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21 Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Should be in the top 3. At least I think so. Very cool and entertaining game. Friendship thing was so funny. And Animality was cool. Awesome game! Vote for it please - Magnolia


Amazing game. Awesome characters and fatalities

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22 Pac-Man World

I can't believe this game is getting so much hate. Why do people hate it?! THIS MAKES ME VERY MAD!

Played pacman wood 2 and I liked it in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This video game deserves the top 1 spot. Of course all the video games in the top 10s of this list are fantastic, but Pac-Man World is the work of God! So this game belongs in at least top 5.

Pac-Man World for the PS1 > Pac-Man World for the GBA (yeah, I said it! Bite me! )

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23 Final Fantasy VI
24 Mega Man X4
25 Spider-Man

I remember playing this on my cousin's PSX at age 3. I moved on to the sixth generation owning a PS2 and V-Smile( back when I was younger). - peaceswagtv

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26 Yu-gi-oh!: Forbidden Memories V 1 Comment
27 Chrono Cross

The best game ever to be created by any man. You guys are dumb if you don't think so.

This is my favorite game of psx, and the game with the best Soundtrack of all video games. And I love Kid

This is literally the best PSOne game ever, hands down. Brilliant storyline, lovely soundtrack. Just a class game.

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28 Twisted Metal

Love this game was hard as hell to get through but really good

This game should be higher

29 Grand Theft Auto

Mgs great storyline but for groundbreaking gameplay has to be this

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30 Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

An amazing and innovative platformer that was different from the competition!

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31 Resident Evil

The game from our childhoods that either scared us senselessly or caused uncontrolled leakages. Though it hasn't aged well, it's still one of my favourite games on the original PlayStation.

This game has to be in the top 5 I mean it really had a great storyline


Are you kidding me? This is the best game of the PlayStation 1 history


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32 Cool Boarders 2
33 Command & Conquer Red Alert
34 MediEvil

This game was amazing as a kid

35 Crash Bash

The funniest and best party game I've ever played.

Best party game on PlayStation

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36 Final Fantasy Tactics

This is the best serie of Final Fantasy world!

37 Final Fantasy IX

This is the same game as number 15!

38 UFO: Enemy Unknown
39 Xenogears

Everything else step aside. Please give three hours to this game and thank me later

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40 Ape Escape

This game has a great and unique storyline. It is one of the best time travel games ever in my personal opinion.

How is this game not in the top 10 part of this list?

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