Best Playstation 3 Games of 2010-2011

The Top Ten Best Playstation 3 Games of 2010-2011

1 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Better than the second? Hard to believe but f it is WOWWW

Tha 1st game I'm getin this year!

I think this uncharted will be mindblowing

I made this list, so proud that its that popular

2 Red Dead Redemption

I've got Red Dead Redemption and I think its a really awesome game I give it 10-10

3 Call of Duty: Black Ops

I have got call of duty black ops and I think that it is the best, most amazing, spectacular game that I (and everone else who has black ops) have played in my entire life.

One of the best Call of Duty games in the series! In fact, this is one of my favorite PS3 games, once you start playing you will never stop!

I got black ops free demo on this on ps3 off playstation network it is deady

Nazi zombies! The reason I love this game so much, haven't even bought the dlc

4 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
5 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The no. 1 game of all PS3 games. It gives you full fredom of playing where ever you want. Best sets, so many different things to do. I have played all 3 parts. Specially the 3rd part (BROTHERHOOD), I am plaing for 2nd time and I am getting new new sceans.
Just the BEST.. waiting for the next version 2 come.

the horses could have been a little more realistic, like in red dead redemption, but overall outstanding

Wicked character. Wicked crew. Wicked plot. Wicked free running and SICK COMBAT SYSTEM!

6 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

What a wonderful game. I can play it over and over and over again. So contagious game. Uncharted rule this world. Drake! - Magnolia

I created this list I made mistake uncharted 2 was suppose to be ahead red dead redemption so sorry guys for the mistake

this game is super cool killer graphics even without hdmi for me this game is the best ps3 game I've ever playd including uncharted 1 and 3

7 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I think that it is the best ps3 game from 2011 because it has a really big world to explore. Every time you play it you find new things. The Graphic isn't that from battlefield 3 but it still one of the best.

Only one word can describe this game: EPIC - Trimon

8 Mass Effect 2

The BEST game ever. You can do almost anything, the fact that you get to choose what you look like is great (Why don't games do that anyway? ) the action is immense. Also choosing what you say is fun, and renegade/paragon actions. The story is epic, the ideas for enemies are INSANELY good, I cannot WAIT for mass effect 3... The reason this game is so successful is because it's so customizable, yet the missions are also so intense and thrilling. If you have never played this, trust me: this is better than 1000 call of duties, 750 battlefields, and just better than EVERYTHING. And Call of Duty black ops SECOND? That's just sad. ME2 FOREVER - Mushroom99

9 Metal Gear Solid Rising
10 Batman: Arkham City

It should higher the 9 it is a boss game with a amazing storyline and fun gameplay with tos of hours of gameplay from the riddler challenges to the dlc harley Quinns revenge all tougther that adds up 30+ hours of gameplay.

The Contenders

11 Killzone 3
12 Infamous 2
13 Dead Space 2
14 Mortal Kombat
15 Mafia II

The best open world better than any GTA4.

16 Medal of Honor

the missions in this game are realistic, they beat cods black ops by far... just the fact that its in afgan and they actually spoke to navy seals makes the game better

17 Fight Night Champion

Not sure if it was release on 2009 or 2010 but a great sports game

18 Need for Speed: The Run
19 Infamous: Festival of Blood
20 Shift 2 - Unleashed
21 Portal 2
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