter Melon) the underrated ones? At least beat Winter Melon!

This plant is the best by far. In all top ten Plants vs Zombies plants I've seen, It's always the highest plant in the list, and for a good reason. It slows zombies, deals damage to them and does splash damage/freeze.

I really like winter melon because he does so much damage to a group of zombies. Plus it slows them down to. It is my personal favorite plant in the entire game. Also I love watermelon in real life so it is awesome in both ways. Some people say it is to expensive but I dissagree. As long as you plant 2 rows of sunflowers, you will find this plant fairly easy to purchase with sun. Anyway, winter melon is definitely my favorite plant in all of plants v.s. zombies.

4 Peashooter

It is way better than cattail! It's the most common and the best! How could some wannabe plant defeat Peashooter! Peashooter is the main plant along with Sunflower. Cattail, what are we zombies with no brains! (Get it)

But it can't shoot zombies on the roof...

Peashooter is the best plant for the first wave, it's cheap and useful.

It is my favorite because its cheap and fast, and in level 20 it is a lot better than the repeater

5 Cob Cannon

It was once said that the might of a titan always paled in comparison to that of a god.
Cob Cannon's immense power reigns supreme, and even the greatest warriors tremble under his might

This plant should be WAY MORE HIGHER THAN THIS! I use it in survival endless and it is quite good!

This is the best one in the whole game!

Why is the god of survival having such low ranking?

6 Doom Shroom

The doomshroom is the most powerful god plant like superman

The most powerful plant in the game. Leaves a crater and has long range unlike other explosive plants. The best of all!

This plant is just awesome. PVZ 2 should add him as a premium. Of course because of his radius and the fact he leaves a crater. - AnLSUQB

The best once killed a hole huge wave of zombies

7 Snow Pea

Snow pea looks very beautiful.

How is the peashooter above Snowpea? The snow pea is way better. It can freeze zombies it looks cool. - nintendofan126

You need 3 of them in each row but you need a column of sunflowers to do that

Okay when you on have the peashooter. Becomes almost overshadowed when you get the Repeater.

8 Repeater

With repeaters, you don't need any peashooters. Really good

Very useful against zombies in earlier stages. But it cost 200 sun.

Because the peashooter is cheaper.

How is repeater below peashooter - bumy

9 Hypno shroom

You can literally have a football zombie take out a lane for you

Use it on a disco zombie so you get 4 extra ones and they respawn - xXIMABEASTXx

This should be at the BOTTOM of the list because they spend almost all battle sleeping plus all they do is put zombies on you're side, so it's OBVIOUSLY the worst.

Zombies are our friends they are things lost wandering in darkness we should save them make them feel what we do and that's what hypno shroom does

10 Chomper

Easily the worst plant in the game.

- Short Range, gets completely outclassed by other 1-shot plants
- Takes way too long to eat, literally if two zombies are next to each other this plant will die, spends more time chewing zombies than actually killing them. normally better to just let it eat a zombie and then get rid of it immediately
- 150 suns, way to high for 1-shot plant of its speed. rendered useless by squash for its cost, cherry bomb for its range. LITERALLY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN DOOM SHROOM, THE PLANT THAT IF PLACED WELL, CAN KILL EVERY SINGLE ZOMBIE ON THE SCREEN.
- Can only hit one zombie at a time - gets completely destroyed if there's more than one zombie coming at it.
- Way to long to recharge - BAD
- Can't eat gargantuan zombies in one go - gee if it could do this is would still be horrible.

Geez, this is the worst plant in the game. all these kids who think it's cool. absolutely horrible plant that has way to many flaws for its zero ...more

Wait I'm confused don't the zombies eat plants why are plants eating zombies

I love it! It eats every zombie. Just put another Chomper in front of each chewing one and it would be endless. Watch out for the huge zombies, though.

They take forever to be ready to eat the next zombie - garthgreen

The Contenders

11 Wall-nut

How just how does this top tall-nut

The tall nut and primal walnut are way better

Who ever made this list must crazier then crazy dave

Wall-nut. Tall-nut. I like nuts.

12 Melon-pult

Most of the player use this for a huge wave of zombies it can kill door zombies and an original zombies in just 3-4 shots.

Should be 1 and Winter Melon 2

This is one of the strongest pults in the game - disturbedbomb

This should be #1. Not only is it essential to the game in multiple scenarios, but you can plant it ANYWHERE. It is the toughest plant in the game other than the insta kill plants, and you can use it in every level, unlike my second favorite, Cat tail.

13 Pumpkin

They don't cost to much and they protect your most valuable plants. Not essential but usful.

14 Gattling Pea

Gatling pea plus Torchwood = beaten level

Gattling pea is the best of all! However, it needs repeater.

Gattling with torch wood is the most overpowered thing

The best by far. Have you tried plant food on this thing?

15 Gloom-Shroom

This plant is INFINITE pierce. All I need to say.

Gloom-shroom is the upgrade of fumeshroom - bumy

16 Kernel-Pult

Kernel pelts butter came in very useful. One of them can kill a conehead

Also I found this, Kernel-Pult can attack Snorkel Zombies, what I meant is that Kernel-Pult can detect and attack Snorkel Zombies even when they're diving, the butter also hits too!

Kernel pult is useful, and when I see zombies with butter in their faces I just laugh all the time I see that

Kernel punt is great, probably should be #7 on this list. People, vote for KERNEL!

17 Squash

Squash is great for getting rid of pole vaulting zombies early on in online version, and it doesn't have to charge like the potato mine, so it is a good replacement for the online version

If you have a pesky zombie that you have a hard time trying to get rid of by the house, then use a squash! SQUASH SQUASH SQUASH!

Squash is super underrated here. Great to have to save yourself if you have a weaker lane

It can squash two or more zombies at once... this is MUCH better than a 26 ranking!

18 Spikeweed

Put these in front of a wall nut or tall nut and the zombies get damaged wall there eating it - garthgreen

Spike weed is AMAZING. Anyone who disagrees has only used them to pop tires of vehicles.

How is spikeweed higher then spikerock

Dude, just make it a Spike Rock and BOOM!
You got yourself a deadly ground trap! - BlastZER0

19 Cherry Bomb

Cherry bomb is good but grapeshot is better.

This should be in the top 10. Always helps to use this to clear out a large section of zombies

Cherry bomb is da BOMB the damage he does is crazy


20 Jalapeno

Jalapeno usually isn't good for the first wave but in the last wave it is super useful. It can burn a whole lane of zombies!

Jalapeno does take a little while to refresh, but it is really cheap for the massive damage it does.

Jalapeno is so good. It can destroy a LOT of zombies if you use it correctly

Jalapeno is very good and useful. Plus I think his face is funny.

21 Fume-Shroom

I like the attack when given plant food. It can push back and destroy zombies.

Fume shrooms are just so awesome beucause they are bugs me the go through the screens of the screen zombies

The esconde best shroom

I love it in both first and second games,because its an inexpensive area of effect,great for taking out groups

22 Umbrella Leaf

It is very important in survival mode, and in addition, if it was in the second game, it would be even more useful. Like pumpkin, this is an under-rated plant that is cheap, yet useful. Just think, it could block thrown-imps, it could stop seagulls, stop Zomboss missiles, stop Zombotany cabbagepult zombies, and protect surrounding plants, something it is good at, etc. This plant has a fast recharge and a low cost, too.

23 Toxic Pea

It should be number ten

Toxic peas rule

24 Tall-nut

Tall nut makes the difference

How is this so low?

So good beats pogos, dolphins and pole vaulters and is the most durable, should be at number 1

yaaa boi

25 Jalapeño

FIRE BABY! FIER! I love this plant sooo much.


26 Blover

This plant is more useful in PvZ 2, since there is a lot more Flying Zombies! It's even cheaper! (50 Sun.) Which makes it VERY good when you consider the fact Sunflowers now make 50 sun.

27 Magnet-Shroom

One of two mushrooms worth using in day levels with Coffee Bean. - FuN506

This should be higher

This is number niinnneee

This plant is so amazing that you need just to put them in the slightly high and bottom rows! Helpful in all stages :D

28 Grave Buster

I love grave buster but only good at night I love the look 2nd best

I was really helpful in the night levels but after that it sucks

29 Puff-shroom

My second favourite plant only to cattail

Costs nothing and the recharge is decent

30 Tangle Kelp

Its good very good

Good for defeating strong zombies.

I love tangle kelp

31 Garlic

Best plant in the game. You can funnel all the zombies into 2 lanes.

You can hit almost all zombies for less if you use garlic

Place 2 in front of an entire row of twin sunflowers.

You can save tons of money for plants
Was also my main plant for coin farming... Good memoried

32 Sun Shroom

The best sun producing plant that is misspelled on this list. It is Sun-shroom.

33 Potato Mine

In adventure mode, potato mine is the BEST starter plant. (Besides, of course, sunflowers. But that's a given.) Use potato mines to kill the first three zombies and then you will have time to plant two rows of sunflowers, guaranteed. Even works for pool and roof levels. This allows you to skip week plants like the peashooter and use expensive, high-powered plants like repeaters, threepeaters, or snow peas to fight off the first wave. I always pick the potato mine, no matter what.

Potato mines are pretty good but I think primal potato mines are better.

Very good for first zombies to buy time, thought this was too low

Who said nobody likes this? This is an amazing plant to the top!

34 Citron

Strong yeah but it take a long time to attack again

It can kill a zombie in one hit!

So powerful


35 Ghost Pepper

This plant is like a mix of a cherry bomb and Jalapeno for 75 sun and a faster recharge time than both. It uses ghosts to haunt about 3 tiles in front of it and back and after a while it explodes and does a decent amount of damage to the zombies around it. It is really good. Just make sure to get a lot of gems because it is a limited gem plant. I have it and I use it often.

The ghost pepper is awesome! It can't be eaten, is able to be planted on water, explodes after already doing loads of damage, and is just 75 sun! (Unfortunately, it is limited edition, so when you have then chance, get it! (It costs gems, but not real money))

36 Cactus

If there is is a flying zombie the plant and shoot it down

The cactus is my 2nd favorite. So cool

I love cactus he can take 2 basic zombies down and his power up lasts forever and in 5 shoots a Gargantuar is down and I like cactus CU's if a zombie gets close cactus turns into a spike weed but stronger so this is my opinion on cactus bye.

37 Spikerock

This is more expensive but better than the spike weed.

Why is this so low? it's an amazing plant!


Dude, this plant is a beast. The only things that can kill it are the Gargantaur and the vehicle Zombies; but it will take them forever to kill! Serously, this keeps the Gargantaur busy while your plants wreck havoc. Really deadly plant imdead.

38 Bonk Choy

It's a close ranged Peashooter that costs more sun. Yeah, like anybody enjoys that.

This little guy is my favorite plant he is epic with plant food put em behind wall nuts or tall nuts or infa nuts they will keep punching the zombie while it's eating it

These suck they have the range of choppers - garthgreen

For one in my opinion one of the best in pvz 2 and very good and tell me HOW IS MARIGOLD HIGHER!

39 Scaredy-shroom

Overpowered in night levels. A Peashooter for a quarter of the suns. Just make sure to place it behind Fume-shroom. - FuN506

Great plant. It's a peashooter that's less than half the cost. Shame that it becomes just as expensive during the day (75 for a coffee bean). Useless during* day time but amazing in night levels.This plant would be OP in PvZ 2 because mushrooms stay awake during daytime and sunflower gives 50 sun rather than 25.

*gets scared when zombies get close. Peashooter doesn't and costs the same during daytime.

If you plant it in the back it's a 25 sun peashooter

Can shoot farther range than puff-shroom,and very cheap

40 Spore-shroom

You are so wrong. The spore shrooms is one of the best plants in the entire game, if you exclude the thyme warp.

The spore shroom is so bad! Why is it even in the game!

Wow you guys suck at rating

It's in PVZ 2
It grows another spore shroom where a Zombie killed by a Spore Shroom
Enough said

41 Twin Sunflower

Good epic now

I think they’re twins.

42 Torchwood

Touchwood makes a peashooter like a fire peashooter

I hate her wait is it a boy or a girl even though why is it even in the game

If torchwood would not be in the game the peashooter would not be able to kill a wave of zombies. so the torchwood is pretty good! it should be place 3,4, or 5


43 Electric Blueberry

Kills every Gargantuar in one hit!...Except the Jurassic variant, however...

This premium plant is one of the worst ever. This plant is the Lightning Reed version of Peanut like oh my god. - AnLSUQB

It has to charge up a little while to just kill ONE stupid zombie. I never use this plant and I think it is USELESS.

I found it very useless due to the fact that it rarely attacks. Waste of your moolah

44 Lawn Mower

Such a useful plant, and you don’t even have to use any sun to plant it!

Uh, this is the best "plant" in the game. I use it all the time to get rid of hordes of zombies

That's not even a plant!

This isn't a plant...

45 Magnifying Grass
46 E.M. Peach

They're only useful on certain occasions.

E.M. This dude great

47 Cantaloupe-Pult

Nobody knows which game this is from, thus making it the best. - TheAmazingRaspberry

48 Marigold

I think marigold is pretty useful, It gives you free coins and who doesn't like free coins?

It produces coins at the game.

I think this plant... SUCKS!

I think... this plant SUCKS!

49 Flower Pot

Good on roof levels

Not to good but needed for roof levels

50 Cabbage-Pult
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