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In this I looked through a search of video game collection, and I found a video where this dude named Cinema Slackers ranked all of his games from worst to best. I didn't play a lot of PlayStation until later like he points out, but his collection easily beats mine any day, and to my surprise I had played some of these notable titles on the system. Fortunately for him he never came across the awful Bubsy 3D lucky soul you are.


79. Blaster Master Blasting Again: It sounds like a Mad Max game based on Thunderdome, but it isn't seeing the cover for the game. Yeah I got nothing to say here.

78. Kiss Pinball/Namco Museum Volume 1?: I mean I like the band KISS, but most Pinball games are usually hard to say there any good, and rarely have I heard of a good one even over the years. It just sounds bad right away. This is actually where I got my introduction to arcade games was this volume specifically. My favorite was of course Galaga a timeless classic that still holds up today as what i'd arcade it the most addictive arcade video game in history. I know Pac-Man was the flagship character, but I always feel this way still very difficult to progress far with just 3 or 4 lives.

77. Mortal Kombat Special Forces: Yeah as he says its bad, and there's nothing more to it its Mortal Kombat, but not in a good way.

76. 007 Racing: A Twisted Metal ripoff as he would put it, but in the screenshots it actually looks like a racing game pretty much a forgettable one that I never even heard of.

75. Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero: Hey you wanna a real laugh go watch the nerd's review of this game seriously its that awful like the other one two spots below it. The story is very confusing your playing as Bi-Han, and not Kuai Liang thus the timeline of this story supposedly takes you back years, but if so it makes zero logic seeing the two antagonists are there to promote Mortal Kombat 4 it felt like.

74. The Mummy: I actually never saw the original Mummy to be honest, but like most film licensed based games there usually not that good and end up being awful cash grabs.

73. Batman and Robin: Unlike the hilarious terrible film there's nothing to say of any value here just a boring license game in 32 bits.

72. Jurassic Park The Lost World: The only Jurassic related game I have seen is Trespasser, and that was off of Icons. This game I know nothing about though.

71. Dragon Ball GT Final Bout: Oh yeah the worst Dragon Ball game ever, while Sagas is a good argument to be had this just listening to the English dubbed voice acting so bad you can't help but to laugh at it. I'll give this that the graphics do look good, but this is an examples where you can't just have that and have it be acceptable of bad controls.

70. Reel Fishing: Sounds like a boring simulated fishing game in virtual setting.

69. Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi: The worst star wars game ever made a poor Mortal Kombat clone with star wars characters sounds terrible right off the bat. Even when you unlock Darth Vader was it really worth it with such clunky controlling?

68. Space Jam: I like the film even if its an inaccurate Basketball film, but the game is just your average sports game with a license on it.

67. Rocket Power Team Rocket Rescue: A late PS1 game that is not a very memorable Nickelodeon game either. Play beach bandits that's pretty good this one not so much.

66. Army Men 3D: I played this on a demo game its good, an a neat concept to have these green army men to play as in video game form.

65. ReBoot: Great show, awful game. Sure its difficult, but good luck trying to get far as you are using the hoverboard while timing going up platforms its just not that fun to me. The only good things of this game are the cutscenes that's it.

64. A Bug's Life: ''The original Demon Souls'' Heh I had to get a kick outta that, but to be real this game is bad and looks like one of ugliest looking games on the console to boot it does not hold up well, and it is probably the most difficult of the Pixar games. The N64 version is slightly worse seeing they don't show the movie cutscenes at worst.

63. Army Men Sarge's Heroes: Yeah this one looks better graphically, and play similarly to the last one.

62. Blasto: A mediocre 3rd person shooter that plays like Die Hard Trilogy which is a very good game.

61. The Emperor's New Groove: Hilarious Disney film, the game was a very weird alternative spin at the end.

60. Atlantis The Lost Empire: If you were a kid this was probably one of the harder games to navigate yourself to switching between each character from Atlantis. The film was underrated seeing it had more an adult point of view rather a kid side of things.

59. Mission Impossible: Definitely not an easy licensed game based on the film, but it was not a bad one either.

58. Chicken Run: Yeah its pretty much a kid friendly version of Metal Gear Solid I seen a clip of this game and went wow its Metal Chicken Run is all I could think of.

57. Mega Man Legends 2: I have not played that much of Mega Man I played 2, and that's a classic, but I never got into any of the other games i'm aware of the big franchise it has though.

56. X-Men Mutant Academy: Wait isn't this that really choppy X-Men fighting game? I remember playing a demo of it and it was bad. The final product must of been okay otherwise i'm surprised it spawned a sequel even. Basic fighting game does not sound like a passable game in my view.

55. Ready to Rumble Boxing 2: Fun boxing game very wacky set of character to choose from it was in the same vein as Punch-Out, but not quite as widely well known.

54. Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro: Ugh... its okay, but not nearly as great as the first game by Neversoft who of course were apart of the early Tony Hawk games.

53. SmackDown!: After the failure of the acclaim games, and THQ making some pretty awful WCW games they got a redemption like no other when they went to develop games for the PlayStation and managed to have a fun fast pace time. This started a great set of other wrestling games to come afterwards.

52. SmackDown 2! Know Your Role: Yeah just slightly better than the last game although the emulation of it depending on the copy can go from fast to slow loading screens which kinda sucks otherwise really awesome game.

51. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4: Ugh... one of those ports of Tony Hawk your better off not getting considering this was at a time everybody had a PlayStation two at the time so why get it on a system that was on its way to passing the torch at that point?

50. Rugrats Search for Reptar: Very easy game wow does it look horrid looking in terms of those graphics.

49. Rampage 2 Universal Tour: Yeah its pretty much Rampage in a more 3D type perspective I guess.

48. Star Wars Episode I Jedi Power Battles: One of the more weaker star Wars games, and one that is not that fun it gets repetitive in a bad way where you'll just be glad once you beat it you don't want anymore out of it.

47. Tekken: The one that started a mega fighting franchise to come. I'd say the peak was early on in in their lifespan was great.

46. Gran Turismo: One of the notable Sony exclusives to have respect now as a novelty to come for other racing games.

45. Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge: Oh yeah this game much more playable than Frogger 1 which is ungodly hard to beat all the way through this one I can beat to a great tee.

44. Fighting Force 2: From the makers who brought you Tomb Raider comes their fighting game to complete with the likes of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter that was short lived.

43. Test Drive 4: I only know of one Test Drive game and that was on the original Xbox I know knowing of this 4th installment.

42. Driver: Yeah these racing games are pretty fun I played little of this first one, but I played a PS3 game of this, and its good I can see why its going now.

41. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: I'm guessing this in not nearly as good as the other Pixar license game based on Toy Story while this was based on that short lived cartoon and or direct to DVD film.

40. Monsters Inc Scream Island: The PS2 version is okay, but this PS1 game is pretty goofy how your suppose to approach enemies just so unusual yet work in concept since that's what they do in their jobs to scare kids all around the world on the other side of things.

39. Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge: Fun Aladdin game maybe not as memorable as its earlier SNES port of this, but still a somewhat original game with a character not in the films actually be that focus unlike its recent live action film.

38. Legend of Legaia: Never heard of this game... next.

37. Croc Legend of the Gobbos: This along with Gex were very good platformers at the time the PlayStation was brand new and unknown at that time this help bring them up to speed.

36. Spyro The Dragon: The first and best Spyro game in the series, well at least I think so. There was something to this one where I just knew that franchise would be the next big hit, and it sorta was only to have it be like Crash, and just abandon the ship for new other ideas.

35. Duke Nukem Time to Kill: Not as good as 3D, but a solid runner up number two for sure. Instead of playing in a more 1st person view this PlayStaion port has you playing in 3rd person which operates decently. They never went back to that genre since reverting back to 1st person which is what most gamers are familiar to see Duke play in best.

34. MediEvil 2: Solid follow up to the creatively original first title of the same name. Sir Daniel is a forgotten Sony mascot that left a memorable impression onto the PS1 era of that time just incredibly two set games to appear in.

33. Mega Man Legends: Again like I said previously I played Mega Man 2, and that's about all I know of Mega Man.

32. Spec Ops Stealth Patrol: It looks really ugly, but I can see why this is high for nostalgia perspective, but I don't get it personally.

31. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: Yeah the one that started it all, and without it would not have the other games the next two after this one had much better sufficient gameplay and control mechanics.

30. Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue: Great licensed game definitely the best of those pixar games. I have talked great lengths why this an underrated classic on the system and for more information just to my episode five review of this game.

29. Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver: What a masterpiece ladies and gentleman, Soul Reaver is simply an underrated classic that deserves more recognition for being so cutting edge, and innovative in what they could do in 1999 was breath taking. Great characters, unique story deserves more praise than it gets, and deserves the top 10 honestly it one of the better looking PlayStation one games when being compared to those other timeless classics.

28. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3: Play the 6th gen consoles version those are far better, this was just good, but the game was similar to 2 with nothing new added to the table.

27. Tomb Raider III The Adventures Of Lara Croft: I played a sample demo of it starts you off in a jail cell for no reason, and that always puzzled me, but like the other two play pretty much the same mechanics.

26. Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace:...This game is horrible, I had to say it the camera angle makes this game incredibly unplayable the way you turn can get you killed if turned in an area where you can't see the screen.

25. Cool Boarders 2: Its a snowboarding game, and the one I played was the 3rd game more less the 2nd one.

24. Ehrgeiz: Sounds good to add in fighters from that series into a fighting game even if that comes off as awkward.

23. Marvel Super Heroes: Its a fun game a precursor to Marvel Vs. Capcom series, and without this being its stand alone tested attempt those games probably would not have happened.

22. X-Men Vs Street Fighter: Well i'm still waiting for Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter at some time or another.

21. Twisted Metal III: I love the early portions of Twisted Metal those were fun vehicle car destruction type games that was innovative at the time many developers tired to copy its success I'd say II was the best of all of them.

20. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2: Yeah I would have this tiny bit up and up the list because its that great for its time everybody loved it, and was a pinnacle of skateboarding games. If I remember correctly its the first to feature unlockable random skater in the game as well. Nevertheless great game that was on many different platforms, but most admired in the franchise.

19. Tenchu 2 Birth of the Stealth Assassins: Never played them, I just know they are brutally hard to play for that time.

18. Rampage World Tour: This game has received very mixed reception some say a good game and others say not so much I can't say on either seeing I have not played this, but its gotta be at least like that other Rampage game on the list.

17. Tomb Raider II: Was it this game or the first game where you had unlimited pistol shoots because I remember that being a big deal than the other game didn't have that. Regardless its a action adventure that I understood its appeal, but never really got the game aspect of it seeing the camera always bother me seeing the programmers did that intentionally.

16. Crash Team Racing: A very good Mario Kart clone at that time there were some pretty bad ones, but this is a good example of one that can be well developed in the right way. Even the sequel Nitro Kart is pretty good transition. Very memorable enough its got an updated look in Racing Nitro Fueled which sounds great to see this revived.

15. Small Soldiers: I really love this licensed game based on the film. It takes a alternative world in more of their own world, and make it a cool story element. Since the demo disc of this I still play it here, and there and yet I was vastly surprised to see it so high up seeing most people are gonna dislike the clunky controls, and I understand that this game is hard, but there are things I love about it as well the soundtrack is good. For me it was perfect in the sense I liked both this and the movie that much I had no problem with what it tried to do on its own merit at that time being so different from one another.

14. Crash Bash: There are some mini games that can be fun, but this was when the Crash franchise started to transition into the PlayStation 2 era. This was the final game outta this era that you either liked, or not that much more than a poor Mario Party clone at best with saved memory each time you play it.

13. Mega Man X4: As I have said the last three times I know of the second game, and nothing forevermore.

12. Mortal Kombat 4: Its one of the weaker games in the series honestly. This version of Shinnok is weak in comparison the the newer corrupted Shinnok much better improvement. Of the new kharacters Tanya, and Fujin were pretty good while the others were pretty bland, and not very well fleshed out.

11. Crash Bandicoot: I love the Crash games they were fun, but not quite the difficulty of the Mario platformers, but still a great game to start off Sony's offering of what the system would have to come.

10. Metal Gear Solid: Amazing game top to bottom the best in the series I know some say Snake Eater, but this one blew people away back in 1998 in terms of its presence was so massive every other game after that has had a tough time perfecting this masterpiece in a genre that grew afterwards.

9. Shining Force: I know the title only sounds like generic fighting game only made by the makers of Tomb Raider that's about all I can say about this.

8. Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Pretty much all three of the original arcade games mixed into one playing as everybody known to man only not the secret kharacters of course oh no.

7. Tekken 3: Great fighting game very addictive truly stand the test of time to those other fighting games.

6. Spider-Man: The Neversoft's Spider-Man was a great classic that we never got the same type of feeling of this until the most recent Spider-Man made by Insomniac Games (I stand corrected Spider-Man 2's licensed game was good, but still) how far we have come to this is unreal.

5. Tomb Raider: I fought of the older games to be kinda overrated in the sense it was more about looks then the actual gameplay which was what made the character a legend in all honesty.

4. Ninja Shadow of Darkness: Never heard of this, sounds cool, but now I wanna look at this if its that underrated enough to deserve 4th overall.

3. Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back: As the title implies it means is supposed to be and upgrade over the first game well... I feel like its my least favorite of the excellent trilogy. Just something about ti required me to the point I got annoyed by it at times while playing it one other time.

2. MediEvil: This game is just awesome, the way it looked at the time, and just the creative mind set Sony was on at the time it couldn't get any better in 1998 with games like MediEvil peaking the way it had at that point.

1. Crash Bandicoot Warped: Now this was a great trilogy of Crash games unlike Spyro's trilogy which were solid, but not as good when compared to this degree. This 3rd game got so much win here that many diehards would suggests this one is the best I can't argue against that, but i'm not sure if I'd put as my best game on the system overall not quite, but it be up there for sure.

There's the list interesting set of games there from awful to great, but to be honest I fought seeing that E3 was on its way why not look at a video game collection, and this was what I found, and out of curiosity many of these I knew of. In any event we shall met again in due time for now Cheerio