Best PlayStation Consoles

Sony has come a long way with their PlayStation brand publishing 5 different consoles so far and a lot of variations. This list is complete with all consoles and most notable variations of them.

If you disagree, please vote on your favourite.

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1 PlayStation 2

One of the highest selling consoles ever, and really set the bar for the next generations.

I like them all, but this is one just about tops them. Remains a classic just like the original PlayStation, but what sets Playstation 2 apart are the better features. Design looks great. Can play original games as well as dvds.

Best selling console, has my favorite games star wars battlefront 1 and 2

Auf dieser Konsole entdeckte ich meine Lieblingshelden:Ratchet und Clank � -

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2 PlayStation 3

My dad owned a PlayStation 3 and he let me try it out once I tried it out I loved it I played it almost everyday but then around September or October 2014 something went wrong with it and it never worked again. There will never be another PlayStation 3

Not the newest console, I own one but it is really addicting! - TopT3ns

Me and my family have been having it for more than ten years and it still works fine

I guess this guy couldn't find a image of a PlayStation 3? - Gehenna

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3 PlayStation 4

This console is one of the so far BEST home consoles (in my opinion) keep it up Sony :D!

The best 3 days of my life-Getting married-Birth of my beautiful daughter-Buying my PS4 early on a Saturday morning - you decide the order - dirksigma

Great playStation it haves great graphics and fun games - Minecraftisawesone

Umm it's the receny

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4 PlayStation

Final Fantasy 7 is the best game released on any of the PlayStation systems, in my opinion. This console had many great unique games on it.

The nostalgia...

Lol all the people saying "pLayStATiOn 2 ThE bEst.'' losers

PS1 was and is the best console ever by far.

5 PlayStation Portable

Better screen than psp go

It's a PS2 right in your hands for gods sake! - TopT3ns

6 PlayStation Vita

I have a PlayStation, a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4. But I play more with my PlayStation Vita than the others combined. This is a real must-have for PlayStation fans!

The best with the graphics

7 PS One
8 PS4 Pro

This should be the best

This is so far the best video game system in the world! OKK? SO YOU GUYS SHOULD PROBABLY PUT PLAYSTATION 4 IN 2ND PLACE AND PS4 PRO IN 1ST PLACE!

Hey this should be 1st place of best PlayStation consoles plus I hate old technology! TheTopTens YOU STUPID NOOB WHY YOU PUT PS4 PRO ON 8TH PLACE OF BEST PlayStation CONSOLES but I hate ps2 because it's old and best and ps4 pro have more games than ps2

9 PSPgo

This console is the worst the original psp is the best

10 PlayStation 4 Slim

This is the PS4 I use and have. I enjoy gaming and watching movies and media on it. Despite the small amount of storage. (Which I fixed by getting a 2TB hard drive), There's a lot of bundles too. I got mine with Uncharted 4 (Which is a great game to start off with) - B1ueNew

The Contenders

11 PSP 5000
13 PlayStation VR Launch Bundle
14 PSX
15 PSP 3000
16 PSP 2000
17 PocketStation

Well this was the first handheld not the psp - Minecraftisawesone

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