Best PlayStation Consoles

Sony has come a long way with their PlayStation brand publishing 5 different consoles so far and a lot of variations. This list is complete with all consoles and most notable variations of them.

If you disagree, please vote on your favourite.

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1 PlayStation 2

One of the highest selling consoles ever, and really set the bar for the next generations.

I like them all, but this is one just about tops them. Remains a classic just like the original PlayStation, but what sets Playstation 2 apart are the better features. Design looks great. Can play original games as well as dvds.

Best selling console, has my favorite games star wars battlefront 1 and 2

Auf dieser Konsole entdeckte ich meine Lieblingshelden:Ratchet und Clank � -

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2 PlayStation 3

My dad owned a PlayStation 3 and he let me try it out once I tried it out I loved it I played it almost everyday but then around September or October 2014 something went wrong with it and it never worked again. There will never be another PlayStation 3

Not the newest console, I own one but it is really addicting! - TopT3ns

Me and my family have been having it for more than ten years and it still works fine

I guess this guy couldn't find a image of a PlayStation 3? - Gehenna

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3 PlayStation 4

This console is one of the so far BEST home consoles (in my opinion) keep it up Sony :D!

The best 3 days of my life-Getting married-Birth of my beautiful daughter-Buying my PS4 early on a Saturday morning - you decide the order - dirksigma

Great playStation it haves great graphics and fun games - Minecraftisawesone

Umm it's the receny

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4 PlayStation

Final Fantasy 7 is the best game released on any of the PlayStation systems, in my opinion. This console had many great unique games on it.

The nostalgia...

PS1 was and is the best console ever by far.

5 PlayStation Portable

Better screen than psp go

It's a PS2 right in your hands for gods sake! - TopT3ns

6 PlayStation Vita

I have a PlayStation, a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4. But I play more with my PlayStation Vita than the others combined. This is a real must-have for PlayStation fans!

The best with the graphics

7 PS One
8 PS4 Pro

This should be the best

This is so far the best video game system in the world! OKK? SO YOU GUYS SHOULD PROBABLY PUT PLAYSTATION 4 IN 2ND PLACE AND PS4 PRO IN 1ST PLACE!

Hey this should be 1st place of best PlayStation consoles plus I hate old technology! TheTopTens YOU STUPID NOOB WHY YOU PUT PS4 PRO ON 8TH PLACE OF BEST PlayStation CONSOLES but I hate ps2 because it's old and best and ps4 pro have more games than ps2

9 PSPgo

This console is the worst the original psp is the best

10 PSP 5000

The Contenders

12 PlayStation VR Launch Bundle
13 PlayStation 4 Slim
14 PSX
15 PSP 3000
16 PSP 2000
17 PocketStation

Well this was the first handheld not the psp - Minecraftisawesone

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