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41 Sun Shroom
42 Citron V 4 Comments
43 Lawn Mower

Uh, this is the best "plant" in the game. I use it all the time to get rid of hordes of zombies

That's not even a plant!

This isn't a plant...

44 Starfruit

Shoots stars all over the place. There the one worth using and better than walnuts erc

45 Cabbage-Pult
46 Scaredy-shroom

Can shoot farther range than puff-shroom,and very cheap

47 Laser Bean
48 Threepeater V 1 Comment
49 Marigold V 4 Comments
50 Snapdragon

Snapdragon is one badass plant I beat big wave beach with Him it was just hard to manage

Why is this Number 50 its one of the best

Op can do damage in 9 tiles in front of it

V 1 Comment
51 Flower Pot

Good on roof levels

Not to good but needed for roof levels

52 Asparagus

They are the best they can push away very powerful zombies in one shot only they shoot slowly that's why I put them in down of snow pea

53 Bloom Shroom V 1 Comment
54 E.M. Peach
55 Jack-O'-Lantern

Shoot fire everywhere.I will take it.

V 1 Comment
56 Rotobaga

Have you seen her? She is such a useful plant, especially when you've got a defensive plant about to be destroyed by the zombies.

57 Phat Beet

When I fought the weasel freaks on Frostbite Caves Day 28, my defense would be screwed without em. The survivors were taken out by the snapdragons.

58 Strawburst
59 Reverse Repeater

In PvZ 2 the back head of Split Pea works as a backwards Repeater.

60 Cantaloupe-Pult

Nobody knows which game this is from, thus making it the best. - TheAmazingRaspberry

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