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101 Dark Souls 2
102 Cyberpunk 2077

My curiosity got the better of me... This games looks as if it's going to be fantabulous.

Erm, how do you know it looks fabulous? Nothing, not even a screen-shot has been released yet. Come back Xmas 2015.

103 inFAMOUS First Light
104 Alien: Isolation

Why so low? This game is unique!

105 NBA 2K16

I can not believe that NBA 2K16, the best basketball game ever has 0% votes. Great graphics, good ratings, European teams and also legendary teams and old players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen and many others. Just incredible what 2K sports have done for us.

106 MLB the Show 16

Lots of new features and is good.

107 Lego Marvel's Avengers
108 Guacamelee!
109 Tekken 7
110 Dragonball Xenoverse V 1 Comment
111 Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed
112 Madden NFL 16
113 F1 2015
114 WWE 2K16
115 Life is Strange
116 Don't Starve

I love don't starve it's so additive really it's a role play surival game you get to unlock charters and make a awesome base but there's one thing don't starve also the brain is insanity if it goes to low you could die from the shadow thing also be care flu about the swap its crazy so I hope I gave you tips so go along and play this awesoe game

V 1 Comment
117 The Evil Within

Vote cause this game is going to make you craps your pants

It is a very creepy game but it is very enjoying

118 LEGO The Hobbit
119 Child of Light
120 Just Cause 3
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