Best Players in Toronto Raptors History

The Toronto Raptors, haven't had much recent success, but they had an amazing range of players.

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1 Vince Carter Vince Carter Vincent Lamar "Vince" Carter is an American professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

Vince Carter is definitely better than Tracy McGrady and was with them longer! He made an impact on Basketball big time and is the greatest Slam Dunker in history!

If He came back to the Raps now at 36... he'd still be the best player on the team. He still has that creativity and skill set that makes people watch him.

Carter was the greatest dunker in the history of the NBA! He is also a great shooter, and has risen to legendary status!

GOAT Raptor.

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2 Tracy McGrady Tracy McGrady Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr. is an American retired professional basketball player who is best known for his career in the National Basketball Association, where he played as both a shooting guard and small forward.

McGrady is so much better than any player on this list and definitely deserves the number 1 spot!

Despite being on the raptors for about 3 seasons, if he stayed he surely could be number 1 on this list

T-Mac is the greatest in history, for any team he plays for!

He was on the Raptors for only 3 years

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3 Chris Bosh Chris Bosh Christopher Wesson Bosh is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.

Bosh is a beast and he is way better than vince carter and no one will ever be like him!

4 Hakeem Olajuwon Hakeem Olajuwon Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon, formerly known as Akeem Olajuwon, is a Nigerian-American retired professional basketball player.

He was on there for such a short time but was amazing

he is the greatest legend in history and is so tall!

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5 DeMar DeRozan DeMar DeRozan DeMar Darnell DeRozan is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

Unlike everybody here, he will actually stay in Toronto for a long time!

DeMar is one of the best players in NBA not only in Toronto Raptors

Toronto Legend!


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6 Andrea Bargnani

Big player with many qualities. I like his basket and his leadership. For me he is one of the best player of Toronto. Vote. Hi

Bargnani is amazing. He is really good at free throws for a big guy and is an Italian legend. He gets injured a lot but once he's back he will be much better. He can dunk, alley oop and he has even hit a half court shot. Bargnani is the greatest.

Andrea bargain is the best I

A true draft steal.

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7 Leandro Barbosa
8 Kyle Lowry Kyle Lowry Kyle Lowry is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

Lowry is an absolute Teamleader! He can push the whole team and bring them to a higher level. That is something that the Raptors lacked in almost the whole franchise history! Lowry rocks

Kyle lowry is better than bargnani

Kyle Lowry is definitely the leader of the team.

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9 Chauncey Billups Chauncey Billups

He one of the greatest PG that has played the game

10 Jermaine O'Neal Jermaine O'Neal Jermaine Lee O'Neal is an American former professional basketball player. The 6 ft 11 in, 255 lb forward-center had a successful high school career and declared his eligibility for the 1996 NBA draft straight out of high school.

The Contenders

11 Anthony Parker
12 Rudy Gay Rudy Gay Rudy Carlton Gay Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.
13 Jonas Valanciunas
14 Bismack Biyombo

Amazing player he does what he's asked to do and nothing more also executes well good team player

15 Jose Calderón

Great base better assister for many time in toronto raptor's history

The simple the best

16 Antonio Davis
17 Terrence Ross

Once he reaches his full potential, he will be the #1 Raptor Legend!

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18 Dee Brown
19 Fred Van Vleet
20 Muggsy Bogues

Muggsy was one of the greatest of NBA, He all ears deserves a spot.

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1. Tracy McGrady
2. Vince Carter
3. Hakeem Olajuwon
1. Vince Carter
2. Tracy McGrady
3. Chris Bosh



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