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21 Sora

Best game the PlayStation 2 has to offer period and most underrated character at that. The few who know him always have good things to say.

This is a must have. A Disney and Final Fantasy crossover. How amazing.

22 Sir Daniel Fortesque

Seriously? Only 45? This guy is a real hero, definitely should be in top 10 at least, it's sad how these characters who we all loved are slowly and slowly getting forgotten by most people... I will always remember the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque... god I need to play the games now...

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23 Squall Lionheart

He is a very unique character, he represents the wish for a perfect life

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24 Clank Clank Clank is one of the titular protagonist game characters in the Ratchet & Clank video game series by Insomniac Games.
25 Jack Slate
26 Rayman Rayman

Rayman is legendary! Classic Playstation character! Perfect game, played this for hours as a kid. LOVE RAYMAN.

Epic games, like Rayman Arena

27 Riku Riku
28 Abe V 1 Comment
29 Siegfried Schtauffen
30 CJ

better than niko (gta4), tommy(gta vc), toni(gta lcs)
and claude (gta3) he is AWSOME!

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31 Victor Sullivan
32 Elena Fisher
33 Gray Fox Gray Fox
34 Big Daddy
35 Doctor Neo Cortex
36 Wander (ICO)

Come on now people! This kid killed 16 colossi, just to have his girl resurrected. And he's only like 17! He deserves some credit. And ICO is such a great character as well, great personality.

37 Noctis V 1 Comment
38 Ellie

Ellie is the best woman character that Naughty Dog Could Create, AN AWESOME CHARACTER

I understand why she isn't number one, but she should be, I love her.

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39 Tiny Tiger
40 Kairi Kairi
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